Thomas Ford (1), progenitor, was in Maryland by 1679 when he surveyed Rockford; was in A.A. Co., by 1662 when he surveyed Dinah Ford's Beaver Dam: also surveyed 600 a. Goury Banks, and 120 a. Fordstone: may be the Thomas Ford, servant, who was transported to Maryland by 1652: in 1670 was conv. 300 a. Repulta , by Henry Stockett: had iss.; Elizabeth, m. 1st. Job Barnes, 2nd. Mathias Clark and 3rd. John or William Norton; John, d. 1737; James.

James Ford (2), of Thomas (1), died in A. A. County in 1702; married Elizabeth ------- who married 2nd. time March 30, 1703, John Stodgon, and 3rd. time on April 27, 1705, Frances Moor; Will of James Ford, July 28,1702, named Eliza as extra., sons, Thomas, John, and James; daughters; Mary and Elizabeth, and brother John, and sister Elizabeth Barnes, as well as tract Upper Plantation, Lower Plantation, Rockford, and Repulta; had iss.; Thomas, born Feb. 28, 1692; Mary, born Oct 4, 1693 may have married Joseph Chew on Jan. 23, 1710; John, born July 6, 1695; James, born March 3, 1696/7; Elizabeth, born May 15,1699.

Thomas Ford (3), of James(2), and Elizabeth was born Feb. 28, 1692. in A. A. County, Md., and died in Baltimore County Md., in 1748; married Jan. 1, 1711 to Leah Price, daughter of Mordecai and Mary (Parsons) Price; acquired several parcels of land in Baltimore County, ; Selsed (now called Fords Chance) from John and Pretiosa Boring in Jan 1718; Nicholas Haile's share of part of Selsed in March 1747; and 50 acres Selsed (now called Jack's Double Purchase) from Ann Jonathan and John Plowman in March 1747; by 1750 his heirs owned 202 acre, Selsed; his will, November 18, 1748 named children; Stephen, Mordecai, John, and Thomas Ford, and Mary Barney; admin. bond was posted Jan 4, 1748/9 by Charles Robinson and D. B. Partridge; est. was adm. Nov 6, 1752 by Thomas Ford and named as heirs, son Stephen, dau. Mary, wife of Absolom Barney, and granddaughter Mary Barney; had iss., Thomas, born April 15, 1714; John, born Nov. 5, 1720 William, b. 28 Feb.1771; Benjamin, b. 18 Dec. 1723; Mary, b. 6 Feb. 1725, m. Absolom Barney; Lloyd (4), ,b. 10 Nov. 1727; Mordecai(3b), b. 19 Dec. 1729; Stephen, b. 15 Oct. 1731.

Lloyd Ford (4), son of Thomas (3) and Leah, was born November 10, 1727 in St. Paul's Parish, and died 1816 in Washington Co. Tenn.; married Mary, daughter of Alexander Grant; In Feb, 1778 Thomas Ford of Steven conv. to him 50 acres Ford's Choice; in Sept. 1782, Lloyd and Mary sold Ford's Choice to John Robert Holiday; had issue; Lloyd, Jr., born 1748 and died 1843 in Washington CO, Tenn; James, died 1845 in Washington Co. Tenn.; John, died 1838 in Tenn; Thomas, married Nancy Wood; Alexander .

Mordecai Ford (4b), son of Thomas (3) and Leah, was born Dec. 19, 1729 in St. Paul's Parish, and in 1752 married Ruth Barney, born 1732, daughter of William and Mary Barney; gave his age as 52 in Feb. 1781; had issue; Barney, died 1807 having married Mary Cole in 1783; Horatio, married Elizabeth in 1787, daughter of John and Sarah (Gorsuch) Gill; Mordecai, b. 20 May 1768, m. Mary Price;

Mordecai Ford, Sr, took the oath of allegiance to his new country in 1778, three years before Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown.

Mordecai Ford, Jr,(5b), son of Mordecai Ford (4b), born May 20, 1768, d.1828 at Tn. married Mary Price, May 20 1804, b. Baltimore Co, Md., d. about 1845 at Tn.

Mordecai Ford, Jr. and his wife Mary Price, both from Baltimore County, Md, were early settlers in Washington Co. Tn. Land records of Washington Co., show land deeded to him as early as 1794. His marriage to Mary Price in Baltimore Co. In 1804 indicates he may have returned to Baltimore. married and returned to Tennessee with his new bride.

Leah Ford (6b),daughter of Mordecai Ford, Jr.(5b), b. 1784, listed in Monroe County Death Records; died of fever April 8, 1854 in Monroe Co. Ky. Age 70, born Washington Co. Tn. Daughter of Mordecai and Martha (Mary ?) Ford. Lived with Mordecai Price Ford and Elizabeth Jobe Ford. Leah Ford was born when Mordecai was sixteen years old and before he was married to Mary Price. She is believed to be the mother of Lisby Milton Ford and Mordecai Price Ford.

