Chapter 19

The Billingsley

Roger(-9) Billingsley m. --------------- In Com. Slop Anno 20 of Edward IV (1481)

Roger(-8) Billingsley m. In Com. Salop.

Roger(-7) Billingsley m. Of Canterbury, Com Kent.


Roger (-6) Billingsley

William (-6) Billingsley

Roger (-5) Billingsley of Cantebury, Com. Kent.


William (-4) Billingsley

William (-5) Billingsley


William (-4) Billingsley

William (-4) Billingsley, son of Roger (-5) Billingsley: Citizen and Haberdasher of London England: married Elizabeth, daughter of ---- Harding: He died and she remarried (2) Sir Martyn Bowes


William (-3) Billingsley

Richard (-3 ) Billingsley

Henry (-3 ) Billingsley

Ciceleye (-3 ) m. William Newce (Newer?) of Harfordshire

Martha (-3 ) m. John Robinson of London, England

William Billingsley, in the Visitation of Shropshire in 1623 he is listed with Arns Argent, a Grose Sable void of the field five estoiles in cross between four lions rampant all of the second.

William (-3) Billingsley married Ciceleye


John (-2) Billingsley b. 1525 b. ca. 1525 As5ley Co, Com Salop, Eng.. m. Frances Action

William (-2) Billingsley m. had one son, Thomas

Richard (-2) Billingsley

Joanne (-2) Billingsley m. Huhg Crye

John(-2) Bi11ings1ey b. Ca. 1525, Astley Co., Con. Salop, England, he married Frances ACION, born Aldenham, she is daughter of William ACTON.

John (-2) Billingsley and Frances Acion Children:

Francis (-1) Billingsley b. ca.1549, Eng.m. Bridgett VERNON bef. 1575

Janne (-1) Billingsley b. ca. 15--, England m. Captain Thomas BAILEY

Ciceleye (-1) Billingaley b. ca. 15--, England

Francis (-1) Billingsley b. Ca. 1549, England married Bridgett Vernon prior to 1575, sbe is a daughter of Sir Thomas VERNON Francis (-1) Billingsley was living 1623 in Astley Corn. Salop, England, her last place of residence was near Nantwich, Corn. Chester.

Francis (-1) Billingsley Children:

Dorothy (0) Billingsley b. 1575, England

Francis (0) Eillingsley b. 1578, England

Mary (0) Billingaley b. 1580, England m. Francis ROWLEY

Frances (0) Billingaley b. 158-, England

Janne (0) Billingaley b. 158-, England

Thomas (0) Billingsley b. 158- England

John (0) Billinglsley b. 1587, England

Margaret (0) Billingaley Ic. 15--, England m. John JEUAN (JEVAN)

John(0) Billingsley born 1587 Shropshire Co Salop, England, married prior to 1612 to Agatha, born 1593 Shropshire Salop Co., England, the families Church Affiliation was Quaker, he died 1659, and Agntha died 1666 Potterdam, Holland. They removed from England in the late 1630's with their children and settled in Holland.

JOHN (0) Billingsley and Agntha Children:

John (1) Billingsley b. 1612 Shropshire, England

(Migrated to America from Holland)

Agatha (1) Billingsley b. 1614 Shropshire, England

James (1) Billingsley b. 1616 Shropshire, England m, Susannah

(Migrated to America from Holland)

Thonas (1) Billingsley born 1618 Shropshire, England

(Migrated to America from Holland)

Francis (1) Billingsley b. 1620 Shropshire, England

(Migrated to America from Holland)

Bridgett (1) Billingsley b9 1622 Shropshire, England

Prances (1) Billingsley b. 1621+ Shropshire, England

Joanne (1) Billingsley b. 1626 Shropshire, England

William (1) Billingsley b. 1628 Shropehire, England

(migra~ed to America from Holland)

