Origin of Name Jobe

A study of English surnames shows there is no just cause that the families bearing the surname "Job" or its derivative, should be considered of Jewish birth. It is certain that one of these families of this record have considered themselves of that race

The use of Old Testament names as "foot-names", does not date from the Puritans, nor are the names derived from them, necessarily Jewish. The Old Testament names were most popular with the medieval peasants, from whom most of us are descended.

The written language too, was not commonly known 200 years ago which accounts for the various ways in which the family names are spelled. In old English Records the name Job is found- Jobbe, Joba, Jobb, Chubb, Jop, Fritz ,Job, Jobber, Jobson, Jobling, Jupp.

Quintillion tells that the letters "B" and "P" have so near relation that in some cases, reason requires a "B" while in fact we have the sound "P" and for this reason in old inscriptions the two letters are so often put one for the other.

The first of our Job family in American spelled the name Job, but many branches have added the E. Early records in American have names spelled Joab, Joba and Job. The families I have found that have been in America for 2 or 3 generations spell the name Jobe and all came from Germany.

There was a William Jobba and a Flyas Jobbe, a John Fitz Job on the hand Roll of England in 1273. Some by the name were in Norfolk co. Eng. In 1315; A Rev. Nicholas Jobbe was Vicar of Swerddston in 1318. The appears in the London in 1569-59, in Canterbury in 1672. There were several grants of Arms to families bearing the name.

Our ancestors were said to have come from Kent co. England. There seems to have been no arms granted to anyone of the name of Job in that county. But there was to a family of Jobson in Essex county, which is just across the river Tams from Kent County. A copy of these Arms is given in this record. Arms were granted to Job families in York and Lancaster Counties also. Crests were granted to families bearing the name 'Job and Jope.

Many families in American I have found do not know very far beck in family records. The line of Andrew Job of Chester Co. Pa was written by Gilbert Cope in "The Sharpless Family". Mr Cope was said to be an authority of Quaker families never mentioned the fact that Andrew job was related to the Job families that lived at the same time in New Jersey. Somehow, I am inclined to think they were related.

Andrew Job and family were Quakers for several generations. The only descendant of the present generation I have found who are still Quakers is Haines Job of Rising Sun, Md. He lives near the Burying Ground at Calvert, where Andrew Job and many of his family are buried. One notable fact is that many of the family lived single until late in life. One Andrew Job lived a hermit for over 50 years., in Cecil Co. Md.

Amon Jobe and Rhoda Arterburn were married in Washington Co. Tn. And migrated to Kentucky with the Fords late in the 1850. Amon Jobe's and his sister, Elizabeth Jobe's, (Mordecai Price Ford's wife), mother was said to have been a Ford. Amon Jobe's brother, Jesse H. Jobe, served in the Tennessee Organization in the Mexican War and as a Private in Co. E. 9th. Ind. Infantry. Vol. in the Civil War. He received a pension of $4.00 per month for his services in the Mexican war. It was increased to $8.00 May 15, 1851, and restored Jan 24 1867 to $4.00 per month. He had a light complexion, blue eyes, dark hair and was 5 ft. 8 in. tall. He was born in Washington Co. Or Sullivan Co. Tn.( Applications for pension differ on place of birth and his height is given at 5 ft. 8 in. And also at 5 ft. 5 in. Birth place in Washington co. And Sullivan Co.) Weight given at 136 lbs. At the age of 84, pulse rare 60 sitting, 66 standing and 84 after exercise. Respiration 21 sitting, 21 standing, and 24 after exercise. Suffered from Diarrhea contacted during war of 1861. Has suffered from Piles, rheumatism, Heart problems, stomach problems, lung problems, and a broken wrist for about 20 years.

Zachariah Jobe, wife. Prisse (Priscilla) Hale





Amon Jobe, wife. Rhoda Arterburn


Laura Belle



Mary Liza (Marlize) Louisa






1850 Monroe County Ky Federal Census

House Name Age Sex Occup. Born Married School Read

787 Amen Jobe 23 m Farmer Tn n

Rhoda 19 f Tn

Sarah 1 f Tn

1870 Metcalfe Co. Census

Jesse Jobe 44 m w Farmer 300 310 Sulv. Co, Tn

26 f w Housekeeping Ky.