John Ford (5c), son of LLOYD Ford (4), born 1749,

Baltimore County, Maryland, died April 11, 1838, Washington County, Tenn. married Susanna, born 1787, died 1853, Washington County, Tenn.



Lloyd Ford, Jr. (5), of LLOYD Ford (4), born 1748, married Mary Wood, Feb. 20, 1780;, died 1843, Washington County, Tenn. He served in the Revolutionary War. He entered in April, 1777. He was drafted to perform a tour of duty as a militia man. He was enrolled in Capt. John Corkeys Militia, marched to the head of the Elk and was transferred to Capt' Mung's company, being commanded by Capt.Smith. He served out his three months tour and was discharged by Capt. Mung. Immediately on his return home the British Fleet was in the Bay and there was fear the Magazine in Baltimore (which was very well stocked) would fall into the hands of the British. By order of the commanding officer the ammunition was moved on the Lancaster road and declarative volunteers under Capt. Stephenson went into the service to guard said quantity of ammunition. He was enrolled under Capt. Stephenson to perform said tour in August 1777 and was stationed there until about the same time of year in 1778 when all apprehension of the British attacking was over. He was discharged and paid for the year's service with Continental Money. He served as a private for the 15 months.

1790 Maryland Census

Baltimore County

NAME 16+ 16- F ALL Slavws



Thomas 2 3 3 - 1

Joshua 1 2 2 - 1

Other free - - - 1 -

Barney 1 2 2 - 1

Rashey 1 - 1 - -

Mordecai 1 1 2 - 7

Ford Family

Baltimore Co.,Maryland Marriages


John Ford Mary Pane A A Co. Feb 16, 1727

John Ford Sarah Murphy Ba Co. June 2, 1755

Thomas Ford Leah Price A A Co. Jan 1, 1711

Thomas Ford Elizabeth Ford BA Co. Nov 29, 1764

Alexander Ford Rachel Barnes BA Co. Nov 25, 1789

Barney Ford Mary Cole BA Co. Sept 8, 1783

Benjamin Ford Mary Apriorson BA Co. Sept 1, 1782

Horatio Ford Elizabeth Gill BA Co. Mar. 16, 1787

John Ford Elizabeth Bevens BA Co. Oct 27,1778

John Ford Drussilla Durbin BA Co. Dec 23 ,1794

Joseph Ford Marget Wood A A Co. April 28, 1779

Joseph Ford Mary Wood A A Co. Dec 31, !781

Joseph Ford Polly Peacock BA Co. Dec 17, 1799

Joshua Ford Sarah Cole BA Co. Dec 22, 1796

Lloyd Ford Mary Wood BA Co. Feb 20, 1780

Thomas Ford Nancy Wood BA Co. May 5, 1785

Thomas Cockey Deye Ford Acha Crockey BA Co. Dec 20, 1781

William Ford Marry Sillen BA Co. April 10, 1785

Baltimore County, Maryland

Mordecai and Samuel Price to Mordecai Ford



This Indenture made on this 9th. Day of October One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Two between Mordecai Price & Samuel Price of Baltimore County in the Province of Maryland.

Planters of the one part and Mordecai Ford of the same place of the other part. Whereas the Honorable Benjamin Tashur his LORDSHIP agent and Receiver General of said province did on the First day of May One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Six by Indenture of ------ made for and on behalf of his Lordship between him and said Benjamin Tasher Esquire of the one part and the said Benjamin Tasher Esquire----- Demise ---- and to form ----- unto him said Benjamin Price all that tract or Parcel of land called Benjamin's Delight containing Sixty Five Acres as by the said lease may appear to --- had and held unto the said Benjamin Price his Executors ---- and assigns for and during the full term of Ninety Nine Years fully to be completed and ended. Now this Indenture Witnesseth that whereas the said Benjamin Price did by his last Will and Testament dispose of the aforesaid tract of land unto the above named Mordecai Price and Samuel Price the sons of the above Benjamin Price. They the said Mordecai and Samuel for and in consideration of the sum of fifteen pounds Current money to whom said Mordecai and Samuel Price by the said Mordecai Ford paid the receipt of which is here by acknowledges hath and by these presents doth Bargain, Sell, Transfer and assign over to the said Mordecai Ford his executors administrators or assigns all the aforesaid Tract of land called Benjamin's Delight and premisses with its appurtenances to have and to hold unto him the said Mordecai Ford, his executors, aforesaid first Day of May one Thousand Seven hundred and Forty Six against all manner of persons whatsoever. In Witness whereof they the said Mordecai Price and Samuel Price hath unto sat their hand and seals this day and date first above written.