Mary (1 Billingsley b. 1650 Shropshire, England d. In Holland

Walter (9) Billingsley b. 1652 Shropahire, Englnnd

Francis(1) Billingsley was born in the County of Salop, Englend in 1620, moved to Holland with his parents in the late 1630's. He came to Virginia with his brothers John and James prior to 1649. He married about 1647 to Ann, born 1620's, marriage probably took place in Holland. He had a land grant of land 200 acres, called 'Shelby Cliffs", lying on te west side of the Chesapeake Bay as assignec Df Edward Selby for tbe transportation of Thomas Borby Anne 1649, for Caecilius, for Absolute Lord and Proprietor of the Province of Maryland and Avelon Lord Baron of Baltimore, the 26th day of November in the 27th year of our Dominion over sd Province of Maryland Anne, 1650

He came into the Province of Maryland in Anne 1652 at which time he tansported" his wife and son John. In Anne 1653 he transported into the province a "Matd Servant" named Ann." At a court hold at Patuxent 5 December 1651+ irancis Billingeley was made Constable for the Cliffs and was orderd to be present at the next court to take charge of the office of Constable. (Ct, Rec. also Md. Arch. Vol. 10-410.) In Anne 1656 he transported into the province his brothers James and Thomas

Billingsley, In Anne 1657 he tra~sported another maid servant servant named Ann.

In Assembly proceedings 1657 in a list of sevonal charges to satisfied by way of Levie out of the County of Patuxent is "ffer Fran. Billingsley for one Wolfe, 100 pounds of tobacco, In anne 1658 he transported into the Province "SarahBillingsley" She is known to be the widow of his brother, Willam decsd, In all these transportations it is to be noted they all came from Virginia.Duri~g the year 1658 he had a resurvey made upon "Shelby Clifts" in his name. In March 1659 at the ~eginaing of tT]e year he refused to take the oath as Constable (a yearly appointment) cad was fined 591 pounds of tobacco. His refusal was based on the fact that he removed to Richmond County, Virginia with his sister-in-law where he operated the farm and a sloop owned by her. This is where John and Edward became

interested in seafaring. In the later part of the year 1659, Samuel Chew made claim in Court for 1200 pounds of tobacco and "Caske11, of Francis Billingsley which has never been paid. While still living in Virginia he applied for additional land

in Maryland and on 4 May :1663 there was surveyed for him "Come Hill'for 550 acres and 11Deer Quarter" for 250 acres both tracts patened to him 11 September 1665.

On 9 November 1663 his brother James made his will and mentioned "My three cousins (nerhews) who live on the Papahannock etc., leaving each a Cow Calfe. On December 7, 1665, Susannah, widow of James made her will and provides for 3 Cow Calfes to Cozens' in compliance and with will of My husband, James Billingsley, decsd.

On or about February i665-6~ he returned to Calvert County, Maryland, his sister-in-law having remarried. On 2 March 1665-64 there was surveyed by Francis Billingsley and Christopher Beard 550 acres of land near the 11Clifts" in the woods, patened to Francis Billingeley 26 May 1664. Early in 1668 he sold acres of this tract to John Mears. According to the will of said Mears 1675 said Nears appears to own the wole 550 acres of this tract with no record to show how acquired. On 5 June 1668 there was surveyed for and patented to Francis Billingeley 100 acres of land adjoining "Deer Quarter" this was called "Addition"

In the Spring term of Court 1668 is the case of Francis Billingeley vs. George Atkins, etc. (While he is known to have been a Quaker, this shows he was not as strict in the faith as is common, as they do not a rule have recourse to law, but hold their meetings to mete out justice.) On 25 November 1668 is record of case of Ann Billingeley vs.William Kay, and Kay having been indicted for crimminal asHault and attempted rape on Ann, the wife of Francis Billingsley (Prov. Ct. Lib.FF. 601-652.)

In 1672 he was named as overseer in the will of his brother Thomas Billingsley. In 1677 he was named as ene of the guardians in the will of Thomas Paget In October 1678 Mr. Francis Billingeley was a delegate from the County of Calvert, to the Lower I{o use but did not appear. On 21 Oct.1678 he was present as a member of tKe Lower House at a meeting held at St. Moyy's. On the 23 August 1681 Frnncis Billingslcy and three others members of the Lower House sent a message to the Upper House, regerding certaiin Laws governing the Lower House. On 29 August 1681 a messego on the same matter was sent to the Upper House by Francis Billingsley and others. On 9 November i681 ot a meeting of the Uppecr House there was pre-

sented a message from the Lower House from Mr. Cheseidyne and an answer to the last bill relating to the Land Offices.? In November 1685 Francis Billingsley was appointed one of the Commissioners for Calvert County, for the purpose of purchasing town lands, ports, and to survey the two ports, and to stake lots, etc. (Arch. Md. and Proc. and Acts of Gen. Assembly Oct. 1 678-November 1685.)