Amon Jobe 43 m w Farmer 175 Tenn

Rhoda 37 f w Housekeeping

Mary E 17 f w deaf Ky

Martha 13 f w Ky

Jesse 8 m w Ky

James m w Ky

George 11/12 w Ky.

H, Sam and Laura Belle were born after the 1870 census

1870 Metcalfe

Washington Cy. Tn. Marriages

Amon Jobe

Elizabeth Crabtree

Oct 28, 1846 bond Price Ford & Jas. Fitzgerald

Amen Jobe

Rhoda Arterburn

Dec 8, 1846 bond Amon Jobe & Robert G. Haile

Elizabeth Jobe

Joel Cooper

Jan 20, 1788

Mary Jobe

George Little

Jan 26, 1791

James Jobe

Nancy Jackson

Sept 5, 1835

Rufus Jobe

Nancy Hale

Nov 21, 1838

The act establishing Unicoi Cy. Tn. Was not passed until Mar. 23, 1875. Therefore for more than a hundred years it had been a part of Washington District, Washington Cy. Originally of what was called Watauga Settlement before any recognized government had been constituted. The people living in that section at the time Unicoi was legally established, automatically were taken from Washington County and made residents of Unicoi. Jobe was one of the outstanding family names that appear on the old property records of that area.

Abraham Jobe, who died in Virginia, in an early day, and whose widow and her children came down to the Watauga Settlement after his death, may have been the forefather of Enoch Jobe, who was one of the first settlers of the upper part of Indian Creek and Greasy Clove shortly after the settlement on the Watauga, and long before 1800. Enoch Jobe was also a member of Jonathan Mulkey Baptist Church established on Greasy Creek in 1823. It is easy to understand the probability that the Jobe prominent physician at the town of Burksville, N. C. was the son of Enoch Jobe, John Jobe, born 1794, died June 25, 1857, at Elizabeth Town, Tn., could possibly have been another son, or nephew.(Tennessee Cousins)

Mormon Church microfilm 825-532

1849-1855 Vol 02

Jobe to Miller 6 acres Sep 20 1849

Abraham Jobe from Miller $70,6 acres on Brush Creek Feb 14 1850

Historical Maker will Honor Confederate Hero

Nashville Banner June 11, 1969

A new historical marker will be dedicated on Us Highway 41 just south of Smyrna in memory of DeWitt Smith (Dee) Jobe, a member of Coleman's Scouts, the "big eyes", of the Confederacy, who was tortured to death in late August 1864 for refusing to divulge information.

Jobe was captured by a 15-man Union patrol near Nolenville. Jobe told nothing, although his teeth were beaten out with a pistol butt and his eyes were put out.

Legend says Jobe gave his tormentors a piece of his mind, after which his tongue was cut out. He was then hitched to the horse.

His body was left in the sun where a passing woman friend dismounted from her horse and spread a handkerchief over his face.

Old Frank, a Negro slave who had tended Jobe as a child, used a spring wagon to take Jobe's body back to the log house where he was born June 4, 1840.

Jobe is buried in a family cemetery behind his home on Rock Fort Road.

