Susanna Ford (6c) of John Ford (5c) born , died , Monroe County , Ky. married




Mary Ellen Ann Ford (7c) of Susanna Ford (6c),and Benjamin Ford (6e), Mary Ellen born 1828, Tenn., Died July 7, 1914, Monroe County, Ky. married Lisby Milton Ford, Sept 16,1848, Washington County Tenn., born 1828 ,died July 7, 1914.

Lisby Milton Ford (7) of Lisby Ford (6), born 1828, Washington County. Tennessee, died Feb. 18, 1896, Monroe County Ky., married Sept 16, 1848, Washington Co. Tn., Mary Ellen Ann Ford (7c), born 1825, Sullivan Co. TN. Died 1890, Monroe County, Ky.

Description of Lisby Milton Ford; Grey eyes, dark hair, dark complection, 6ft. in. tall.

Lisby Milton Ford's testimony appears in the records of the court case between the slaves and the children of Lloyd Ford. In substance the testimony was as follows; A. "I am acquainted with the general character of R. G. Hale, wife, and daughter, Elizabeth Jane Hale, and I could not believe them on oath. Grant Ford,( one of the defendants), is my Uncle, I reckon, I can't tell anyone particulary I have heard Frank Ford talking about the Hales, Enoch Jobe, and I expect I have heard the Ford's generally. I have heard Nathan Jobe say that he would not believe Elizabeth Jane Hale on oath if all reports are true. I do not know that I heard anyone else I know of now. I reckon I would know Elizabeth Jane Hale if I was to see her but I am not right certain I would. I do not know of anyone at present that say they would disbelieve Sarah Hale on oath." He applied for pension in 1879 and received $4.00 per month starting June 1882. He was last paid 24.00 Feb. 4, 1896. He apparently suffered from rheumatism and hemorrhoids during the first months of the war and afterwards. In his deposition for pension, he and others swear it was very hard for him to make a living farming. He had six daughters and one son.


Mary E. b.1850

Emiline b.1852

Susan b. 1854

Louisa b. 1858

Cynthia Ann b.1860

Sarah b.1862

Martha b.1868

Benjamin Price (8), b.1866

Benjamin Price Ford (8), of Lisby Milton Ford (7), and of Mary Ellen Ann Ford (7c), Born Dec. 20, 1866. died 1937, Tompkinsville, Ky., married Laura Belle Jobe, born 1874, Metcalfe County. died 1956, Tompkinsville, Ky.


Okla Homa b.8/9/1894

Wealtha Genora (9)

Hattie Ellen

Beadie Ann

Sara Francis Louisa

Lisby Ueston

Amon Hueston

Effie May

Floy Belle

Wealtha Geora Ford (9), of Benjamin Price Ford (8), and Laura Belle Jobe, born October 16, 1897, Monroe Co. Ky., died April 10, 1985, Lexington, Ky., married Willie Dow Ford (9b), August 21, 1914, Moss Tennessee, born April 23, 1894, Tompkinsville, Ky. died June 30, 1973, Lexington Ky.

Leah Ford (6b), of Mordecai Ford (5b)(Monroe County Death Records), born Washington County Tenn. 1784, died of fever, April 8,1854, Monroe County, Ky. dau. of Mordecai Ford and Nancy (Mary) Ford.

Mordecai Price Ford (7b), of Leah Ford (6b), born 1820, Tenn. died 1861, Monroe County, Ky. married Elizabeth Job, (Elizabeth Jobe's Mother was a Ford). born 1825, Tenn.

Mordecai Price Ford moved to Monroe Co. Ky. About 1851 with other Fords, Jobes and Arterburns. Not much is known about him except he was very sick during the Civil War and died shortly afterward. A story is told about Rebels Soldiers coming to his house and asking for food and horses. He fed them and ask that they not take his food and horses as he was a very sick man and could not work to make a living. They asked about the horses in the pasture next to his and he said they weren't his. They left taking those horses.

Mordecai Price Ford's testimony appears in the records of the Court Case between John Ford and other of Color by their next friend vs. Grant Ford and Others. It goes as follows; "I reckon I am acquainted with the general character of R. G. Hale, Wife and daughter Elizabeth Jane Hale. From what I know of them myself I cannot disbelieve them. R G Hale is my wife's uncle. The Ford's and me are second cousins. I have heard old Jas. Witlock and William Copas talking about them. And it is likely I have heard the Fords and their relation more than anyone else."