This appears to be the last record of this man and he died intestate in the year 1684, as he sons ap pear to be in p(ssessien of land that was held by him. No records of any adminis~ration of his estate so farmhave not been discovered. That his sons eucceded him in land is shown in their records. It is not known the date of which Ann died. She was living November 1668, and from the fact she does riot appear in any of the records after 1668, it Is believed she did not long survive her ordeal of that year. Vfe have endeavored to show everthing so far concerning this man for the reason that while five brothers came to America he is the only one who left male issue to the third generation and he is the~efore the founder of the family of 16~9 of Maryland and Virginia.

Francis Billingsley and Ann children:

John (2) Billingsley b. 1647 in Holland m.Jan 1669 Sarah Ann (2) BILLINGSLEY

1 st. Cousin) d. 1693 lost at sea during a storm

Ann (2) Billingsley b. 1650 Virginia d. in infancy

Francis(2) Billingsley b. 1653 Calvert Co., Md m. prior 1677 Susanna b. Md m. 2nd. Ann B. Md. (no children) d. Mar 1712

Agatha (2) Billingsley ~. Ca. 1656 Calvert Co., Maryland

Edward (2) Billingsley b. 1658 Calvert Co., Maryland

Ann Elizabeth (2) Billingsley b. 166-, in Va.m. Thomas SADLER

William(1) Billingaley was born in Salop County, England in 1628, he moved to Holland with his parents in the late 1630's. He came to Virginia with his brother Thomas in 1650."Transported by by Edward James with five others, said James was granted 350 acres of land on Papahannock May 22, 1650. (Land Rec. Lib. 2, fol. 210.) He married about 1651 to Sarah Bowman , born Essex County, Va.Ca. 1635. They settled in Richmond County, Virginia where he owned a small farm and also a small vessel and was mostly engaged in transporting commondities in coast trade. He died December 1657 having been struck by a broom on his vessel. Sarah moved to Calvert County, Maryland early in 1656, having been "Transported11 by her brother-in-law Francis Billingsley to Virginia. She remained at his home during the

year and then~returned to Virginia, with Francis Billingsley and his family in 1659. She remarried (2) William Evart, and is stated she died about 1690.

William (1) Billinbsley and Sarah Bowman Children:

Sarah Ann Billingsley (2) b. 1652 Virginia m. Jan 1669 John (2) BILLINGSLEY (1st. Cousin) died 1712-13

William (2) Billingsley b. 1655 d. in infancy

Martha Agatha(2) Billingsley b. 1658 died at age 13 Posthumous her second marriage Mary Evart b. 1665 md. Mr. Johnson (No Billingsley Blood)

John(2) Billingsley was born 1647 in Holland, came to Nansemond Co., Virginia with his parents and uncles Johna and James Billingsley prior to 1649. He came to Calvert County, Maryland with his parents Anno 1652. He moved to Pichmond County, Virginia with his parents about 1659. He and his brothers Francis and Edward are legatees to a "Cowe Calfe" each in the will of James Billingsley In 1663 who calls them my "three cozens" (nephews) on the IRapehannock." They were also mentioned in the will of Susannan Billingsley, a widow of James, in the same year. He became interested in the vessel ~hich his aunt owed and which his father operated. When his parents returned to Maryland be remained in Virginia with his aunt and assisted in the operation of the vessel. He married January 1669 Sarah (2) Ann, daughter of William Billingsley, born Virginia 1652 and his first cousin, during the year 1670 they

moved to St. Mary's County, Maryland, where he purchased another vessel and continued in maritime trade. In 1673 they returned to Virginia and about 1675-76 they moved to Calvert County, Maryland. He does not appear to have owued much land. In 1681+ he became possessed of 100 acres called "Addition" from his father. From this time there appears an estrangement between John and Francis, his brother. Francis appears with the major portion of his father's holdings, whether his marriage to his first cousin had any relation to this is possible but not definitely known. Owning to loss of deed records in Calvert County is not known, by what means he came into possession of 200 acres part of a tract called "Mears". He apparently gave to his son William, the tract called "Addition" upon his marriage in 1691. John died in the year 1694 having been lost at sea during a storm. Rent Rolls of 1694 show 200 acres of Mears, owned by widow Billingsley. She disposed of this as Rent Rools show it was sold July 1710 by Sarah Talbot to Richardd Jobrs. She married (2) about 1699 William BrownVa. Where he was granted 38 acres of land 1709.

