Mordecai Price's Estate

Washington Co. Tn

Thomas Price (1), alleged progenitor, is said to have been b.1610, and d.1701; and to have come to Maryland from Cowes, Isle of Wight, England, with the Art and Dove expedition of 25 March 1634 to colonize Maryland He settled first at St. Mary's City, Md., was a member of St. Mary's Council at St. Mary's 1694; m. Elizabeth Phillips; on 6 Feb. 1673, daughter of Robert Phillips of Calbert Co., and Elizabeth wit. The will of John Wright of Calvert Co.; in April 1688 Robert Phillips made a will naming Francis Price son, of Edward as exec. and residuary legatee of all Phillips' estate; On 9 April 1703 Thomas Price came into court and made oath that Thomas

Price, Sr. now deceased, owed no one any money at the time of his death; Thomas and Elizabeth had issue; Thomas, b. 1635; poss. Edward.

Thomas Price (2), son of Thomas (1), is said to have married Eliza Johnson. And to have been b. 1635 and d. 1703, leaving the following children; Mordecai b. 1660 and d. ; poss. Edward.

MORDECAI Price (3), son of Thomas (2), is said to have been born 1660, and is known to have died 1715; married Mary, daughter of Thomas and Isabella Parsons, 1707, he held 116a. Locust Neck in his own right and 18 a. for orphans of Anthony Holland; also owed 50 a. Papa Ridge and 50 a. Greenwood; His widow, Mary died leaving a will 8 May 1718,-15 June 1718 naming children, John, Thomas, Benjamin, Stephen, Mordecai, Rachel, Hannah, Elizabeth wife of Thomas Carr, Leah Ford, Mary, and Sarah Price, and grand daughter Mary Carr; estate was admin. 4 Nov 1726, by Thomas Carr and named Dec's daughter Mary, w. of Jonathan Hanson; est. Was adm. 10 Nov. 1729, naming William Wheeler as the husband of Constant, widow and administrator. Of Stephen Price, and a daughter. Who married Thomas Taylor ; est. Was adm 25 May 1728; Mordecai and Mary had issue; Elizabeth, b. 1865, m. Thomas Carr on 22 Oct. 1705 at West River Meeting; Stephen, b. 1687; Mary, b. 1688/9, m. 1st. 29 Aug. 1718, Jonathan Hanson, and 2nd. Dr. George Walker; John b.1690; Leah, m. 1 Jan 1711 at All hallows Par., in A A Co. Md. to Thomas Ford;, Hannah, m. 1st. William Tipton, and 2nd John Bosley; Isabella, m. William Wheeler; Mordecai, b. 1702; Sarah, b.. April 1705, m. Thomas Taylor in Oct. 1725; Rachel, b. 1706, m. Dennis Garrett Cole; Benjamin, b. 1709, m. Elizabeth Hewett on 22 June 1730; Thomas, b. 1 Jan 1722; Samuel, b. 1713.

Leah Price,(4), Married Thomas Ford,(3)

Mordecai Price (4b), son of Mordecai Price (3),and brother of Leah Price, b. 1702; d. after 1734, and was prob. The Mordecai price living in 1750 as owner of 300 a. Price'S Claim, 100 a. Price's Outlet, 150 a. Prices Goodwill, and 100 a. Price's Delight; m. Elizabeth White on 28 April 1724; She was born 1708, died 1765, daughter of Guy and Elizabeth White; had iss.; Sarah, b. 1 Sept. 1730, m. Thomas Cole on 23 Feb 1747; Rachel, b. 11 June ...., m. Thomas Matthews on 25 Oct. 1751; Mordecai, b. 28 Jan. 1734, m. Rachel Moore on 27 Dec 1759 at Gunpowder; Benjamin; Leah; Sophia, b. 28 Dec 1736, m. Nathan Haines on 23 Oct 1755; Samuel, b. 28 Dec 1739; m. Anne Moore; Elizabeth. B. 22 June 1741. m. Warwick Miller; Mary, b. 9 Dec 1744, m. Daniel Haines on 25 March 1762

Mordecai Price (5b),son of Mordecai Price (4b), b.28 Jan. 1734 m. Rachel Moore, 27 Dec 1759.

Moredecai Price Estate Sale

Washington Co. Tn


An account of the property of Mordecai Price, deceased;

Seven head of horses, five cows & three calves. Two years old & five yearlings nine sheep Twenty four head of hogs. Fifteen geese. One rifle gun, one still & three tubs, one wagon & geese. One stran knife & box, One anvil, two feather beds & furniture. Two pewter dishes & eleven plates four basons. Five knives & forks. Fifteen spoons eight tin cups. Six cups & seven saucers. Two Boules & one coffee pot. One bottle one mug and six cricks. Two pails & one bucket. One tub three iron pots, two ovens, one skillet, one frying pan. Seven chairs, one chest one looking glass, one pair of fire tongs. Two smoothing irons, one pair of steelyards, one table, one wheel, one pair of wool cards, one brush. Taree saddles & one bridle. One pair of bridle bits. Three books. Two kegs , one ladle & flesh fork. One razor one pair of spruce, one log chain, One loom, two slays & one pair of gears. Three axes, one wedge, one mattock, three bells. One auger, two handsaws, five ploughs, six hoes, one scythe, four reap hooks, two pot racks one blousing iron, one pair of stirrup irons one drawing irons one drawing knife, one half bushel, one pepper box. Two baskets, a quality of flax. Sixteen pounds and one quarter of wool, one pound of cotton, three clevises. Seven germs, one pair of saddle bags, one pair of hinges.

