Lloyd Ford (4), and Mary Grant moved with their family to the Watauga Settlement after the end of the revolutionary war.

Children ;

Lloyd Ford, Jr. (5)

James Ford

John Ford (5c)

Thomas Ford

James Ford's Will

Washington Co. Tn.

James Ford; 18 Jan.1845; Very week and low; the two daughters of Grant Ford, namely Elizabeth Ford and Casey Ford my two beds; my land to Rebecca Ford. Wit; William B. Proffitt and Daniel B. Proffitt. Proved on oath of both witnesses December term 1846

John Ford's Will

Washington Co, Tn.

John Ford; April 11, 1838; wife Susanna; sons Thomas, Grant, James, Jonathan, John Washington Ford; Black Man Jason; land brought of James F Shipley; the McCracken Jackson tract & the Stuart tract that I got from David Kitzmiller & Wm. Proffitt; line to begin at Gammel's tract to Henry Hale's old tract; my daughters now single, Elizabeth, Rhoda, Sarah, Franky, Barbary, Lucy; my grand daughter, Mary Elendor (7c); my two married daughters, Mary Ford (wife of ?) Benjamin Ford (6e), and Nancy Brit, wife of James Brit. Ex; John Washington Ford, Wit. David Kitzmiller, James Jackson.

Lloyd Ford,Jr,(5), and Mary Wood began their new life in Washington Co. Tn. Among their neighbors was Amon Hail, whom came to Watauga Settlement with them and who had also served with him while guarding the magazine serving under Capt. Joshua Stephenson's Co. when the British fleet was on Chesapeake Bay. George Haile paid the passage of eight Irish bondsman off the block at Baltimore, and took them with hin. He also took several slaves. George Haile married Ann, sister of Mary, Lloyd Ford's (4) wife and the other daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth Coale Grant.

Children of Lloyd Ford Jr.(5), and Mary Wood;



Lloyd III





Benjamin W(6e).


Fringed and tasseled hunting shirts, beaded belts, leather pants and jackets, coon skin caps and felt hats, rifle, tomahawk and scalping knife was the common attire of the men. The woman wore homespun dresses, aprons and bonnets. The woman worked hard preparing flax for weaving and spending, cutting and sewing garments for themselves, the men, their children and slaves of the household.

Church and religion played a major role in their lives and formation of the new frontier. It was a basis of social life. Sunday was God's day. Camp meetings, picnics, singing hymns, playing string instruments, home held scripture readings, prayers, etc. were held on Sunday and throughout the week after crops had been harvested and stored for fall and winter use. House raising, road building and helping the neighbor was common. Love for our neighbor prevailed.

Lloyd Ford's name appears in the Purchase Land Grant Book of North Carolina as early as 1783. Descriptions describing land located on Sinking Creek,(My wife and I took a trip to this area a few years ago and was down on Sinking Creek. We found a couple of Ford families there, a old graveyard with some marked and unmarked graves. The Fords knew very little about the earlier graves or the genealogy of the Fords), in the territory that later became part of the State of Tennessee. Other Ford name appearing there at that time were John, Mordecai, and Alexander. Deeds and other records for Washington and Sullivan and Washington County land records show many land transactions involving Fords. The Washington County Tax List for the year of 1787 lists; Benjamin, Lloyd Jr. Lloyd Sr., Mordecai and Thomas as land owners. The Washington Co. Tn. 1830 Federal Census lists Grant Ford, Alexander Ford, Lloyd Ford Sr., Benjamin Ford, Tomas Ford, Leah Ford, Lisby Ford are all listed on page 258. Also of interest is Enoch Jobe, and Robert G. Haile listed on the same page. The 1800, 1810, and 1820 Washington Co. Census was destroyed by fire in Washington, DC.

Lloyd Ford Jr. made application for pension based on his service in the Rev. War. This application was dated April 13, 1833 and was submitted with two others, John Douglass and Amon Hale who allegedly served in the Maryland Militia and were now living in Washington Co.,Tenn. He stated in his deposition that he had no documents of evidence of his service other than the word of Amon Hale and John Kennedy who knew his reputation as a honest and truthful man.

Lloyd Ford Jr. died at about the age of 96 in the year of 1843. His death sat off a quarrel between the Fords and others that eventually led to a decision made by the Tennessee Supreme Court at Knoxville. This decision and court costs, lawyer cost, and travel cost eventually led the Fords from riches to rags. Apparently they left Washington County by wagon train in the middle of the night with only the possessions which they could carry in the wagons. They left their land and other possessions for their debtors' to fight over. They crossed the Cumberland River, on to Monroe County where they started all over. (My Grandfather, Sam Ford told of remembering dragging his feet in the water as they crossed the Cumberland River in their wagons.)

The quarrel was over a deed that Lloyd had made freeing his slaves and providing his land for them for as long as they used it. He had made the will, then before his death he had been forced by one of his sons, (Lloyd III), to have the will destroyed. Amon Hale, who drew the Will, pretended to destroyed it when asked to do so, testified in Court that he did not destroy it, and produced it for Probate. The Court Hearings were about proving it, one way or the other.

Lisby Ford (6), of Lloyd Ford, Jr. (5); born 1780-1790, married November 25, 1822 to Sarah Jackson, his name appears on a 1830 Washington County Deed.

Lloyd Ford's Will (1840)

I want all my personal estate to be sold and the amount arising therefrom to be equally divided between my seven sons, namely, James, Granites, Alexander, William, Enoch, Thomas, and Benjamin. I want my land and Negroes to be disposed of in the following manner. I want Lloyd III, my son, to have one acre of land to live upon during his natural life, and I want my Negroes to have their freedom, namely, Peg and her family, Rhoda and her family, Edward and his family, Lark and his family, and John. I want them to have the land to live on and raise their families on, but if they should see proper to leave the plantation, I want it to be equally divided between Thomas and Benjamin. I want the line to run between them beginning on Granites Ford's line below the spring running to James Arterburne's line with the cross fence, I want the North End for Thomas and the rest for Benjamin. I want the heirs of Rebecca Jackson to have one dollar and the heirs of Nancy Jackson to have one dollar. I appoint James Ford and Granites my Executors. In Witness Whereof I here sat my hand and seal this First Day of March One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty.