John (2) Billingsley and Sarah Ann(2) Billingsley children:

Mary (3) Billingsley b. Sept 1669 Richinond Co., Va.. Edword WOOD prior 1687

d. prior to August 10, ~71O

William (3) Billingsley b Oct 1670 Calvert Co., Ind m. prior1691 to Clearanna BOWES

d. July 1716 Calvert County, Md.

Sarah Agotha (3) b. 1672 Richmond County, Virginia m. John STOVALL d. 1752

Elizabeth (3) Billingsley b. 1675 Richmond County, Va. m William BOWLS d. 1745 d. ca. 1752

John (5) Billingsley b. 1678 d. 1687 died in childhood

Susannah (3) Billingsley b. 1679-80 died in childhood

Francis (3) Billingsley b. 168-, died in infancy

Walter (3) Billingsley b. 1685 Calvert County, Md.m. prior to 1706 Elizabeth (tradition states that she was a Barber.) d. ca. 1751-52

William(3) Billingsley born Calvert County, Maryland October 1670. He moved to Virginia with his parents and then returned to Calvert County with them in 1675. He married prior to 1691 Clearanna BOWLES, Maryland 167-, she is believed to be a daughter of Valentine BOWLES.

He was given 100 acres of land called "Addition," at the time of his marriage by his father and he disposed of the same before 1700 as Rent Rolls show it was possessed at that date by Benjamin Ball. In 1700 he is listed on a Rent Roll as possessing 100 acres of land part of a 350 tract surveyed for George Young in February 1680 at the head of Bottle Creek. On 5 July 17O4, 136 acres of land were surveyed for William Billingsley and called "Billingsley Swamp" on the North side

of Bottle Creek and adjoining land of John Wood. (Lib. D5, fol. 170.) He acquired other holdings of land the no deeds have been found concerning the same. In the will of Richard Johns of Calvert County probated 11 June 1717/18: Item: to my grandson Pichard, son of my deceased son Abraham, two tracts made over to the testator by William Billingsley i, e. , 136 acres called "Billingsley Swamp", and 150 acres called friendship Rectified.

In 1700 William Creed and William Billingsley appraised the estate of John Carmondy. (Test. Proc. xvii B-47.) On 17 Septemer 1706 William Billingsley and William Williams appraised and inventoried the estate of Ancrew Graham. (Test. Proc. xix C-81.)

He died intestate latter part of July 1716 and his estate adminstered 4 Augu~t 1716 by Clearanna, his widow, with James Cobb and William Billingsley Jr. as bondsmen for 100 pounds. On 10 January 1716/17 is an account and July 1717 is final account rendered by William Billingsley Jr. Pate of the death of Clearanna is not known to the rcturn of odrninistr~tien returned by her son indicates she was deceased.

William (3) Billingsley and Clesrsnns Bowles children

William (4) Billirlgsley b. Nov 1691 m. Mary SUMNEP in 1716

Bowles (4) Billingsley b. Dec 1694 Calvert C0.,Md m. 1723 Pachael GAPDEN; d. May 1744 St. Mary's Co., Md