Signed and Sealed and Delivered in the presences of us; Wm.. Smith and James Everett.

Mordecai Price

Samuel Price

October 9, 1762 Licence is hereby granted to Mordecai Price and Samuel Price to assign the within land and premisses to Mordecai Ford ---- and during the residue of the term of ninety nine years which is yet to come he having paid me the sum of Five Shillings and nine pence for and ---

Edward Lloyd Esquire his Lordship Agent and Receiver General

Wm Smith

Baltimore County, Maryland



Benjamin Ford To Archibald Buchanan

This Indenture made third thirteen day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Five between Benjamin Ford of Baltimore county, Planter, and Rachel Ford, his wife of the one part and Archibald Buchanan of the said County, Merchant, of the other part. Whereas John Tipton, late of said County, Deceased, was in his lifetime ---- in fee of and in two tracks of land called Benjamin's Addition granted him patent beginning date in the thirteenth day of April Seventeen Hundred and Fifty One, and Benjamin Beginning granted him by Patent bearing date The Sixth Day of August in the year Seventeen Hundred and Fifty Six of which said ---- of land the said John Tipton died ---leaving--- two Daughters, Rachel, the wife of the said Benjamin Ford, and Mary, the wife of the said James Chambers. Now this Indenture , Witnesseth that the said Benjamin Ford and Rachel, his wife for and in consideration of the sum of One Hundred and Twenty Five Pounds currency to them paid in hand by the said Archibald Buchanan the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have and each of them hath grants bargained and sold confirmed and by these presents do and each of them doth grant bargain and sell and confirm unto him the said Archibald Bucahanan one undivided --- or half part of the said Rachel Ford of land in said tracts or parcels of land called Benjamin Beginning containing one hundred acres more or lees situated lying and being in Baltimore County together with all buildings improvements waterways water courses --- privileges and advantages whatsoever to the said tract of land or either of them belonging to or pertaining and the --- And profits thereof --- --- and all the --- right title interest -- - -- and all the right title --- properly claimed and demand whatsoever the then said Benjamin Ford and Rachel his wife or either of them of the said --- or half part of said tracts or parcels of land or either of them. To have and to hold the said --- or half of said tracts of land to him the said Archilbald Buchanan, his heirs assigns forever and to or for no other use interest or purpose whatsoever and the said Benjamin Ford and Rachel his wife , for -- ---and for their several heirs the said moneys or half part of said tracts or parcels of land unto him the said Archibald Buchanan his heirs and assigns against the said Benjamin Ford and Rachel, his wife, their several heirs and assigns and all persons claiming or to claim by from or under them shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents and lastly what they the said Benjamin Ford and Rachel, his wife and either of and each of them and either of their heirs and all persons claiming under them shall and will from time to time and at all time hereinafter upon the request and at the --- and charge of said Archibald Buchanan his heirs, assigns made do and execute any other deed or deeds conveyance or --- for the further better and more perfect assigning and conveying the said ---or half of the said tract of land unto him the said Archibald Buchanan his heirs ------ In witness the said parties to these presents here hereto put their hand and seals this day and year above written.

Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presents of John Moale and William Smith, Jr.

Benjamin Ford

Rachel Ford

her mark

Will of Thomas Ford (3)

Maryland Will Book 25

Thomas Ford, Senior of Baltimore County, To my son Steaphia Ford, some slaves and 10 acres, being part of My Dwel Plantation, where I now live, and my son Mordecai Ford - slaves. My son Thomas Ford, I appoint as executor, and 100 acres. Nov 18, 1748. Witness; D.B. Partridge, John Tipton, Sr. Ralph Flowers. Probated 1-4-1748. Then came D. Buchlar Patridge, John Tipton Sr. and Ralph Flowers who state they saw Testator sign his will.

Maryland Will Book 25

To my Grandson Joseph Ford, 8 lbs money. Give my Grandson Robert Ford, 8 lbs money. My Granddaughter Isabella Ford, cattle. My grandson James Ford, cattle. My son Wm, one half of Meadow Grounds share equally with his brother, Robert. Appoint son Wm. And James Thorp Executors Feb 27, 1747/8 Witness; Richard Chapman, Wm Nilley. Proven 3-24-1747/8

Testimony Statements in the Lloyd Ford Court Case.

James Ford - Cousin to Grant Ford and Brothers

Jonathan Ford - First Cousin to Grant Ford and Brothers.

John Ford - Father is first cousin to Grant.

Price Ford - 2nd. Cousin to Grant, R. G. Haile is wife's Uncle.

Lisby Ford - Grant is Uncle.

John W. Ford - First Cousin to Grant Ford

Alexander Adams - Daughter Marred Grant Ford's son.

Loyd Bith - Cousin to Grant Ford, married James Ford's daughter.