Lloyd Ford

Benjamin Ford Will

December 10,1866. Four girls now at home; Nancy, Cynthia, Martha and Susanna. shares in land now living on. Three sons; Benjamin, Mordecai, George W.,the part of land that my daughter Rhoda Ford, deceased would have been entitled if living, to be equally divided between the above named heirs. Sons John A., William F. Benjamin, Mordecai, George W Ford, equal shares of said land I now own. Daughter Elizabeth Ervin. Daughter Sabra Cornet, deceased. Her children William and Mary Cornet, Executor; Nathan Shipley. Test; Elbert A. Shipley, James Jones. Proven August Term 1874.

Signed Benjamin x Ford

Page 299-301 13 June 1874


children living with him;

Nancy Ford


Mordecai P. Ford

Benj S. Ford

George W Ford

black Mare, Nancy and Cynthia

William Cornell Grand child

M P Ford, eight acres of

Signed Ben Ford

Att. G W Kilmiller, Jonathan Ford Rhoda Ford

James Ford's Will

18 Jan 1845; very weak and low; two daughters of Grant Ford, Namely Elizabeth Ford and Casey ( ) Ford, my two beds; my land to Rebecca Ford. Signed; James x Ford, Wit. William B. Proffitt, Daniel B. Proffitt, Proved on oath of both witnesses December term 1846.



Barney Fords Estate 1809

We Henry King Jacob & Jacob Hunter Justices of the piece being appointed by the court of said county to settle with Mary Ford administrator of Barny Ford, Deceased, do find the whole amount together with the amount arising from the sale (after the Said administrator has paid all demands against said estate) is six hundred sixty two dollars and eighty two cents. There is eleven legatees which sum being equally divided among them there is sixty dollars & twenty cents and seven elevenths of a cent to each. Given under our hands and seals this 39th day of December 1809.

Barney Ford's Estate Sale.

Mary Ford; One wagon, two horses, two pair of gears and one collar and one pair of forced chains. $231.00

Table and crockery ware, chest and clothes, dresser ware, $1.00, 4 pots, two ovens, tin kettle, $.10.00. 1 bushel, 1 bucket, 1 pale, 1 iron wedge ring; $1.50. one frying pan, ladle,& flesh fork pot hooks; $1.00. Shovel & tongs; $1.50 2 bread baskets and sifters; $.75.4 beds, covering, bed steads ; $20.00, Saddle; $8.00,3 axes; $3.00, 5 chairs; $1.00; one pair of fire irons

5 chairs; $1.00, one pair of fire irons ; $3.00 one pair smoothing irons; $.25, one looking glass;$.05, Crosscut saw; $8.00, two wheels & reel $.20 two, hoes; $.50, one pair of steelyards; $3.06, crocks, chun, fat tubs and bucket $1.00, tub and meat ; $1.00, 3 reap hooks; $1.64,39 lbs. Of iron and remant of iron; $2.35, 6 hogs; $3.00,3 cows; $24.00, 3 caves; $4.08 , one plow; $.80, 2 sheep $2.50, one plow; $1.00, one cutting box and fork; $2.15.

Horatio Ford; One saddle; $7.00, one pair saddle bags; $2.00

one collar and bridle; $1.50, one pair of spurs; $.20

one gun and fixings; $16.00, one set of smiths tools and handsaw; $80.00, one horse; $39.99,

Mordecai Ford; one halter collar, trowel & curry comb; $.16

John Bickering; one halter and chain; $.51

John Norwood; one halter and chain; $.53.

Jacob Norge; one pair hams and chain; $1.35

John Malone; auger; $.94, one hoe; $.60, one x; $.20, one grindstone; $2.75, 3 sheep; $3.53, one chest; $.22.

John Ellis; one knife and drawing knife; $.80.

Jonathan Tipton; one case razors 7 box; $.10;

Jacob Hose; one hoe; $.96, one bottle; $.16.

John Boring; one steer; $7.00,

Amos Boning; one cow; $6.50,

Jacob Hammer; one trowel & sithe; $.29,

Purchased Land Grants


655 John Ford 100 1784 On sinking Creek

684 William Haile 150 1784 On Head of Sinking Creek

959 John Ford 178 1790 On Head of Sinking Creek

1160 Lloyd Ford 370 1783 On Sinking Creek

1194 Lloyd Ford 200 1783 On Cavatty Mill Creek

1450 Mordecai Ford 100 1786 On Sinking Creek

These grants were known as Purchased Grants, and were paid for in cash or scrip or certificates. Revolutionary Soldiers here cannot be ascertained, for their grants were purchased with scrip issued in payment for their services.

Sullivan County

Lloyd Ford, Sr. State of NC. 379 Acres Sinking Creek Book 1, P.187 Oct 10, 1783.

Lloyd Ford, State of NC. 200 acres Cavatt Mill Br. Book 1, P. 188, Oct 10, 1783.

James Ford 7 children to Mary & C Jan. 17, 1843

James & C.

Nackt 7 C.

Benj. & C.

Tolbert & C.

William & C.

John Ford & Children to Mary & C

James & C.

Nackt 7 C.

Benj. & C.

Tolbert & C.

William &

Testimony of Susan Ford

Witness on behalf of the defendants., being sworn, states in substance; Old Lloyd Ford was my Brother in Law, For the past 12 years of his life I lived in 1 mile of him. He came to see us right often. I was down at Henry Millers School House at a meeting the spring before his wife died, I asked him how his wife was, he replied that she was dead, On the same day as I was going home he overtook me and asked me who I was. Lloyd, I said, it is your brother, John Ford's wife. He declared that he never had a brother John. My husband was then still living. I think it was 5 or 6 years ago but I am not certain. For 8 or 9 years he did not know me when he would met me. I do not know whether the old man ever gave any of his children any property or not, His sons treated him well. Our two families were always friendly. My husband died first. Old Lloyd came in the spring to bleed my husband. He did not seem to know his own children, he would ask who they were. He did not know Ben. Ben is the youngest child, Ben was frequently there and lived about two miles off. (Ben married Susanna, John Ford's Daughter)