Clearanna (4) Billin~sley b. November 1693 m. Thomas GILLY

Samuel (4) Billingsley b. January 1696 m. Mary

Ann Elizabeth (4) Billingsley b. May 1699 m. John WOOD

William(4)Billingsley was born November 1691 in Calvert County, Maryland, he married about 1716 to Mary SUMNER, born Calvert County, Mary hnd in the 1690's. There is a traditional record amoung the descendants of James Billingsley that Mary was a daughter of Major William Dent, no evidence has been discovered to substantiate this claim and the William Dent records do not show that be had a daughter named Mary. Nathaniel Sumner brother of Mary, appears to be associated with Williari Billingsley in some transactions. On August 4, 1716 William Billingsley and James Cobb gave bond for 100 pounds for his mother's administrator to his father's estate, and in 1717 he exhibits a final account of this estate in place of his mother (Test. Proc. XXXiii, 68, 78, 1141.) They moved to St. Mary's County, Marryland where he engaged in farming evidently using rented land as there does not appear any records showing he ever owned any real estate. The deed records at St. Mary's county, were destroyed by fire many years ago and the above statement applies to records now on file at Annapolis. In the inventory of the estate of his brother, Bowles, he signed it with Samuel Billingsley as nearest of kin". He was a witness to will of Elizabeth Alburt 16 April 1759, said Elizabeth was a Bowles and conneted with the family. Mary died in December i74O following the birth of Elizabeth. He dated his wull 11 August 1745 and died before 16 December 1745. The Rachel Biilingsley who was a witness to this will is the widow of Bowles Billingsley, his brother.

Will of William (4) Billingsley

In the name of God Amen. I William Billingsiey of St. Mary's Co.,Maryland in the Province of Maryland being of perfect memory thanks be to God, for the same, to sick and weak in body and not knowing how seen a change may come, knowing we are all mortal, I make this Last Will & Testament revoking all others heretofore m?de in any kine whatsoever as followeth. First I give m sole into the hands of Almighty God at the decreation of my executotr here after named.First I desire that funeral charges and just debts be paid, then the rest of my estate asfolloweth: Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Wood, one hogg about two years old. Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann Hardesty one Ewe and Lamb. Item: I give and bequeath unto my son William Billingsley and my son James my two negroes, Same and Ben, I also desire that my son William, make his choice of them by Christmas after my death, I also desire that my son James have a young horse named Spark, that I promised him for learning his younger brothers and sister to read and that he comply with his part of the agreement. Item: I give and bequeath unto my five younger dren, Margaret,Clare, Francis, Sias, and Elizabeth all the rest of my personal estac to be equally divided ameungest them or the survivors such as shall coeme to age to receive the same and lastley I herby ordain and appoint Ifly son William Billingsley executor of this my Last Will and Testament In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and scale this Elventy day of August Anne Dom. 1745.

Signed and sealed in presence of us

Pachel P. Billingsley James Kuchs William Billingsley

This will was probated by William Billingaley Jr. on 16 December, 1745 by Rachel Billingsley and James Kuch witness.

William (4) Billingsley and Mary Sumner childreen:

Mary Sumner (5) Billingsley b. 1718, m. prior to 1745 Jobn WOOD

William Sumner (5) Billingsley b. 1720 m. 1743 Nancy FPEEMAN d. 1758

Ann (5) Billingsley b. 1723 m. 1745 Henry HARDESTY Jr.

James (5) Billinssley b. April 1726 m. Elizabeth Crabtree

Margaret (5) Billingsley b. 1728

Clearanna (5) Billingsley b. 1732

Francis (5) Billingsley b. 1734 St. Mary's County,Md. m. Asenatha HOWELL

Sias (5) Billingsley b. 1738 m. Hannah WEBSTEP

Elizabeth (5) Billingsley b. December 1740

James (5) Billingsley was born in 1726 in St, Mary's Co, Maryland. He was legatee in his father's will in 1745. He married before 1747 Elizabeth Crabtree, born in Marylsnd. They moved to Baltimore Co, Ind about 1758 where they resided to about 1768, then moved to Guilford Co, NC. He appeared to own considerableee but there does not appear any deeds to account for it. In 1771 he appears as a signer to a petition asking clemency for John Pugh and Thomas Welborn who appear to have been associated with the Insurrectionist (NC Rec Vol ix 25, 26,29, 30.) When the Revolution began he became quiet active in aiding the American cause, sent his sons into service and incurrd the enmity of the Tories of the vicinity in particular. He was continually harrassed by them until the year 1776, when they invaded his home and asked for money. On being told he had none, they took him to a near tree and hung him. This statement comes from his wife who made notes in the family bible. As she lived to know many of her great-grandchildren, she often repeathe the tragic death of her husband to them. One of these, the son of John Billingsley heard the story and it was also repeated to him by his grandfather as he was a lad of 15 years of age at the time of the death of his grandfather. Before his death he wrote it out, that he had made notes of it into a complete record of the family for his children.