Receipts belonging to the settlement of the estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachel Price forty two dollars & eighty four cents, it being part of my fathers estate as one of the Legatees rec by me Feb 11, 1815.

Benjamin Price, Sr. Test; James Robinson.

Whereas I Henry Ansums. Legatee of the estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachel (Moore) Price forty three dollars it being the money of my fathers estate as one of the Legatees Received by me Feb . 1815

Henry x Ansums

Whereas I Thomas Price, a Legatee of the estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachel Price forty two dollars .......

(Other children receiving similar sums of money; James Price, Christopher Price, Mordecai Price (6b), Dolphin Price, Sarah Price),

The Price and the Ford families inter married since coming to America. Some members of these families moved to the Watauga Settlements . Living and working close together they continued this practice. There wasn't much choice when it came to picking a mate. Cousins married cousins because of limited choice and to keep wealth in the family. ( My Dad said that the Fords intermarried, to keep wealth in the family, to the degree that they almost destroyed themselves)

Land records of 1790 show Mordecai Ford owning land close to the other Fords. However the 1830 census does not mention his name. Instead, it shows Leah Ford as head of a household with two boys, one under five years of age and the other, age between 10 and 15. These ages fit Mordecai Price Ford and Libby Milton Ford. Also, I've been told by my parents that these two great grandfathers of mine were brothers.

Accepted application request for membership into the Daughters of the American Revolution, National No. 471696, lists Mordecai Ford, Jr. b. May 20 1768, died 1828 Tennessee, married to Mary Price, May 5, 1804, b. Baltimore Co. Md., died about 1845 in Tennessee

Monroe County Kentucky Death Records list Leah Ford's death April 8, 1854, 70 years old, and parents as Mordecai Ford and Mary, born in Washington Co. Tn. It is known that she lived with Mordecai Price Ford's Family in Kentucky, and lived with them before their move to Kentucky.

Mordecai Price {B6), son of Mordecai Price (b),and Rachel Moore, b. d. about 1815, married Mary ....

Leah Ford (7b), of Mordecai Ford (b6),and Mary, b. 1784. Washington Co. Tn. d. April 8, 1854, Monroe Co., believed to have lived with Mordecai Price and Libby Ford but never married.


Libby Milton Ford (7,)

Mordecai Price Ford (7b)

Washington County, Tennessee

Roll 197, Book 1, Page 293-294

Deed 1800

Mordecai Price to John Farness

This Indenture made and concluded upon this Sixteenth Day of April Eighteen Hundred and between the Administrators of Mordecai Price, deceased, of the County of Washington, and State of Tennessee of the one part and John Farness of the county and state aforesaid of the other part .Witness to that the sais administrators of said hence for and inconsideration of two hundred of land given in exchange to the said Mordecai Price before he deceased, before the sealing and delivery of these presents, we administrators hath hereby acknowledged ourselves fully give, grant sell, convey and confirm unto the said John Farness his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract of land. Beginning on three chestnut corner to Charney Boran and runs south eighty poles to a chestnut, thence east a hundred poles to a chestnut, thence north fifteen degree east forty poles to a small white oak tree, thence North --- degrees east thirty poles to a sugar tree, thence north sixty five degrees--- two poles to a stake in Charney Borans line, thence To the beginning, containing one hundred and four acres with all rights --- and appurtenance hereunto belonging, to have and to hold the said bargained premises unto said John Farness, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns forever with all the appurtenance thereon and we the administrators for === heirs by these presents forever. Witness and defend the above -- --- said John Farness from the claim of anybody or whatsoever as a free estate in fee simple. In witness whereof hereunto and sat our hands and seals the day of the year above written, between Mordecai Ford, son of Barney Ford, Senior, deceased, of the State of Tennessee, Washington County, of the one part and John Malanie, of the same county and State of the second part. Withnesseth that the said Mordecai Ford, Son of the said Barny Ford, senior, deceased, for and in consideration of the sum of Ten Dollars to the said Mordecai Ford in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of the presents have granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do grant , bargain and sell unto the said John Malanie , his heirs and assigns forever all the claims, rights, title, and interest which jointly or separately to one undivided tract of land, which I claim by decent from said Barney Ford, Senior, deceased which said land may be known by the following statement tp wit. The same tract joins Charles Waddel of the county aforesaid containing three acres and one third of an acre to be the same more or less to have and to hold the said land as delivered aforesaid unto himself, his heirs and assigns forever and the said Mordecai Ford, son of the said Barney Ford, deceased, for himself will warrant the aforesaid land and against his heirs, executors of administrators and any other persons in Fee Simple claiming under by right of the said Mordecai Ford unto the said Malanie, his heirs and assigns forever as witness whereof I have here unto sat my hand and seal and delivered in person..

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presents of

Chainey Borains

Rachel Price

Horaito Ford.