Early Tennessee Tax List,


Jacob Su-1797 Su-1796

Nathan Sul-1796

Samuel Su-1797 Su-1796


Abraham Mu-1816 Wa-1814

Aaron Wi-1810

Caleb K1796

Daniel J-1802

Elish W-1812

Isaac K-1799

James Mu-1816

Jesse Mu-1816

John Wi-1810

Moses Wa-1819

Nathan Wa-1814 Wa-1819

Ruben W-1812

Wn Ge-1783


Abraham Wa-1819

Enoch Wa-1819

Jacob Su-1812

Jacob Su-1812 deceased

James Mu-1811

Jesse Mu-1811

John Wa-1819

Laban Wa-1819

Lockarich Su-1812

Nathan Su-1812

Samuel Su-1812

First Census Washington Co. Tn


Enoch Jobe 1 male 20-23 1 male 60-70

2 female 15-20 2 female 20-30

Abraham Jobe 1 male 10-15 1 male 15-20

1 female 50-60 1 male 50-60

Lydia Jobe 2 males 15-20 1 female 50-60

Enoch Jobe 1 male -5 1 male 10-15

1 male 50-60 3 female 5-10

2 female 10-15 1 female 15-20

1 female 40-50

Nathan Jobe 1 male 40-50 2 male -5

1 female 5-10 1 female 20-30

Zachariah Jobe 2 female -5 1 male 5-10

1 male 30-40 2 female -5

1 female 15-20

John Jobe 1 male -5 1 male 30-40

1 female 20-30

Lydia and

Rachel Jobe 1 female 40-50 1 female 50-60

Note; I visited the Washington County Tennessee Sinking Creek area about 1985. Wash. Co. Courthouse was closed at the time.

One thing of significant was County Road names. One was name Jobe and another was named Ford.

Concerning Our Ancestors

Jobe Family

By Mrs Charles Polk McGuire

Descendants of David Jobe

and wife, Abigail, of Washington, Tn.

He is said to be the son of Thomas Job and Elizabeth maxwell.

David Jobe is first mentioned in Shenandoah County Virginia, where there are several deeds of land in his name, dating from 1777 to 1782. He was one of the earliest settlers in Washington, Tn., and is mentioned in the records of the first courts held in that county as follows;

Tern of November 1779, case of Andrew Gear Vs. David Jobe, Cavit. The court orders new trial.

Wednesday< May 24, 1780, case of Valentine Sevier vs. George Daylv, In debt. David Jobe and Jonathan Tipton served on the jury.

From minute book of Washington County, Nov. 17, 1792. State of North Carolina granted David Jobe 4 tracts of land Book 2, Book E.

Children of David and Abigale Jobe;

Elizabeth Jobe b. Aug. 7, 1767; no further record

Mary Jobe b. Jan 10, 1770;

Jemima Jobe b. Jul 8, 1773

Abraham Jobe b. Jun 23, 1777

Sarah Jobe b. Jan 18, 1780

Phoebe Jobe b. Jun 16, 1782

Joshua Jobe b. Sep 15, 1862

Hannah Jobe b. May 12, 1791

John Jobe b. Sep 27, 1794

Abraham Jobe married Sallie Fane, daughter of Wm. And Sallie (McHaham) Fain, born Washington, County, Tn. June 15, 1795. They had two children, one died young, and Emma Jobe, born April 11, 1836, died Dec. 13th 1880, married Sep. 30th 1855 to her cousin Tipton Jobe, son of Joshua Jobe.

Joshua Jobe was married in Tn. To Ruth Tipton, a daughter of Thomas Tipton and grand daughter of the famous Tennessean, John Tipton, He removed to what is now Ringold, Georgia, and died there. His wife died May 22,1864, Their children were; 1.Eliza Jobe, who died Sep. 15, 1810, 2. Emaline Jobe, born Dec 22th, 1811, Married Sep 12th, 1837, to James Wheeler. Her Children were Collie Wheeler, who married James Henry and David Wheeler. 3. David Jobe, born May 1st 1813, died Searcy, Arkansas, May 24th 1888, married Sarah J Harden, Walker County, Georgia, on Feb. 18th 1830; died Searcy, Arkansas, July 21, 1905.

From Journal of Governor John Sevier, Sept 28, 1797, Abraham Jobe sat in for a month at $12.00, $3.00 only to be paid in money.

From the minute book of Washington Co. Tn. Jonathan Tipton Jobe sold one Negro girl to Abraham Jobe for $200.00, Sept. 14, 1807.

Abraham Jobe had a blacksmith shop and home across the road from the old Brush Creek Campground, After the War Between the States this location became a part of the Soldier's Home, and it is thought that his house stood where the "Silent Circle" now Is.

The fact that the old family of Jobe's were Quakers, may account for the fact that so few of their names appear as serving in the Revolutionary War. The one's found were;

Andrew Job Captain Sealey's Co. Nov 1, 1780, 5th Pennsylvania Continental Line.

Will Job

James Job 1st. Class, 1st Company, 2nd. Battalion of Cumberland Militia, Sept., 1781.

2nd New Jersey, Oct. 20, 1780.