On Cross Examination; I saw old Lloyd Ford every week. I was there the morning after his wife died. I don't believe that he knew anything about when she died. He told me to lay down that I would get sick. When she was put in her coffin the old man went to it and felt of it and then fell down on his face and I never heard a man take on so in my life. He rolled and hollowed and cried, I don't think that he had discovered before that moment that the old lady was dead. His wife died the year before he did. It was about a year or not so much before the old lady died that he asked who Ben was. His son lived about 2 miles of him. I can't tell when the meeting was at Millers School House, which is about 1 mile from where the old man resided. It was a week day, I can't say whether the old man was drinking or not and don't remember the time. I think it was in the Spring or Summer before the old man died. At times the old man talked sensibly enough, and at other times he didn't. The old man was very much attached to his Black, I have heard him say he could trust John with anything and that he had earned him much money, I have heard him say that nothing pleased him except his Negroes. At the time he came to bleed my husband he said he was troubled about his Negroes. That he didn't intend them to serve anyone. Jason, our Blackman said, "Master Lloyd, you can free them if you will". He said, "No, I have done all I can to free them but the law will not allow them to be free. My husband and old Lloyd Ford had been talking about death. My husband said that if he had fifty Negroes he wouldn't free one of them. Old Lloyd exclaimed, "Good Heavens John!, I wouldn't have my Negroes to rise in Judgment against me for the world, and if you don't free your Negroes, they will rise in Judgment against you." He said little Eddy should go free at all events. I have heard the old man say many and many a time long before he came to bleed my husband that he had never put a mark on any of his Blacks and that no other man should do so after his death. He was generally drinking when he talked about them. I was not at the house when his wife died. The old man was in the yard when I go there. He said nothing to me.

John Ford and others by their best friend, Phoebe Stuart


Grant Ford and other heirs of Lloyd Ford, deceased

Be it remembered that on the trial of this cause the plaintiffs introduced and examined as a witness, Robert Hale, who being duly sworn stated; That Lloyd Ford in his lifetime executed the paper shown to witness, to be his last will and testament and which here to annexed marked A being the original will sent up from Circuit Court in this case. The said Robert Hale on his examination in chief, then stated in substance as follows; I wrote the will (Exhibit A) at the request of the testator. It was executed by him at the time it bears date. I subscribed his name to the will. It was read to him and witness by myself, my wife and daughter in his presence, and it was requested he sign the will by making his mark in his name written by me. I held the lower part of the pin and he held the top of it. He then said it was his will and acknowledged it as such in the presents of myself, my wife and daughter, who then witnessed as stated above. I wrote the will at Ford's request. He had asked me several times to write it. I think he had been dead two years this fall. That he probably died in November 1843. I had written two wills for him previously to this, one I think dated in March 1835 and the other in April 1835. When I wrote the second will my father told Ford to burn the first but he took both away. Mr. Ford told me afterwards that the will and a purse of money had been stolen from him. He said he thought a black boy by the name of Will, a slave of Hall's, had stolen the money. I drew the will at my own house. Ford lived 1 1/4 mile of me. I wrote the will as he directed, He was a little deaf and I read it close to his ear. He had dictated sentence by sentence as I wrote along. My wife Sarah cannot write. I wrote her name and she made her mark as a witness. My daughter Elizabeth Jane cannot write. I also wrote her name and I think she made her mark. I did not hold the pen for them when they made their mark. I knew Ford every since I knew anyone. His mind was sound when he executed the Will. I thought him as smart as any man his age I ever saw. He was according to his calculation he was 90 or 91 years old when I drew the will. In the first or second Will he freed one or two of his slaves. I think Martha, one of his Negro girls was freed in the first Will. After the two wills of 1835, Ford told me that he had been informed, that in consequence of the insurrection of the Negroes, somewhere the law was so fixed that he could not free his Negroes and spoke of making a new Will. Finally he said he had found out that he could free the Negroes by their staying on the place. In conversation he seem anxious to reject Jackson's heirs. This Will was drawn in conformity to his instructions and in accordance with his intentions often expressed to me. Eddy is the mother of Ned and Lark, two of the defendants in this case. Peggy was the mother of John, another plaintiff and died from four to seven years ago. Ford's wife died about a year before him. He spoke of the Negroes as his family.

(The plaintiffs by their counsel here stated that they were informed on the ground of the defense in this case, was the alleged incapacity of the testator, and asked the witness if it was not the reputation of the County that the Negroes were the children of Ford, for the purpose of showing, as they alleged that the Negroes were proper subjects of his bounty, The defendant by their counsel, objected to the evidence, but the court over ruled the objection, to which the opinion of the court the defendants by their counsel expected)

The witness proceeded in substance as follows; I have frequently heard it reported in the neighborhood for years before the will was drawn that some of the plaintiffs suing for their freedom by their next friend are children of Ford. John, Ned and Lark, the slaves here present are mulattos, John being the darker than either of the other. Old Man Ford told me that he had two set of children, one black and the other white, that the black ones were the smartest and the cleverest and he never intended that the white ones should make a mark on them. He said if I could find a mark on one of his black children he would give them to me. John, one of the plaintiffs, had been living from home generally about town for 10 to 15 years. The others, except Lark, lived on the place at home. Have heard Ford frequently say that John worked for money and brought it home to him. The Negroes, with the old mans consent owned stock, horses, cows, and hogs. And were well fixed in their houses. Ned, I think lived on the farm of one of the sons. Ned and lark are married men. John is not unless lately. A year or two after the will was made the old man said to me; "Robert, what better can I do with my black people than to give them to my children ?", I said, "Mr. Ford have you forgotten that you made a Will ?" He said, "No, you have it, I suppose", I said "Yes" He replied, "Keep it, and I will be up in a few days to get it.". I then discovered his mind had left him at times. About 12 months before he died, I was at his house. I saw Mulkey, who was the Ford's own preacher was there and dined. After dinner the old man asked who it was who eat dinner. I told him the preacher Mulkey. The old man was then, as I thought, entirely out of his mind.

During the Fall the old Man died, and early in the Fall, as well as I can remember, he came to my house and said he had come to get the deed. I told him I had no deed, He then said it was his will he wanted. I saw that he was in great distress of mind. He talked so he could be heard two hundred yards away. I told him to go get his son Lloyd or some neighbor to come with him and lift the Will. He said his son Lloyd, had drove him there - that Lloyd ought to be in the penitentiary years ago, that Lloyd had drawn a club over him and had threatened to beat him-that Lloyd said he would beat him with the club if he did not come and get the Will. He made such a to do that I finally agreed to let him have the Will and told my wife to go and get it, She brought a paper which by the old man's directions was thrown into the fire. The old man then said, "Now, I reckon he'll let me alone." He seemed to be out of his head, seemed deranged or interrupted in mind, was in a state of great trepidation and alarm and said that Lloyd had threatened to kill him or beat him. The old man at length started off, after he got to the corner of the house he turned around and said he would be back in two or three days to get me to do some writing.

(The plaintiffs here offered to prove by witness that the defendants, or some of them had sold their interest and also the good character of plaintiffs which was objected to by the defendants and the objection sustained as herein after more fully stated.)