James(5) Billingsley was killed in April 1776. He dated his will Jan 25, 1776 and it was probated at the May term of Court 1776. The abstract read as follows: In consideration of my children that is being alreaded pportioned , that is to say, James, Elizabeth, Claranna, Samuel, and John, to each 2 schillings and six pence. To son William H. one bed and furniture to be rrecorded in with his equal part with the following children to wit: Martha and Walter and Bazil. To Martha, my daughter one bed and furniture, One Chist and one cow to be part of her equal share in the list above mention. My two youngest sons, Walter and Bazil, plantation when they become age, and that they share an equal part of the moveable estate with others of my so last mentioned four children. To my well beloved wife during her widowhood one bed and furniture, one horse, one mare, two cows and calves and Plantation., and if a widow when sons come of age for her to have her right in the land so long as a widow. This exclusive of her own third in the land in movable estate . Said wife is to be executrix. To daughter Claranna, value of 3 pounds of estatee exclusive of the above 2 shillings and six pence.

This will witnessed by Teldeau Lane and William Hamer

Elizabeth survied him many years, moved to Tn. With her sons and resided many years with her son John, in Warren Co. Ky. About 1836 she made a trip to McMinn Co. Tn. To spend a while with her son, Walter. She did not long surive the trip and died early in 1639, aged 113 years old. Walter was given the family Bible ,a part of the record he filed with his claim for pension.

James (5) Billingsley and Elizabeth Crabtree children:

Samuel 1747 St. Mary's Co. Ind. m. 1772 Mary Griffith in Guilford Co. NC d. 1816 Bledsoe Co. Tn.

James Oct 1749 St. Mary's Co Ind. m. Jan 1769 Ann Rea in Guilford Co. NC ( dau of William Rea) d. 1809 Tn.

Elizabeth 1751 Baltimore Co Ind. m. 1776 Tealdeau Lane

John (6) Aug 17 1754 St Marys Co Ind. m. June 2, 1772 Jean Milsap d. Sep. 19, 1844: Warren Co Ky.

Claranna 1786 Maryland m.bef 1776 William Hammer d. 1781

William Henry Oct 11 1758 Balt. Co. Ind. M May 11 1784 Elizabeth Gowdy d. 1781

Martha May 3 1760 Baltimore Co. Ind. M. 1782 William Hamer d, Jan. 1786 . Left baby girl Barber

Walter July 14, 1761 Baltimore Co. Ind m. 1789 Mary E. D. 1850 McMinn Co. Tn.

Bazil June 2, 1764 Baltimore Co. Ind. m. 1788 Guilford Co. NC d. 1831 Rockingham St. Marys Co. Md.

John (6) Billingsley was born St. Mary's Co Maryland, 17 Aug. 1754, moved to Baltimore Co. Maryland with his parents and then to Guliford Co North Carolina with them. He married June 2, 1772 Jean Milsap, daughter of Thomas Milsap. She was born in North Carolina May 7, 1754. Originial marriage bond on file at North Carolina Historical Society Commission at Raley and appears to have been filled by John Billingsley himself as the signature and the body of the bond being the same writing. They moved to Rutherford Co, North Carolina. From his father's will he appears to have been given his share of the estte at the time of his marriage. He enlisted 1776-78 Private, Captain John Arnold's Company. Colonel Colliers Regiment, served six months, enlisted June 1780 and served to Dec. 25, 1780, Private Captains Britton Fuller and Jacob Williams, Colonel Colliers Regiment; enlisted again soon afterwards and served a few days Captain Thomas Williams, Colonel Collier's Regiment. He was pensioned 23 December 1833 while residing in Warren Co, Ky.. He states in his claim that he was residing in Rutherford Co at the time of his service.