Thomas Jobe Cumberland Company of Capt. James Crawford, June 21, 1781.

Isaac, William, Were in 8th Virginia Regiment as recorded in War Department No 169. David Job, place of Service not named.

Joseph, Peter and Richard Job in Capt. Nixon's Troop,

Middlesex County, New Jersey.

Samuel Jobe in Capt. Walton's Troop Middlesex County, New


William Job in Capt. Cooper's Troop of Burlington County,

New Jersey.

John Jobe in 1st Battalion, 3rd Regiment of New Jersey.

No record of David Jobe of Tennessee or other Jobes from Tennessee serving in the Revolutionary War, as there seems to be no official records preserved from this section, The name of a Moses Jobe in the navy in this war, and David, Isaac, Jesse, Leonard, Job, but place of service not given.

In the War of 1812, Joshua Job (also given as Jobe in those records), served as a private in Captain Adam Winsell's Company, Regiment of East Tennessee Militia, commanded by Colonel Allison; as follows; Commencement of service, Jan. 5th 1814, expiration of service, Mar 6th 1814, discharged for disability. From records of War Department at Washington, D.C.

David Job Estate

Abigail Job, six hoes 50

do Three Negroes , Ben. Steve, Vine 400

do Four bee stands 2

Jesse Humphrey four sheep 1st choice 6

do 4 do 2nd do 4

do 3 do 3rd do 3

Joseph Young, one steer 8

do one black and white steer 10 95

George Sheffield, one brown cow 10

Joseph Young, one red and white steer 6 75

Mosses Humphrey, one muley heifer 7

do one red and white heifer 6 50

Abraham Job, three yearlings calves 7 6

do one grey mare 70 60

Stephen Tipton, 20 lbs. Cotton 6 25

Abigail Job, 40 lbs. Cotton 10 30

Jesse Humphrey, 20 lbs. Cotton 6 66

do do do 6 37

John Humphrey, Negro Bob. 395

Solomon Hendrick 2 Negroes, George & Win 370

Archibald Williams, Negro fan 460

Abigail Job, one loom, one scythe one saw , two augers, two chisels, one drawing knife. Two giblets, one cutting knife & box four raw hides, one frow, one iron wedge. Iron leather salt corn wheat rye oats hay fodder flax bees wax meat tallow and fat. Ducks & pea fowls two saddles one pair saddle bags, one set shoe makers tools, two jugs, two kegs, three tubs, four bells, twelve baskets, one set of weaving spools, three bridles, one pairing knife, one barrel of brandy. 7 51

Moses Humphrey nine hundred and seventy six & three quarters pounds of bar iron. 30

Abraham Job twenty five lbs. Cotton 5

Jonathan Tipton twenty five pounds cotton 5

Filed at May Sessions 1803.

Abigail Job, administratrix.

Information from Jobe Genealogy, by James R Jobe

46 Havkem Store Rd.,Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

404 947 2910

Jobe (1)

Andrew Jobe (2) of Jobe (1): b. 1620 in Fishgard, Wales d. Jan 29, 1699/00 in East Nottingham, Pa.

Married. Elizabeth -------.

Andrew Jobe (3) of Andrew Jobe (2) and Elizabeth ?: b. 1650 at sea between Kent, England and Portsmouth, New England. d. June 5, 1722 in East Nottingham Pa. b. Brick Meeting House, Cecil County, Maryland. Occupation, Tavern Keeper, Surveyor, Sheriff, Member of Assembly. Wife; Elizabeth Vernon b. 1621 in Cheshire, England d. 1735 in East Nottingham, Pa. Married November 6, 1692 in Chester Co. Pa. b. Brick Meeting House, Cecil Co. Maryland. Father; Thomas Vernon. Mother, ?.

Caleb Jobe (4) of Andrew Jobe (3) and Elizabeth Vernon: b. July 26, 1704 in Nottingham, chester Co. Pa. d. August 4, 1750 in Shennadoah Valley, Virginia. Wife; Barbary ?, b. about 1715 in Pa. D. about 1784 in Shennandoah, Augusta Co. Va. Married; about 1734. Father ?, Mother ?