Testimony Statements in the Lloyd Ford Court Case.

James Ford - Cousin to Grant Ford and Brothers

Jonathan Ford - First Cousin to Grant Ford and Brothers.

John Ford - Father is first cousin to Grant.

Price Ford - 2nd. Cousin to Grant, R. G. Haile is wife's Uncle.

Lisby Ford - Grant is Uncle.

John W. Ford - First Cousin to Grant Ford

Alexander Adams - Daughter Marred Grant Ford's son.

Loyd Bith - Cousin to Grant Ford, married James Ford's daughter.

Deed of Trust

Grant Ford, Benjamin Ford, Thomas Ford


O. D. Gammon, Trustee

September 11, 1850

Sum of $5.00 in hand and other considerations, the track of land on which said Benjamin lives adjacent the land Hisen Hale and others containing 62 acres more or less in Civil District No.12, also one other tract on which said Thomas Ford now lives adjacent Hale and the heirs of James Hale, deceased, and others in District No. 12, containing 75 acres more or less. Also one other tract of land on which William Ford now lives adjoining the land of John Chase and others in Civil District No.12 containing about 41 acres. Also one tract of land in said district containing about 78 acres on which young Douglas now lives adjoining the land of Jacob Hart and Benjamin Ford and others. And it is further stipulated the rents that may be due on said tracks of land or any other rents that may occur for the year 1850 and 1851 shall belong to such of them respectively as may be entitled to receive said rent not withstanding this conveyance. And we do hereby agree with said Gammon to warrant and defend the title to said tracks of land to said Gammon against ourselves and every foreseen claim under or through us.

But this deed is made for the following purpose and no other. Benjamin, Grant and Thomas jointly and singly owe unto one James W. Deadrick for his services as attorney at law in the case of the contested will of their late Father, Lloyd Ford, deceased, where Phoebe Stuart next friend of John and others, were plaintiffs and the heirs at large of said Lloyd Ford, deceased, were defendants of the said case being heard in Supreme Court at Knoxville by appeal from Circuit Court of Johnson county. The sum of one hundred dollars in full for all his services in said case including taking depositions up to this time in full, of all claims for attending the Supreme Court at its September 1850 meeting at Knoxville. To said case and sa sa Grant, Benjamin and Thomas being also indebted to one Joseph Clark in the sum of one hundred dollars for his services as agent in taking disposition and attending to the preparation of said case for trail which sum is in full of all his claims as agent, and we, Thomas Grant, and Benjamin Ford being desirous to secure the payment of said sum of one hundred dollars to said Deadrick, and the said sum of one hundred dollars to said Clark which we hereby acknowledge to be due them respectively do hereby authorize the said William G. Gammon, if the said sum of money is not paid on or before the 11th. day of September 1851. Upon being requested to do so by the said Deadrick or said Clark, give notice required in case of Sheriff Sale and to sell at public auction any day after the 11th. of September 1851 at the Courthouse Door in Jonesboro, Tn., the said tracks of land or either of them for cash and the proceeds of said sale shall be applied to pay first, the expense of this Trust, and secondly, the debt of Deadrick and Clark and the excess to the Parties.

Att. Joseph D. Clark

Jacob Ellis

Clerk Smith 13 September 1850

Grant Ford

Thomas Ford

Benjamin Ford (6e)

812 984

Sarah Haile


Grant Ford

Thomas Ford

Benjamin Ford

To the sheriff or any constable of Washington County, I command you that of goods and chattels of Grant, Thomas and Benjamin Ford if to be found in your County you may make cause to be made the sum of two dollars and eighty five cents debt and two dollars and twenty five cents cost and also the cost of the rent and all other cost that may lawfully accumulate to satisfy a judgement that sais Sarah Haile has against them before me on the 11 day of May 1859 and pay over the same as the law directs . Given under my hand the 39th day of May 1850.

Endorsed search made for goods and chattels of Grant, Thomas and Benjamin Ford. None found in my county lived the veitem on all the interest, rights, title and claims that Benjamin has on a tract of land on which Benjamin now lives. Suppose to containing fifty five acres more or less lying in Washington County District No 12 and adj to the lands of Necan D Haile, David Stroder and others to satisfy a judgment and cost that Elizabeth Haile recovered against them before Young Douglas Esq. On the 11th day of May 1850

Ino W May. Constable

To any legal officer to execute and return summons Grant Ford ,James Ford, Alexander Ford, William Ford, Enoch Ford, Thomas Ford and Benjamin Ford to answer the complaint of Sarah Haile in a plea of debt.

George Bower

Vs.Grant Ford

James Ford

& others

Endorsed executed on Benjamin Ford & Thomas Ford and the rest not found and returned for trial on the 4th day of May 1850

George Bowsey vs. Benjamin Ford and Thomas Ford in the case of Defendants for $5.15 debt and $1.25 cost for when execution the 4th day of May 1850.

Levied the ----- fi fi on all rights and title of Thomas Ford in a tract of land where he now lives 150 acres aborning Catherine Shipley Daniel Ford Haile.

It is therefore considered by the court that the tract of land levied on as aforesaid and the same is hereby to be sold by the sheriff od Washington County or as much as necessary to satisfy the plaintiffs judgement and costs.

Thomas Fulkerson


Grant, Benjamin, Thomas

Plea of debt for taking depositions, Thomas Fulkerson vs above got judgement for .68 plus $1.25 cost 4th May 1850

Search made for goods. None found. Levied the --- for fi fi on Thomas Fords land 150 acres adjoining land of Catherine Shipley, Daniel Ford and Mary Haile

Condemned to be sold

Wm T Coa


Grant, James, Thomas, Benjamin Ford

$5.00 plus $1.25 cost.

Benjamin Ford


James Ford

Grant Ford

Benjamin Ford

Thomas Ford

Anne Ford

Judgement 26th day of March 1850. No goods found. To sell land.

John Ford's Will

All estate to Susanna Ford, his wife, except two cots to go to Thomas Ford and Grant Ford. And Blackman Jason to Joathann Ford after death of wife.

Att. James Ford, John Washington Ford.

