Chapter 25

Lisby Milton Ford

by W D Ford


Born about 1823

Died Feb. 18, 1896

A friend asked me the other day if I had my choice, and could meet and talk to any one of my ancestors, who would I choose? I couldn't immediately answer the question because there so many of them that I find so interesting it would be almost impossible for me to choose between them. However, at this moment in time I would choose Lisby Milton Ford. In the next few paragraphs I shall endeavor to tell you why. Also, I have decided to devote this chapter exclusive to Lisby. Some of the material here may be a repeat from earlier chapters, but I wish this chapter to stand along so I have repeated it.

Lisby was born sometime around the year of 1823 in Washington Co Tennessee,

The Boone Genealogy in Monroe Co Library list Leah Ford as mother of Mordecai Price Ford and Lisby Milton Ford, (The fathers are not listed.

Imogen Russell of Tompkinsville found information on Price with no father listed, She also found information on Lisby Milton Ford with Mary Emiline Johnson and Alexander Ford as his parents.

Chloe Ford of Tompkinsville remembers being told that Mary Emiline Johnson was their mother , William Ford , the father of Mordecai Price Ford and Alexander Ford, the father of Lisby Milton Ford .

All agree that Leah Ford raised both Mordecai Price and Lisby Milton.

I had done considerable research before I heard the above theories, and had arrived at all together different solution, knowing that a gap of uncertainty existed. Knowing this, I immediately corrected my genealogy tree to show the above chances, but I am having second thoughts now that I have had a chance to reevaluate my past research. I pospose there was a Lisby Ford who is the father of Lisby Milton Ford. I pospose that Leah Ford is the mother of both Lisby Milton Ford and Mordecai Price Ford. My propose is based on the following:

1. There was in the 1830 Washington Co Tn. Census the following listings ;

Lisby Ford M 40-50

Wife 30-40

Female under 5

Female 5-10

Male under 5

Male 5-10

Male 10-15

Leah Ford F 40-50

Male under 5 (Lisby Milton Ford fits Here)

Male 10-15 (Mordecai Price Ford fits here}

2. In Washington Co Marriages there is a Lesley Ford listed as marring a Sarah Jackson November 25 1822. (I pospose Lisby misspelled as Lesley. I have not been able to find more on a Lesley Ford.)

3. Lisby Ford, stated under oath in the landmark famous trial regarding Loyd Ford, Jr. Will that: "Grant Ford is my Uncle I racon". Mordecai Price Ford said, "The Fords are my second Cousins. My Wife's Uncle is Robert G Hale" The Fords that they are talking bout are the defendants in the Loyd Ford Landmark Case. (Grant, James, Thomas, Enoch, William, Benjamin, Alexander, James, Loyd III),(Robert G Hale is the one who wrote the Will).

The point here is that one stated Grant was his uncle and the other stated that he was his second cousin. Now if their fathers were brothers, and they had the same mother, wouldn't they be the same kin?

Loyd Ford Jr had a brother named Mordecai that came to Tn with him. Now if Leah was his daughter, and Mordecai Price was her son, Grant and his brothers and sisters would be second cousin to Mordecai Price Ford. There was a Mordecai Price who came to Tn. And returned to Maryland and married there. Is it farfetched to assume that maybe Mordecai Price Ford is his son? Someone must have sat Leah up as head of a household. Could this had been Mordecai Price?

Now to Lisby. He said, " Grant Ford is my Uncle, I racon." If Alexander who was one of the defendants was his father, wouldn't you expected him to say, "one of the defendants is my father"? Now if he was his uncle,(and he would have been if Alexander was his father), that means that either his father or his mother had to be one of Loyd Ford's siblings, a brother or sister to Grand and the other defendants. Wouldn't this indicate that either his mother or father who was kin to Grant was dead.? Would it be too far fetch to assume that this dead brother or sister name could have been Lisby Ford?, And this Lisby Ford be the father to Lisby Milton Ford? When Lisby said "I racon", did that indicate he didn't know who was his father?

OK; Now that I have said the above, sure would like to have some more knowledge about Lisby. Sounds like he got off to a rocky start. And according to his pension records and military records, it didn't get any better as his life passed on. Seem he had a uncanny method about him that spelled trouble. Of Course on the other hand he seem pretty good in getting out of the jams he got into.

Following is his military and pension record, typed the best that I could make it out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I.

State of Ky.