Jacob Jobe(5) of Caleb Jobe (4) and Barbary ?: b. 1737 in Va. D. 1808 in Sullivan Co. Tn. Wife; Deborah MacKay, b. about 1748, d. 1814 in Sullivan Co. Tn. Married; about 1765 in Augusta Co. ,(Now Warren) Va. Father Zachariah MacKay,. Mother; Lydia Whitson

Samuel Jobe (6) of Jaboc Jobe (5) and Deborah MacKay: b. March 1, 1775 in Va. d. after 1860 in Sullivan Co. Tn. Wife; Barbary Adwell b. Jan 2, 1778 in Va. d. about 1858 in Sullivan Co. Tn., Married about 1795.

Zachariah Jobe (7) of Samuel Jobe (6) and Barbary Adwell: b. About 1798 in Sullivan Co. Tn. d. After 1780 in Sullivan Co. Tn. Tn. Military War of 1812, East Tennessee Militia. Wife. Prisse (Priscilla) Hale, b. Oct. 8, 1802. d. Before 1850. Married about 1823, Father; Amon Hale. Mother; Mary Carter.

Elizabeth Jobe (8) of Zachariah Jobe (7) and Priscilla Hale: b. 1817 in Washington Co. Tn. d. about 1890 in Monroe Co. Ky. Married Mordecai Price Ford, b. 1817 in Washington Co. Tn., d. After 1860 in Monroe Co. Ky., Married about 1842 in Washington Co. Tn. Father, ? Ford. Mother; Leah Ford.( According to Chloe Ford, Tompkinsville, Ky. There were five Ford Brothers , Benjamin, who came early. Land Deeds sow him there 1830-1835., Billy (William Ford), who was Mordecai Price Ford's Father, and his Mother was Mary Ann Johnson who was not married to William. William later married Nacky Ford, whose parents were Thomas Ford and Nacky ? Mary Ann Johnson later married Alexander Ford, William's Brother and said to be the Father of Lisby Milton Ford. whose Mother was also said to be Mary Ann Johnson.; Thomas and Grant, were the other two brothers, all siblings of Loyd Ford, Jr.. Leah Ford is said to have raised Mordecai Price Ford and Lisby Milton Ford. William and Alexander are buried in Ford Cemetery, Monroe, Co. Ky.)

(Daughter ) Jobe (8) of Zachariah Jobe (7) and Priscilla Hale: b. About 1820

(Son) Jobe (8) of Zachariah Jobe (7) and Priscilla Hale: b. About 1822 in Sullivan Co. Tn. Married Ann Copass, b. 1824 in Washington Co. Tn., d. Before 1860 in Tn. , Father John Copas, Mother, Nancy Jobe.

Amon Jobe (8) of Zachariah Jobe (7) and Priscilla Hale: b .May 15, 1824 in Washington Co. Tn. d. Sept 4, 1906 in Metcalfe Co. Ky.. Buried May 18, 1924 in Campground Graveyard (Huffman Cem) Metcalfe Co. Ky. Married Rhoda Arterburn, b. Oct. 20, 1828 in Washington Co. Tn. d. March 2, 1916 in Metcalfe Co. Ky. Married December 8, 1846, Washington Co. Tn. Father, John Arterburn, Mother Nancy Billingsley. Buried Ford Cemetery, Monroe Co. Ky.


Jesse Jobe (8) of Zachariah Jobe (7) and Priscilla Hale: b. 1826 in Washington Co. Tn. d. Metcalfe Co. Ky. Buried Campground Graveyard (Huffman Cem) Metcalfe Co. Ky. Military: Served as a Pvt. Co.E, 9th. Ky. Inf. And served in a Tn. Organization during the Mexican War. Wife: L. ? Married about 1870, Buried Campground Graveyard (Huffman Cem) Metcalfe Co. Ky. Father, Mother,

Mary Jobe (8) of Zachariah Jobe (7) and Priscilla Hale :b. 1831

Zachariah Jobe (8) of Zachariah Jobe (7) and Priscilla Hale: b. 1832 in Tn.

George Jobe (8) of Zachariah Jobe (7) and Priscilla Hale: b. 1837 in Sullivan Co. Tn. Married Eliza M? about 1861 in Sullivan Co. Tn. Father, Mother,.