1820 Monroe County, Kentucky
Census Transcription

Transcribed by Doug Moore

In the 1820 census for Monroe County the census data appears on the odd numbered pages 191-217 . There are about 50-60 entries per page for a total of 723 families. The first and last pages are very difficult to read. The other pages are not too bad except for a special problem with pages 197 and 199. These pages apparently came loose from the book and were then secured in place with a strip of tape placed vertically from top to bottom. On page 197 this strip sits right on top of the last column of data for female family members (those females older than 45). On page 199 the strip appears to be between the last two columns and partially obscures both columns. For most entries I could read through the tape with a high degree of certainty as to the number written beneath. In some spots the number was unclear. I recorded an x for these numbers.
On page 215 a few entries are labeled with place of residence. The towns named are Tompkinsville, Martinsburgh, Jamestown and Pikesville. I have used the first letter of the name as a label.
Thanks to Mike Fraser for proofreading and some additional data entry.
Transcription Copyright March, 2000 by J Douglas Moore. Commercial use prohibited without prior written permission. Permission for any non-commercial use hereby granted.

First column
Second column
Third and fourth columns
Male data - 6 columns
Female data - 5 columns
Page number
Line number on page.
Surname, first name
0-9 , 10-15 , 16-18 , 16-25 , 26-44 , 45 and up
0-9 , 10-15 , 16-25 , 26-44 , 45 and up

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