Co of Monroe

This day personally appeared before me, clerk of the Co Court and State aforesaid Lisby M Ford, to me well known, late of Co. 9th Ky Infantry who has a pension application pending, and upon his oath declares he now lives in Monroe Co, Ky. and he has resided in Monroe Co within seven miles of Tompkinsville Co Seat of Monroe Co since the year 1851, and that he was a farmer for ten years immediately preceding his enlistment in said Company. Since his discharge he has been a farmer and has never able to do much work of any kind since he was discharged . But having no trade and not being able to write he could do no business that he could support himself by and therefore had to see after and watch his farm- and have to cultivate the best he could I contracted diarrhea which became chronic and after I had that for a considerable time I became affected with Piles at Newmarket in Tennessee about the 10th day of July 1863. I was sick at that time. I was discharged and came home. I had nothing but my little farm and one --- and one cow and two yearling calves and everything else I had was not worth over fifty dollars and I had a wife and six daughters and one son and the oldest one of my daughters has been afflicted for some years adding to my problems. I have worked since bu ought not and I would not if I had not been forced to do it from necessity. I have never been able to labor since my discharged and would not have labored any if it had not been a matter of necessity. Signed: Lisby ( his mark) M. Ford

State of Ky. Co of Monroe

William Poland Deposition

On this 23 day of May 1880 personally appeared before me a clerk of this Co Court of the Co and state aforesaid, William Poland of the Co and state aforesaid a good 53 years and states upon his oath that he is well acquainted with Lisby M Ford of said Co and State of Ky. and have been for more than 290 years and lived in his neighborhood in 2 miles of him in 1861 & 1862, 1863, 1864, & 1865. He was a member of Co. 9th Ky. Infantry War of 1861 & 2. Sometime about Christmas 1861 or a little later he came home from the army and during the balance of the winter and the summer of 1862 he was affected with Rheumatism and was unable for duty. I stayed all night at his house during the later part of said winter and he was suffering from Rheumatism then and had been for some time . He was then so much From Rheumatism that I took him up in my arms and put him in the bed out of his chair. He suffered a great deal from Rheumatism from some time in 1862 till some time about day of 1864 during the times I speak of he was at home. I lived in less than 2 miles of him all that time. I am totally disinterested in this manner Signed: William Poland.

Elijah K Thompson

State of Ky.

Co of Monroe

On this the 25th. Day of Sep., AD 1880 personally appeared before me , a Clerk of the Co of Monroe and State aforesaid. Dr. Elijah K Thompson at Tompkinsville Post Monroe Co Ky., a person whom I certify is of good moral character and entitled to full belief and who is being dully sworn by me states that he is 34 years d age and that he is a practicing physician and he has been for several years. That he is well acquainted with Lisby M Ford who was a member of Co. K 9th. Ky. And transferred to the 23rd. Ky Reg. War of 1861 and who has an application for pension pending. He has known him for 20 years. I lived within 2 miles of said Lisby M Ford at the time and previous to his joining said Regiment . When he joined said regiment in my opinion he was sound in body and free from Hemorrhoids of the bowels. I saw him often just previous to his joining the regiment and I never heard of his condition of piles before he joined said Reg. If he had been affected with piles at that time I am satisfied I would have known it or would have heard of it. I saw said Lisby M Ford some after he was discharged, perhaps in 5 or 10 days after he was discharged and within 5 or 10 days after he was discharged he was afflicted with piles ever since he was discharged. He was a farmer when he joined said regiment and since he has been discharged in my opinion and judgement he has been disable every year from making his support from manual labor on account of the piles and he is still in my judgement and opinion labors under the piles. I am totally disinterested in the manner.

Signed. Elijah K Thompson.

State of Ky.

Co of Monroe

On this the 27th. Day of July AD 1881 personally appeared before me a Clerk if the /Co of Monroe and State aforesaid.

Dr. Elijah K Thompson a good 35 this 10th. Day of next month, August, a resident of Monroe Co and whose post office is Tompkinsville State of Ky. A man whom I certify is of good character and certify to he is to be believe upon his oath. He declares he is a physician and he has been for several years last April past.

That he is well acquainted with Lisby M. Ford of Said Co and State who was a soldier in the War of 1861 and who has an application for pension now pending. He says he has therefore given his affidiant showing the condition of said soldier at the time and since his discharge which affidavit supposes is of file in the papers of his application. The statements appliant made in said affidiant are true and he says at the time said L isby M F ord was discharged I lived in thesame neighborhood he did about 2 miles from him and had lived that near him for ten years or more before he joined the army and I continued to live that near him until about the month of July 1869. Before he joined the Army I saw him often and after his didcharge up to this time I have seen him often. I have seen him once or twice and sometimes three times a week. I have been his family physician for yrars and hence ai have had a chance to know his condition ever sinceee and before he was discharged, even before he jjoined the Reg. I know he was afflicted with hemomhoids when he was discharged and has been afficted with hemomhoids ever since he was discharged. From all the simptoms and what i could gather from his appearance and condition he has been suffering with hemorrhoids for some time. In my opinion he was three -fourths disabled from making a living by manual labor when he was discharged and he has been 3/4 disabled every year since and is still 3/4 disable on account od said hemomhoids. I never examined him otherwise than to look at him and inquire after his condition and learn what i could by examining him with his clothes on. I never saw him in a nude state. I am totally disinterested in this manner. Signed Elizah K Thompson. Medical Doctor.

