Rhoda Arterburn lived her last years with Price and Bell Ford. She's buried above the spring at the old home place private graveyard. Rhoda and Amon were married in Washington Co. Tn. Her parents, John Arterburn and Nancy Billingsley were married in Washington Co. August 17, 1819.

1850 Monroe Co. Census

Amon Jobe 23 male Farmer Tenn

Rhoda 19 F Tenn

John Arterburn 59 Male Farmer N C

Nancy 57 f Tenn

Sarah 21 f Tenn

Nancy 19 f Tenn

John 17 m Tenn

George 13 m Tenn

Melinda 12 f Ky

Elbert 8 m Ky

John Arterburn 25 m Farmer Tn n

Frances 22 F Ky n

Thomas 7/12 m Ky

1870 METCALF Co. Ky. Census

104 John Arterburn 71 m w Farmer 2200 2500 Vir

Nancy 71 f w Keeping house Tn

Blinda 10 f w Y Ky n

Hamilton Mary 21 f w Ky

13 m w at home y Ky n

1850 Metcalf Co. Ky. Census

July 31, 1850

William D. Arterburn 34 m Farmer 500 400 Tn.

Centither 29 f Ky.

Malinda 8 f Ky

Sarah 4 f Ky.

Sucindo 2 f Ky

Rebecca Ky

William Arterburn was in the Civil War