Condlin Connection
    John McKenna, and wife,  Ireland , apparently came to America leaving their twin daughters, Catherine and Mary McKenna, in Ireland.
    Catherine and Mary McKenna (twins),  were shipped from Ireland to America in the care of  the ships captain after the arrival of their parents.

    Mary McKenna (1834-1922), m. Patrick Condlin (1829-    ) Children, James W (died unmarried): Anne, married Stephen Dall: Julia, m. Patrick Brennan: Bridget, m. Thomas Carrol: Catherine, m. James Creighton: Andrew Condlin, m. Anna Dalton. (1875-1964).
    Anna Dalton is known to have four brothers, James, Richard, John, and Kit. Kit settled in Phoenix Az. Anna Dalton's father's name was John Dalton, mother's name was Margaret Monahan.
  Margaret Monahan

    Andrew Condlin and Anna Dalton  ch., Edward 1897 (died  4):Bernard,(1902-1985): William,(1904): Howard P. (1906-1976):  Mary (1910-1996): Florence (1912-   ): Helen ( 1915    ):  Francis (died 3days old)   Click here to See  Click here to see the Daltons

  Bernard Condlin, m. Helen O'Brien, children Frances (1933-     ): Patrica (1944-    )

 1880 Census Madrid, Ny
Name sex Age Occ Born Misc.
Patrick Condlin m 41 Farmer Ireland
Mary f 41 Ireland
Julia  twin f 17 Ny m. Patrick Brennan
Anne twin f 17 Ny m. Steven Dall
Bridget f 13 Ny m. Thomas Carroll
Catherine f 11 Ny m. James Creighton
Jane f 9 Ny
Andrew m 6 Ny m.. Anna Dalton
Andrew Condlin (1880 Census)   owned farm at Chase Mills
Helen  O'Brien Connection
    1850 Census St Lawrence, Louisville Township, Ny.
Names age sex color occupation Birthplace misc
Patrick Gaynor 60 m w Farmer Ireland can't read
Margaret 52 f Ireland can't read
James 21 m Farmer Ny
Mary 19 f Ny
Patrick 17 m Farmer Ny Lived farm 
Rose 12 f Ny Louisville
Margaret 10 f Ny
Catherine 6 f Ny
1850 Madrid, Ny. Census
Name age sex Occupation value real estate Born Misc.
Patrick Tiernan 51 m Farmer Ireland
Catherine 48 f Ireland
Andrew 18 m Farmer 800 Ny
Margaret 15 f Ny attend 
Agnuss 13 f Ny school
Eliza 10 f Ny "  "
Julia 8 f Ny "  "
1860 Census Louisville Township St. Lawrence Cy. Ny.
Name Occ. Value born Misc.
Andrew Tiernan 27 m Farmer  2000  Ny  brother
Catherine 55 f Housekeeper Ny mother
Edward O'Brien 15 m Ny
Eliza Tiernan 19 f servant Ny sister
1860 Census Louisville Township St. Lawrence Cy. Ny.
Patrick Gaynor 70 m Farmer, Own at Louisville value Ireland
Margaret 62 m Housekeeper   Ireland 
Patrick 29 m Ny
Margaret 19 f Ny
Cantan 16 m Ny
1870 Census Louisville Township St. Lawrence Cy.Ny.
Patrick Gaynor 37 m Farmer value   Miscellaneous
Eliza 30 f Keeping House Ny
James 2 m Ny
Charles 9/12 m Ny
James 42 m Farmer Ny
1880 Census Louisville Township St. Lawrence Cy. Ny.
Name age sex occup. born Misc
Patrick Gaynor 47 m Farmer Ny d. 8/01/1883 lockjaw
Eliza (Tiernan) 40 f Ny d. 9/17/1887
James 12 m Ny
Catherine 11 f Ny Married. Sutton
Henry 8 m Ny
Margarite 7 f Ny Married Hodge
Edward 5 m Ny
Mary 2 f Ny m. Michael O"Brien
James 52 m Ny brother
Andrew Tiernan 48 m Farmer Ny
Catherine 44 f Ny
Martha 17 f Ny
John F 12 m Ny
Thomas 9 m Ny
George 6 m Ny
Mary A 4 f Ny
Catherine 80 f Ireland Eliz. Tiernan mother
1900 Census Louisville Township St. Lawrence Cy.Ny.
age Occupation Misc.
James Gaynor 32 single
Margarite 16 sister single dress maker 1873-1956
Anna 9 sister single Married Singelton 1880-1914
James , Magarite,  Anna Gaynor are brother and sisters to Mary Jane Gaynor O"Brien
Mary O'Brien was in Conn. working .
1870 Census Winchester, Litchfield, Connecticut
page house Fmly.
51 43 8 Savage, Morris 51 labor Ireland
Kate  (Mother) 50 Ireland
John (son) 16 Ireland
Bridget (daughter) 13 Ireland
553 591 O'Brien , Michael 24 Ireland
1880 Census Winchester, Litchfield, Connecticut
Name                  Occupation sex age Born
8 72 91 Micheal O'Brien    Railroad laborer, imigrated 1865 m 32 Ireland
Bridget (Savage)  f 23 Ireland
Morris m 5 Ny
Martha f 2 Conn
Micheal                 See Michael  m 1/2 Conn
Bridget Savage O'Brien died April 30, 1884, consumption
1900 Census Winstead Borough, Winchester Cy. Conn.
Family No. 184:
    Elizabeth Savage, thought to have married John Savage, (1870 census), listed as head household, born June 1869,  30, widow, Mother two children , 1 living, Francis, daughter,b. 2/2/1898 Conn. Imigrated 1890, can read, write, rents a house.Darcy, brother, b. Nov .1876, Ireland, imigrated 1896, laborer railroadMorris O"Brien,[ thought to be Michael O'Brien's(1880 census ) brother], listed as border,Listed in1880 census, b. May 1877 Conn. non employed.
1900 Census Winchester, Litchfield, Connecticut
hse. Fmly Name                  Occupation sex age Born
15 154 161 Micheal O'Brien    Railroad laborer m 48 Ireland
Mary Connole 2nd wife f 44 Ireland
Michael m 20 Conn
Patrick 24, Mick 21, Andrew 19 Henry 18, James14, Connole m   Conn
Susie  Connole ( Step-children) f 27 Conn
Mary OBrien  f 5 Conn
 Michael O"Brien, (1880, 1900 census) 15 Lake Street, Winstead, Conn.
54 years old , died Nov. 21, 1902, Mother's name, Bridget Glynn
1910 Census Winchester, Litchfield, Connecticut
 married age Misc(died)
Michael O'Brien head 6y laborer 30
Mary J wife 6y 32
Helen R daughter 5 10/6/84
Edward F son 4 2/12/20
Donald M son 1 11/12
Catherine Lilliana born 4/2/1911 2/12/1920
John Patrick born 2/19/1914