War Department, Adjutant General Office,

Washington, DC. Feb. 7, 1880

Sir, I have the honor to acknowledge receipt from your office of Application for Pension No. 275609 and to return it herein, with such information as is furnished by the files of this office that Lisby M Ford was enrolled on the 25th day of October, 1861 at Columbia in Co H, 9th Regiment of Kentucky Infantry Volunteers, to serve three years or during the war and mustered into service as a Private on the 26th day of November, 1861, in Adar County, in Co H, 9th Reg of Ky Volunteers to serve three years or during the war. On the muster rolls of Co, H of the Reg to December 31, 1861 his name is borne without remark to present or absence. Jan. Feb 1862, absent (cause or place not stated) March and April 1862 his name borne without remark as to present or absence. Four months muster to August 31, 1862 name not borne. September and October 1862 present. November and December 1862 at home sick since Nov. 1, 1862. Jan and Feb. 1863, same. March and April 1853 similar report, ( in Monroe County Kentucky). May and June 1863 absent without leave since January 1, 1863. July and August 1863 name not borne Jan and Feb. 1864 returned from desertion. February 12, 1864. May and June 1864 went into hospital Worth Ga. Similar report to October 31 1864 (at Jefferson vile Indiana). Muster rolls of Company dated Dec 10, 1864 reports him deserted Oct 15, 1862, brought back under guard , not yet tried. Muster roll of Company D, 23 Kentucky infantry Vol. For Nov and Dec 1864 reports him present. Jan and Feb. 1865 present in arrest since Feb 20, 1865. March and April 1865 present without remark Private mustered out on a detachment muster out roll June 23 1865 at Nashville Tn. Tried by General Court Martial on charges of desertion and acquitted G O N 211 Headquarters 4th Army Corps. Reg. Return of 9th Ky Inf Vol prior to Jan 1853 not on file. This man was tried by court martial on charges of desertion found Not Guilty and acquitted free G O N211 Headquarters 4th. Army Corps. on No 24, dated 3rd June 1865. The records of this office afford no evidence that he was disabled by Hemorrhoids Feb. 1, 1863. Neither is the cause of the sickness stated on account of which he was at home. Signed:Assistant Adjutant General, not readable.


State of Kentucky , County of Monroe. On this 15th day of August 1914, personally appeared before me a Notary Public within and for the County and State aforesaid, Ben P Ford, age 47 years, a resident of Tompkinsville, county of Monroe who, bing duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration in order to obtain reimbursement from the accrued pension for expenses paid in the last sickness and burial of Mary A E Ford who was a pensioner of the united states by certificate no. 426717 on account of the service of Lisby M. Ford in Co. H 9th Reg. Ky, Inf. That pension was last paid to May 4th 1914. That the answers to questions below are full , complete and truthful. Name of deceased. Mary A E Ford; Capacity of pensioner. Widow.; Children under 16? No; Is there an executor or administrator ? None, and will not be.: Did decease leave any money, real estate or personal property ? Cow and one sheep worth $7.50 and a small amount of household goods which is well worn that not worth over $1.00; Value of the real estate? None, she owned none.: How was the pensioner's property disposed of ? The applicant has them. They never have been disposed of: Did pensioner leave a pension check ? No.; What is your relation to the pensioner? Son; Are you married ? Yes; What caused the pensioner's death ? Old Age; when did sickness begin / About December 1st 1912; Physician Name ? R. G W Bushong; name of the pensioner's nurse during sickness. Claimant Ben P Ford and Laura B Ford; Where did the pensioner live during sickness Ben P Ford's; Where did pensioner die ? Tompkinsville, Ky.; When did the pensioner die ? July 7, 1914; Where was pensioner buried ? Ford Graveyard near Tompkinsville. Nature of expenses ? Doctor $19.00, Undertaker $35.00, other expenses $11.17. Nurse, Dec 1, 1912 to July 7, 1914, $75.00 Signed Ben P Ford

Declaration for Original Invalid Pension,

State of Kentucky, County of Monroe,

On this March 8, 187-, Lisby M. Ford, age 51, of Tompkinsville, Ky. Enrolled on the 25 of October 1861, in Company H. of the 9th Regiment, of Ky Infantry. Commanded by B G GRIDER and discharged at Nashville, TN. The 23rd day of June, 1865. That his personal description is as follows, age 51, height 6 ft, 2 in. Dark complexion, Dark hair and Gray eyes. That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of duty at Newmarket, in the State of Tennessee on or about the 10th day of Feb. 1863, he contracted Hemorrhoids.

Findngs of Court Marshal Court

Lisby M Ford, Private, Company D 233 Regament Ky. Infantry on a charge of Desertion to which charge and specification thereto the accused pleaded as follows;

To the Specificaiton to the charge.......................Not Guilty

of the charge ..................................................Not Guilty

The Court found him;

of the specification to the charge..............................Not Guilty

of the charge............................................................Not Guilty

Department of Interior, Breau of Pensions

August 5, 1914

Certificate no 426717; Class Widow; Penisoner; Mary A E Ford Soldier; Lisby M Ford; Service; H Co. Ky. Inf. Date pensioner was last paid; 12 May 4, 1914; Death July 7, 1914; Where; Hestand Ky.