On Jan 4, 1779 he entered 290 acres of land in Washington Co. Tn.. On April 2, 1779 he entered two tracts of 400 and 200 acres of land in Onslow Co, North Carolina and those were issued to him March 29, 1780. (Land Record 36, Fol. 11, 17) On June 11 1779 he again entered 300 acres of land in Washington Co. Tn. On April 26, 1780 he entered 74 acres of landin Sullivan County , 30 acres, 15 acres in the same Co before 1785. They moved from Rutherford Co. To Onslow Co, North Corolina about 1871 where they resided to about 1794 then moved to Sullivan Co, Tn. And his entries were issued him December 4, 1795. (Lanf Rec. 84, fol. 158, 161, 162, 89 Fol. 325, 337). They then moved to Washington o. Tn. In 1796 where they resided for many years. Sometime in the late 1820's John turned over his property to his youngest son, Jacob with provisions that Jacob would ccare for John's wife, the rest of her days. Jacob appears to have converted most of the property into cash and moved to Cumbeerland Co. Ky. Where they resided in 1830. It is also stated that Jacob soon run thru with everything available with leaving his parents in destitute circumstances and that John Billingsley Jr. came and carried his parents to his home in Warren Co , y. (Near Bowling Green Ky) It was from this home that John made his application for pension Dec 25, 1833. Jean died Feb. 5, 1843, and John died september. 19, 1844 at the home of their son, zJohn in Warren Co, Ky.

John (6) Billingsley and Jean Milsap children:

Sarah April 1773 Guilford Co. NC m. Alexander Hale

Jesse (7) Feb 22, 1774 Guilford Co. NC m. bef 1798 Elizabeth Park d. July 28, 1821 Jackson Co. Tn.

Elizabeth May 1776 Guilford Co. NC m. Birdwell

James Aug 1778 Guilford Co. NC m. bef 1799 Rebecca Hale Wash. Co. Tn.

Thomas b. 1781m. Rebecca Crawford d. bef 1860. Red River Seiver Co. Ark.

Mary 1783 Onslow Co NC m. Jesse Parker

John Mar 7, 1786 Onslow, NC m. 1807 Mary Campbell Dork d 1884 Simpson Co. Ky

Samuel Feb 11, 1789 Onslow Co. NC m. Ruth Hale Tn. d. 1882 B. Roberts cem. Franklin Ak.

Jane b.1792 North Carolina m. Edward Mercer

Jacob b.1795 Sullivan Co.Tn. m. Rebecca Shipley, Washington Co. Tn. d. 1848 Tn.

James(7) Billingsley was born Rutherford County, North Carolina August 1778, moved to Onslow County, North Carolina and to Tenn, with his parents. He married prior to 1799 Rebecca HALE, born in Virginia in 1779, said to be a sister to Ruth Hale and Alexander Hale. Resided in Washington County then moved to Roane County,Tenessee where they stayed some years then moved to Monroe Co., Kentucky where Rebecca died about 1859. He was living in 1864 but died before 1870. He was a farmer and is said to have been a Mason. The house and farm he founded in Roane County, Tennessee passed to his son John H. , and has come down thru his sons and remains in the family today.

James (7) Billingsley and Rebecca Hale Children:

Nancy (8) Billingsley b.Feb 20, 1799 Tennessee: m. Aug. 17, 1819 to John Arterburn, Washingto Co. Tn

John H (8) Billngsley b. 1801 Tennessee: m. bef. 1820 Mary Houston died 1895 Roane Co. Tn. (Homestead)

George Hale (8) Billingsley`b. Jan 16, 1803 Wash Co. Tn. m.. bef. 1823 Sarah Bowman died 1886 Bledsoe Co. Tn.

James (8) Billingsley b. Dec. 1804 Washington Co. Tn. m. bef. 1831 Sarah Heiston b. Tn. Died after 1870

Jane (8) Billingsley b. 1808 m bef 1832 James Cunningham

Mary S.(8) Billingsley b. 1810 m. 1831 John Cox

Elizabeth D(8). Billingsley b.. 1812 m 1831 John Leeb.

Sarah Ann (8) Billingsley b. 1817 m aft 1830 Gerald Bowman

Rebecca(8) Billingsley b.. 1819 Tn. M. bef 1839 James Payneb

Samuel (8) Billingsley m died childbirth

Lucinda (8) Billingsley b. 1822 m bef. 1861 . James Kenny resided Perry Co. Il.