Mordecai Price Ford and his family were listed in the 1850 Washington Co. Tn. Census twice, once with Lee Ford, age 66, listed as a member of the household, and once with the household of Susananna Ford immediately following his household.


George Washington b. 1843

Mary (Sis) b. 1845

Samuel Nelson (8b)b. 1847 d. 1912

William b. 1849

Benjamin b. 1852

Richard b. 1856

Elizabeth b. 1859

Henry Clay B. 1858

Samuel Nelson Ford (8b), of Mordecai Price Ford (7b), born Feb. 14, 1847, Washington County Tenn. died 1912, Monroe County Kentucky. married Elizabeth Katherine Sheffield, 1873, born Feb. 25, 1860 , died Jan 6, 1936, Monroe County, Ky.


Julia Green b. June 8, 1876 d.

Abbey Gertrude b, June 16, 1880 d.

Lillie Ellen b. Feb 17,1883 d. 1970

Cora Bell b. Apr 7, 188 d.1961

Hovie Nelson b. 10/17/1887 d.5/24/1972

Charlie Fountain b. Apr. 13,1890 d.

Willie Dow (9b) b. 4/23/1894 d.6/30/1973.

Dellie Elizabeth b. 8/12/1898 d.4/18/1898

Thomas Edward b.6/7/1901 d.7/19/1973

Samuel Ford was sick during the Civil War. There are a couple of funny stories about him. One was one night he heard the cats fighting. He opened the door to the kitchen and just as he did , one of the cats made a run for the loft above the door, not realizing the door was open, the cat ran up him. Another one, not quiet as funny, was during the Civil War. A Gang of Rebels stopped by his house and asked for food and horses. He said that he was sick and had no way of making a living and asked they not take his horses. They asked about the horses in the pasture near his house and he replied that they were not his. They left, taking those horses. Another story was that Jessie James and his gang visited him at his home one time. One of his kinfolk got arrested for stealing a horse. He was in jail and they were fixing to hang him. Well, a bunch of the kinfolk got together and went to visit him the day before he was to hang. One of them pushed bee wax into the lock, went home and made a key. The jail was left unguarded at night, so the next morning the prisoner was gone and hasn't been seen or heard of since. The jailer arrived at the jail taking breakfast, his last meal, to him. The door was locked and the cell was empty. The jailer never figured out how he got out, and no one told him.

On a serious note, Samuel Ford served as trustee of Maple Grove School. The Schoolhouse was built on his Farm.

Eliza(beth) was quiet some lady. People who can remember her say they always loved it when she came to visit. I guess she would talk and play with the kids. She always liked to be busy. She would darn socks, churn, cook, or whatever the people needed. She was ready and able to lend them a hand and she would. She would smoke a pipe, chew tobacco, work in the field, whatever. I guess she had quiet a temper when she got mad. There is the story where she pulled the mailman off his horse.

She was married when she was 13 years old, The story told is that she was working in the field when Sam Ford rode up on his horse, and said to her. Young lady, I like the looks of you!, Climb up behind me and we'll go get married. You know what? She did !! I suppose she didn't think it could get any worse.

Sam Ford died in his sleep. His youngest son, Tommy, said he could remember climbing over him to get out of bed the morning he was found dead.

Charlie, contacted TB as did many others while he was young, and was never well. But he died by drinking poison moonshine. He worked helping a guy gather his corn. The guy paid him for his work in poison moonshine that he had made. He and the farmer both died.

Willie Dow Ford (9b), of Samuel Nelson Ford (8b), born April 23, 1894, Tompkinsville Ky., died June, 1973, Lexington, Ky. married Wealtha Geora Ford (9)


Beulah Catherine Ford b. Sept.8, 1920

Willie Dow Ford,Jr.(10) b. June 12, 1930

Willie Dow Ford, Jr.(10), of Wealtha Geora Ford (9), and Willie Dow Ford (9b), born June 12, 1930, Louisville, Ky., married July 4, 1954, Watertown, NY. married Frances Anges Condlin, born July 24, 1933. Ogdensburg, Ny.

Mary Katherine Ford (11), of Willie Dow Ford, Jr.(10,), born April 10, 1955, Bourbon County Ky.

Linda Marie Ford (11b), of Willie Dow Ford, Jr. (10), born October 30, 1957, Bourbon County Ky.

Jason Edward Ruffin (12), of Mary Katherine Ford (11,), born February 1981, Champaign County, Illinois

Natalie Marie Grosse (13), of Linda Marie Ford (12), born December 10, 1979, Champaign County, Illinois