Mormon Films


1235-068 (Penn Tn. General)

Film 5690

812-984 Tn. Wash. Court Records 1847-1859

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1830 Washington County,

Tn. Federal Census

Alex Ford 30-40 Thomas Ford 20-30

wife 30-40 Wife 20-30

female 5-10 Male under 5

male under 5

Lisby Ford (6) 40-50 Leah (Price) Ford F 40-50

Wife 30-40 Male under 5

Female under 5 Male 10-15

Female 5-10

Male under 5

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Benjamin Ford (6e) 30-40 Lloyd Ford (5) 70-80

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Grant Ford 40-50 Enoch Jobe 50-60

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Lydia & Rachel Jobe

Female 50-60

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Washington County Tennessee Marriages

Ford Family

Joel Cooper

Elizabeth Jobe

Jan 20, 1788 bond Job Cowper

George Little

Mary Jobe

Jan 26, 1791 bond Isaac Tipton

Benjamin Price

Polly Denton

Mar 26, 1806 bond

James Price

Frances Threewitts

Jan 2, 1811 bond John C Harris

Horatio Ford

Jane Careathers

Oct 27, 1810; bond; Horatio Ford Jt. & Jno Mallone

Grant Ford

Nacky Ford

Feb. 28, 1811 bond Grant Ford & James Ford

Enoch Jobe

Elizabeth Jackson

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Thomas Ford

Isbel Carethers

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Micajah Ford

Ann Bryant

April 14, 1812 bond

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Margaret Harrison

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Thomas Ford

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Mary Swonger

Mordicia Price

Anes Thompson

Jan 2, 1817

Isaac Ford

Cathy Mowl

December 1817; bond Issac Ford & William Keloner

John Arterburn

Nancy Billingsley

Aug 17, 1819 bond

Leon Price

Polly Brown

Mar 18, 1820 bond

Lisby Ford

Sarah Jackson

Nov 25, 1822 bond

William Ford

Achsash Ford

Dec 14, 1822 bond

Benjamim Ford

Polly Ford

Sept. 3, 1824 bond Ben Ford & John Ford

Mordecai Ford

Nancy Hyte

Sept. 27, 1824 bond Mordecai Ford & John Ford

Lloyd Ford

Matilda Jackson

NOV.17, 1825 bond Grant Ford & JAS. Ford

Thomas Ford

Elizabeth Chandley

Aug. 24, 1828 bond Ben Ford & Lloyd Ford

John Jobe

Sarah Elsey

Nov 4, 1828 bond

Boyer Ford

Sally Chapman

May 15, 1831 bond

John Perkins

Nancu Cooper

July 23, 1832 bond John Andes

William Birdwell

Eliza Jobe

Aug 13, 1832 bond

James Britt

Nancy Ford

Dec 27, 1832 bond Benjamin ford

William Henry

Leander Jobe

Dec 29,1832 bond

William Pugh

Mary Price

Sept 15, 1833 bond

James S, Jobe

Matilda Boyd

Nov 17, 1833

George Jackson

Elizabeth Hale

Dec 19, 1833 bond

Thomas Crow

Sarah Ford

Mar 2, 1834 bond

Thomas Ford

Mahala Fine

Sept 11, 1833 bond

Mordecai Price

Marrian Khun

Nov 23, 1834 bond

Tipton Ford

Mary Ann Murry

April 22, 1835 bond

John Deakins

Mary Jobe

Dec 19, 1836 bond

James Jobe

Nancy S Jackson

Sept 5, 1837 bond


Eneline Jobe

Sept 14, 1837 bond

Leroy Price

Emily Young

Oct 12, 1837 bond

Johathan Ford

James Stone

Mar 18,1838 bond

Looney Ford

Sara Ann Galloway

26, 1845 bond Issac Ford & Lewis Witlock

Isaac Ford

Mary Galloway

May 6, 1845 bond Linueh T. Ford & Nathan B. Cox

Benjamin W. Ford

Susannah Hale

October 30, 1845 bond Benjamin Ford & Jas. Ford

Bayer Ford

Sally Chapmam

May 15, 1831 bond John Goth, J.P.

Thomas Ford

Martha Fine

Sept. 6, 1834 bond MARRIED Sept 11, Jabob Hartsell J. P.

Tipton Ford

Ann Mary Murry

April 27, 1835 bond JOHN Gott, J. P>

Mordecai Ford

Sarah Postin

Sept 16, 1846 bond Price Ford 7 Amon Jobe

John Ford

Lydia Mearls

Dec 2 1848 bond Grant Ford

Alexander Ford

Emaline Ford

July 8, 1848 bond Alex Ford & Jas. Ford

James Ford

Martha Denton

June 10, 1848 bond Alex Ford & Benjamin shipley

Lisby Ford

Mary Ann E Ford

Sept 16, 1848 bond Solomon Stone & John Ford

Loften Grimeley

Mary Ford

August 22, 1848 bond Benjamin ford

John Arterburm

Nancy Billingsley

Aug. 17, 1819 bond

Amon Jobe

Eliza Crabtree

Oct. 28, 1846 bond Price Ford & Jas Fritzgerald

Amen Jobe

Rhoda Arterburn

Dec 8, 1846 bond Amen Jobe & Robert Hale

George Sheffield

Mary Little

August 3, 1795 bond George Sheffield 7 George Hoose

Mormon file no _______________ P. 503-504

Susannah Fords Estate

Inventory of the sale of personal property of Susannah Ford sold at her late resident in Wash County on 2nd. Day of June 1853, on 12 month time.

1 plow stock and 2 shoul Grant Ford .50

1 plow stock and 2 shoul Grant Ford .50

Layth and cradle Louisa Ford .75

Loom Frank Ford 1.50

4 chairs Louisa Ford .12

4 chairs Rhoda Ford .12

Table Louisa Ford

chest Frank Ford

Bus cart Rhoda Ford 5.00

Cupboard Lorenzo 4.62

216 Baun Rhoda Ford 10.80

2 hens Rhoda Ford .04

1 bed quilt Lorenzo Ford .06

1 copper kettle Rhoda Ford

3 shoats no.1 Thomas E Jones 3.00

4 shoats no. 2 Thomas E Jones 4.00

1 calf Thomas copass

1 heifer, white Lorenzo Ford 5.25

1 steer Frank Ford 5.10

1 lot straw Grant Ford 1.00

1 lot fodder Grant Ford 2.30

1 lot wheat Grant Ford 21.80

1 lot corn 25 bu. Rhoda Ford 13.75

1 Lot Shucks Grant Ford .25

1 lot nubbbins 22 bu. ` R Ford 1.10

1 lot wheat Lorenzo Grant Ford 1.00

1 field wheat Lorenzo Ford 13.00

bay mare Lorenzo Ford 70

1 lot of hay Lorenzo 1.00

8 bu. Oats Roland Hodges 3.50

4 turkeys Rhoda Ford .25

8 chickens Rhoda Ford .20



James Ford, Administrator

Morman Church Microfilm No. 812999

Tn. Wash Acc of Ins Estates

Jonesboro Tenn Sept 1852-1857

Volume N Page

Barney Ford 187

Thomas Ford 302

John Ford 400

John Ford 407

Abrigaul Ford 402

Mordecai Price 126

Morecai Price 129

Volume 2 Page

Susannah Ford 503

Names associated with Mordecai Price

Rachel Price

James Moore

John Boring

John Parker

William wheeler

John Tipton

Names associated with Barney Ford

Mary Ford

John Malone

Jonathan Tipton

Horatio Ford

John Boring

Jacob hammer

Mordecai Ford

Names associated with Thomas Ford May 21 1814

Horatio Ford


James Tharp

Names associated with John Ford





Ann Nathan Shipley Adm.

