Chapter 17

Descendants of George Haile

George Haile was passenger sailing Sep. 18, 1620 named Supply, sailing from Bristol, London for the First Colony in Virginia. (From page 405 of the Virginia Co's passenger list of "Supply"). Page 426 of The Virginia Company in act 187 reads: To one George Hale, a drummer, age 13, by Me. Thorpe Appointment. In the Muster of Inhabitants,taken by " James Cittie", June 24, 1624 George Hale was showed living in the home of Sir Francis Wyatt, who came in the "Good Ship Supply 1620'"also.(Hotten's's'S Original List of Persons of Quality ( E187.5. H7945, Library of Congress, Washington, DC. The Colonial Records of Virginia Northumberland Co. Vol. 2, records: Feb 21, 1651/2 shows that George haile had acquired and sold 300 acres of land to Thomas Nallett. George married a lady of English blood, 1626/27.

Nicholas Haile was born about 1628/30 in the Tidewater Area of Virginia. Colonial court records of York Co show him married to Mary --- . Also on May 5, 1654 he gave power of attorney to his friend, Dr. Thomas Roots. Same record is also found in Lancaster Co. He owned land in York Co and in Lancaster Co May 18, 1660, he owned 738 acres on the northwest branch of Crotoman River. In May of 1666, 234 acres were added. He is recorded in colonial records as receiving additional land for transporting people into the country. George and Mary were born in York Co. Nicholas, Jr. his youngest, was born in Lancaster Co Virginia in 1656. His Will can be found in Box 5, Folder 1, Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland.

Nicholas Haile, Jr, b. 1656, was under age when his father and mother died. He was living with his brother George, who was administrator of both estates. In Lancaster Co colonial Records vol 2, p. 302, 1674 is recorded; Nicolas is gone away from his brother George Haile to his brother-in-law Henry King and estate to go to King. Earlier Court Records showed his own mark recorded for cattle and hogs and at that time he was under ten years old. Although spoiled as a child he developed responsibility as a planter and businessman. He was connected t several London, England firms. He reared a family, was a devoted father and husband. He took a active interest in church, civic and community affairs . Tax record for 1690 and 1691 show John Olton responsible for his taxes. In 1692/93 he was responsible for his own as well as for the taxes of Thomas Blackburn, Henry Butterworth and Robert Stock. He was a musician, played for dances in his home and left an old violin in his inventory. Tobacco was the chief money crop in the life of Nocholas Haile. It was used and traded as a medium of exchange; Nicholas Haile Jr. married Frances Garrett, daughter of Barbara (Stone) Garrett and Dennis Garrett.

Nicholas Haile the 3rd. , was born 1702, Baltimore, Co. Md. at his father's plantation dwelling known as Part of Merryman's Lot and Hailes Addition which remained his father's and mother's home during their entire married life. The home was on the spot which has supported the home of the President of John Hopkins Universiy for many years. Nicholas III married Christmas Day 1723, to Ann, daughter of Col. Thomas and Jane Long. ( Thomas Long's mother, left a Will in which she mentions sons Thomas, John and other children. In October 1742, a committee comp of vestrymen of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Baltimore Town, as follows; Nicholas Haile, William Hamilton, Christopher Gist, Samuel Owings, and Christopher Randall, were empowered to receive voluntary subscriptions for the purchase of two acres of land... to build a chapel of ease thereon. This "chapel of ease", became St. Thomas Episcopal Church, St. Thomas Lane, Baltimore. Nicholas Haile was one of the largest contributors to this fund, giving 4 lbs.

Nicholas Haile the 4th. , the eldest son of Nicholas the 3rd. And Ann Long Haile, b. 1724, at Hailes Fellowship, Baltimore Co. Md. He and his family attended church at St. Paul's and later at St. Thomas on St. Thomas Lane . He married Ruth Acre 1740, Baltimore Co. And later moved with his father's family to Bedford Co, Virginia. Where some of his distant cousins were living. He later moved to North Carolina, back to Baltimore Co. Md. Amd then to East Tennessee. Hi Will is dated April 29, 1807 and probated at July 1818 session of Court, Washington , Co. Tn. (Will Book No 1, page 118) names six sons and three daughters. He lived to be 94 years old. He survived his wife, Ruth, by several years. His child were; Richard, Elizabeth, William, Natham, Nicholas, Ruth, Amon, Joshua, Sarah.

Amon Haile was born June 16, 1759, in Rowan Co. N. C. He died December 4, 1843, in Washington Co. Tn. He moved with his father's family from N.C. to Bedford Co. Va. Then to Baltimore Co. Md. And to the Watauga Settlement in Tennessee. He served in Capt. Joshua Stephenson's Co. When the British fleet was on chesapeake Bay during the Revolutionary War. He married Mary (Carter) Haile Sep. 30, 1785, Washington Co. Tn. Mary received pension under act of June 7, 1832. She died Jan 29, 1849. Their children were: Elizabeth, Uratha Jefse W, Micajh B., Robert G. , Mary, Joshua, Prisse, Amon G. Moved to Monroe Co. Ky., Ruth Married Joshua /S. Son of Richard Haile.

Prisse ( Haile) Jobe, b. Oct. 8, 1802, d. before 1850, m. about 1823. She was the mother of Amon Jobe (Great Grandfather on my Mother's side) and Elizabeth ( Jobe) Ford, (Great Grandmother on my Father's side). She was the wife of Zachariah Jobe, b. about 1798 in Sullivan Co. Tn. R. G. Haile, Prisse's brother, was the one who prepared Lloyd Ford's Will and testified in Court that he hadn't burned it when instructed to do so.