Names associated with Susannah Ford June 2, 1853

Grant Ford

Frank Ford

Louisa Ford

Rhoda Ford

Lorenzo Ford

Thomas Jones

Thomas Copass

R Ford

James Ford Adm.

812984 Tenn Wash County Court Records

Nashville 1847 - 1859;

Researched July 14, 1982

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 1847

John Ford & Others by Phoebe Stuart the next friend. Vs. James Ford and Others;

It is ordered by the Court that the Clerk of that the Clerk of this Court take probate of all such witnesses that have not proved their attendance before the change of venue and that the same be certified to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Johnson Co.

Wednesday, June 26, 1850

Robert G Hale


Grant Ford, Thomas Ford,

and Benjamin Ford

Young Douglass a Justice of the Peace for Washington Co. Returns into Court the papers in this Case at the present time.

To any legal Officer to execute and return.

Summons Grant Ford, James Ford and Others, Alexander Ford, William Ford, Enoch Ford, Thomas Ford, Benjamin Ford to appear before the same Justice of the Peace to answer the complaint of R G Hale in a plea of debt due on Witness Ticket given under my hand and seal, 8th. Day of April 1850.

Endorsed; Executed on Grant Ford, Benjamin Ford, Thomas Ford

& Enoch Ford or the rest named in Warrant not found. Returned for trial on the 8th. Day of April 1850 before Young Douglass, by R P Murry, Const.

825 518

Tennessee, Washington County


Adm. And Exec. Settlements.

Vol. OO Nay 1796-June 1841

Thomas Ford 24

Hannah Ford 43

John 44

Hannah Ford 51

Barney Ford 145 Mary Ford Adm.

David Job 8

Abagial Jobe 97

Names associated with Thomas Ford

George ------- Moses Humphy Esq.

Macl ..akin

Jonathan Couathers

John Macahen

Jonathan Young

Isabell Ford and Jonathan Couther Adm.

Settlement with William Jackson, guardian of Hannah Ford, 11 Oct. 1824.

John Ford 1824 $3239 assement

Hannah Ford Adm Harrison estate

Lloyd Ford 24 26 Dec. 1843

Susannah 370


.Lloyd Ford, Sr Richard Haile Oct 5 1799 I-295


Joseph Samuel Tate June 5 1797 H-226

Mordecai George Gillispie Shef deed Nov 21 1794 7-57

Horatio Wiliam O'Dell Feb 15 1796 7-280

Horatio Peter Stranes Mar 15 1803 8-124

John State of N C Grant Nov 10 1784 2-178

John Stare of N C " Jan 14 1792 2-326

Joseph Joseph Bishop May 15 1793 E-13

John State of N C Grant Nov 17 1790 4-202

Joseph Jesse Haskins Apr 22 1790 4-218


Horatee Peter Stranes Aug 22 1801 9-85

William Walker Barron Aug 7 1800 9-172

Lloyd Jane Billingley Sep 11 1807 10-144

Jonathan John Tucker Dec 19 1806 11-99

Lloyd James Ford Mar 28 1810 12-204

Lloyd James Ford BS Nov 16 1810 12-291

Lloyd John Ford BS Feb 1 1812 13-64

Lloyd JamesFord Sep 8 1812 13-174

Lloyd John Billingsley Oct 12 1812 13-187

Lloyd John Ford Dec 4 1812 13-233

Thomas Howard Hodges Sep 23 1817 15-327

Thomas Sr. Thomas Ford jr. Oct 26 1817 15-361

Micajh John Malline Oct 15 1818 16-155

Horatio John Boring Feb 161819 16-269


James McFall Dec 3 1802 10-180

William Jesse Hunt May 5 1808 10-179

Mary Peter Range May 8 1809 12-70

James Richard Haile Mar 28 1810 12-204

James Lloyd Ford Sep 28 1812 13-174

John Lloyd Ford Dec 4 1812 13-233

Thomas Jr. Thomas Ford Sr Oct 26 1817 15-361

Thomas Jr. Samuel Hall Oct 26 1817 15-367


Ezekia John Mallinee Mar 8 1820 17-

Nimrod John Mallinee Mar 8 1820 17-31

John Enoch Jobe Nov 24 1821 17-195

Horatio John Mallinee Apr 23 1822 17-219

Mordecai John Mallinee Jun 20 1823 17-322

Horatio John Mallinee Dec 11 1823 17-354

Ezekial John Mallinee Dec 11 1823 17-354

Rufe Johm Mallinee Dec 15 1823 17-355

Micajah John Mallinee Dec 10 1823 17-354

Horatio Ruben Bayless Mar 32 1827 18-53

Ann Christopher Murrary Jan 1 1831 18-78

Nimrod John Millinee Aug 17 1831 19-191

Ezekial John Mallinee Aug 25 1831 19-192

Issac Sarah Ford Aug 25 1831 19-241


H M. Aiken May 3 1827 18-56

John John Mc Craken Heirs Nov 17 1827 18-86

Barney & Heirs Peter Range Aug 25 1831 19-189

Sarah Isaac Ford Dec 2 1831 19-251


Thomas John Mallinee Nov 6 1835 20-458

Barney & Thomas John Mallinee Oct 6 1836 21-37

Grant Jonathan Ford Sep 12 1846 24-666

Grant &E Lloyd Ford Sept 12 1846 26-434

Grant & E Lloyd Ford Sep 12 1846 26-437

Thomas William Sep 12 1846 26-438

James James Ford Dec 12 1846 27-271


Grant Nathan Shipley Apr 22 1841 23-484

Elizabeth & Others Natanial Harrison & Wife Sep 29 1841 23-5--

John & Enoch D & F Gibson & Vaughn June 27 18-- 26-95

Lloyd Grant E Ford Sep 12 1846 26-434

Lloyd Grant Ford Sep 12 1846 26-437

William Thomas Ford Sep 12 1846 26-438

Mary Enoch Ford Mar 13 1849 31-206

J H Jermiah Simpson Mar 13 1849 31-207

Lloyd Candy Haile May 18 1849 31-261

Moses Sarafina McInticrff Jun 8 1652 31-240


John Lafton Grimsley Mar 12 1849 31-204

Enoch Mary Ford Mar 13 1849 31-206

Grant etl William Gammon trustee Sep 14 1850 32-197

Rebecca H D Haile Nov 2 1850 32-240

Rebecca Jacob Hart Nov 2 1850 32-241

Isaac & Looney Nathan Jones Dec 2 1850 32-240

William John Chase Oct 22 1851 33-27

John W Hiran D Hale Feb 23 1853 34-18

John W George Taylor Jun 20 1853 34-91

A G & William Houston J M Barnes Feb 6 1855 34-558

A G & William Houston J M Barnes Feb 6 1855 34-559

Benjamin John A Ford & wife Mar 6 1855 345-624

Grant, Alex, Enoch &Eliz Lloyd Ford Oct 27 1855 35-186

Peter, Lloyd, Ben & Alex. Joseph Clark & Nov 12 1855 35-240

Thomas & Wife Jacob Fine Aug 7 1857 36-384


Jonathan John Crow & Wife Oct 15 1852 33-363

A J John Bashor Etl Aug 17 1852 34-136

John & Wife Benjamin Ford Mar 6 1854 34-624

Lloyd Granr & Alex Ford etal Oct 27 1855 35-186

Benjamin Josepth Clark Etal Oct 31 1857 36-458

Thomas Henderson Harrison Sep 23 1858 36-660

AJ J G Z Clark Feg 29 1860 37-419

AJ En Kiinchloe Feb 29 1860 37-420

Alex Christian Eakle Atty. Jun 13 1860 37-423

Andrew J R P Murry & wife Oct 5 1860 37-6--

Andrew Selan Ratliff Feb 6 1862 38-185

Thomas Grant Ford Apr 21 1863 38-437


Rebecca David Kilzmtter Dec 9 1859 37-368

Benjamin Heigh H Crawford Apr 30 1860 37-619

Elizabeth Etal J P Coken Feb 26 1861 38-59

AJ James W Cox Jul 12 1862 38-272

Andrew J Silas Ratliff Aug 30 1862 38-395

Thomas Eliah Smith Nov 12 1862 38-327

Grant Thomas Ford Apr 21 1863 38-437

A J James Ellis Nov 24 1865 39- 24-

Deed Book 35

Lloyd Ford 186

Grant 7 Others 186

Benjamin Alexander, Peter alis Lloyd 240

Abraham Jobe 580

Jobe Tipton 580

James Price 114

Edmmon Price 82

Enely Price 324

G L Price 330

James Price from Tn. 321

Edword Price 600

Henry Bell 53, 390

Deed Book 30

Bell 194

14 Oct 1852

John Crow & wife Sarah Ford

$40 and interest in the farm of Susannah Ford, Sarah's mother, on waters of Sinking Creek 82 acres.

Inventory of Estates Washington County, Tn. 1826-1814

John Mccracken's Estate. Jan 1837. One note on Mordecai Ford for four dollarrs due the 6th of August 1808. Desperate and un collectable.

Court Records Washington Co. Tn.

(Page 141) April Term , 1839

Ordered by the court that Enoch Shipley be overseer of the road from the west corner of James Fritzgeralds field to Jereiah Bacons house & have the following hands; Joseph Casey, John Grisham, John Archer, Jesse Murry Jacob Sherfey, Jesse Bacon, Hiram Hampton, Chenouth Hail, Henry Hail, John Hail, Allen Fulkerson, Henry Lineweaver, Aaron Archer, John Gofourth, Danl Sherfey, Christopher Murry, William Archer, John Sherfey, Saml Sherfey & hands, Benjamin Sampson, Joseph Crouch and hands, Isaac Galloway, Danl Galloway, Thomas Bacon, Jonathan Bacon, Thomas Barron, Samuel Harrison, Wm. Harrison, N. Harrison, C E Kincheole, Henry Wolfs, James Stone 7 John Duggar. Issd.

Ordered by the court that David Kitsmiller overseer of the road from Sullivan line to the west corner of J. Fitzgeralds field and have the following hands; B. Ford, F. Ford, Russell Chandler, James Jackson, Z Chandler, G. Ford & hands, W. Ford, James Cooter, Jefferson Ford, A Miller< Jacob Devault, James Cunningham, A. Adams, N. Jobe, C Cox, P. Ford, George Easley, E Chandler, A. Goforth, M. Milben, John Ford and hands,. Lloyd Ford and hands, C Stone, E. Chenouth, Elias Arterburn, Joseph Hammett, T. Jackson, Wm. Cox, J. Easley, James Easley. Issd.

. (Page 120) July Term 1844

The Jury of view appointed at April of this court to lay off a road from the Sullivan County line to Jeremiah Bacon's lane . Returns now into open Court their Report, which iis in the words and figures following.

To wit, To the worshipfull Court now setting we the undersign being appointed to view and lay off a road hath performed the duties assigned us, report and say that said Road beginning at the top of a ridge near John Copass, the Sullivan County Line, thence running along the old road to John Chasses's field running through a part of said field to a Chestnut tree, thence as marked by us through a lot of Thos Fords on by a well, thence through a lane, thence along the old road to Enock Jobe's fence, thence as marked to Samuel Douglass, thence along the old road by Young Keebler & James Fitzgerald's field, thence as marked by us to John Brown's new field, then running through the lane to Enock Shipleys, thence as marked to the mouth of Jeremiah Bacon's lane,

All of which is submitted to you, done on the 3rd of May 1844. (Signed)

Ezekial R. Chinouth, Young Keebler, James Fitzgerald, Enock Jobe, Martin Carey, Thomas Barron, Martin Crouch. Which report not being excepted to, the same is in all things by the court confirmed

Washington County, Tennessee

Role No. 198, Book 12. Page 70-72


Peter Range to the Heirs of Barny Ford

This indenture, made and concluded and agreed upon this Twenty Seventh Day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eight between Peter Range of the County of Washington and State of Tennessee of the one part and Mary Ford, widower of Barney Ford deceased, Mordecai Ford, Elizabeth Ford, Horatio Ford, Thomas Ford, Micajah Ford, Ezckiel Ford, Nimrod Ford, Barney Ford, Ruth Ford , Moses Ford, children and heirs of the said Barney Ford, deceased, of the other part. Witness to that the said Peter Range for and in consideration of the sum of thirteen hundred dollars, eight hundred and eighty dollars of which said sum was paid to the said Peter Range by the said Barney Ford now deceased, in his lifetime, the reside of said sum of thirteen hundred dollars to wit, the sum of four hundred and twenty dollars which was paid to Peter Range by Mary Ford, the widow of said Barney Ford, deceased, she receipt of said several sums is by these presents hereby acknowledged, the said Peter Range hath by these witnesses grant, bargain and sell unto the said Mary Ford, widower of the said Barney Ford, one undivided third part of the following tract of land for and during her natural life and after her deceased to the children of the said Barney Ford, deceased, namely Mordecai, Elizabeth Horatio, Thomas, Micajah,. Ezckiel, Nimrod, Barny, Ruth, and Moses Ford two thirds part of said tracts of land to the children of and heirs of the said Barney Ford, which said tracts are bounded as follows; The First, Beginning at a stake on -- --- --- --- -- - -- -- -- - -

signed and Delivered; Jes Ac --- Henry --- Jas Anderson

Peter Range

Washington County, Tennessee

Roll 198, Book 12, Page 204

Deed 1809

Loyd Ford to James Ford

This indenture made and concluded upon this Twenty Eight Hundred and Nine between Loyd Ford, Senior of the State of Tennessee, Washington County, of the one part and James Ford of the same county and State of the other part. Withnesseth that the said Loyd Ford, Senior for and in consideration of the sum of Twenty Dollars and Sixty Six Cents to him in hand paid the receipt which is acknowledge hath Bargined and Sold to James Ford, his heirs and assignees forever all that tract or parcel of land situated in the County aforesaid on Sinking Creek and described as follows; Weth, Beginning at a red oak on the original corner of Loyd Ford, Senior Survey, thence East, Sixty Poles to a oak, thence East Fifty two poled to three white oak sapling, thence north seventy two poles to a hickory on Loyd Ford, Junior line, then with his line South Forty Degrees West to a white oak his corner, then South Seventy Poles to the beginning, containing Sixty Acres and Thirty Two Poles together with all improvements to woods ways, water and water courses, mines, minerals, and all appurtenances to the premises or any part thereof to hold unto him the said James Ford, his heirs and assigns forever against the said Loyd Ford, Senior, his heirs, and every other person or persons Whatsoever claiming or to claim by, from or under him, them or any of them I shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents in withness whereof the said Loyd Ford Senior hath hereunto sat his hand and seal the day and year above.

Loyd Ford



Loyd Ford

Loyd Ford Jr.

Washington County, Tennessee

Roll 198, Book 13, Page 233-5

Deed 1811

Lloyd Ford to John Ford

This indenture made and concluded upon this Seventeenth Day of July Eighteen Hundred and Eleven, between Loyd Ford, Senior of the State of Tennessee, Washington County, of the one part and John Ford, son of the said Lloyd Ford, of the same county and State of the other part. Withnesseth that the said Lloyd Ford, as for the good will that he haseth to his said son, as for and in consideration of the sum of Ten Dollars, to him in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath given ,granted, bargained and sold ---- conveyed and confirmed unto him, the said John Ford, his heirs and assigns forever, all that tract or parcel of land situated in the County aforesaid on Sinking Creek and described as follows; Weth, Beginning at a small sycamore among some rocks --- James Ford's corner, then with his line and crossing a spring branch, North thirty East forty one poles to a hickory sampling, then North sixty seven West eighteen poles to a red oak on Lloyd Ford Jr. line, then with his line North Seventy eight West twenty seven poles to a stake and white oak, then with said Lloyd Ford, Jr. and South forty one West one hundred and twenty five poles to a hickory on James Ford, Jr. corner, then with his line South seventy two poles to three white oak saplings, then with his line East forty four poles to a sake five poles from Sinkinjg Creek on the west side, then down said creek with a ditch between said John Ford and John Billingaley five poles from said creek and running eighty poles down said creek to a stake then on said -- South fourth East five poles to the said creek, then down the said --- of said creek as it --- eighty --- poles to a stake in said creek where James Ford Senior's line crosses, thence with his line North forty five West eighty poles to the beginning, containing eighty five acres, more or less together with all improvements to woods ways, water and water courses, mines, minerals, and all appurtenances to the premises or any part thereof to hold unto him the said John Ford, his heirs and assigns forever. Except only that the said Lloyd Ford Senior reserves for his own use the house and plantation whereon he now lives as far up as the crop fence during his natural life and his wife, Mary Ford, her lifetime free from molestation trouble, then the aforesaid excepted premises to be and remain the property and properties of him, the said John Ford and his heirs forever in withness whereof the said Loyd Ford Senior hath hereunto sat his hand and seal the day and year above.

Lloyd Ford


John Doak

Lisby Ford

Wm. Doak

Washington County, Tennessee

Roll 198, Book 17, Page 322,

Deed 1822

Mordecai Ford to John Malanie

This indenture made and concluded upon this Sixteenth Day of April Eighteen Hundred and Twenty-two, between Mordecai Ford, son of Barney Ford, Senior, deceased, of the State of Tennessee, Washington County, of the one part and John Malanie, of the same county and State of the second part. Withnesseth that the said Mordecai Ford, Son of the said Barny Ford, senior, deceased, for and in consideration of the sum of Ten Dollars to the said Mordecai Ford in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of the presents have granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do grant , bargain and sell unto the said John Malanie , his heirs and assigns forever all the claims, rights, title, and interest which jointly or separately to one undivided tract of land, which I claim by dissent from said Barney Ford, Senior, deceased which said land may be known by the following statement tp wit. The same tract adjoins Charles Waddel of the county aforesaid congaing three acres and one third of an acre to be the same more or less to have and to hold the said land as delivered aforesaid unto himself, his heirs and assigns forever and the said Mordecai Ford, son of the said Barney Ford, deceased, for himself will warrant the aforesaid land and against his heirs, executors of administrators and any other persons in Fee Simple claiming under by right of the said Mordecai Ford unto the said Malanie, his heirs and assigns forever as witness whereof I have here unto sat my hand and seal and delivered in person..

Mordecai Ford


Horatio Ford, Jr.

Charles Waddel

John Waddel

.Washington county, Tennessee

Role 202, Book 24, Page 666-667


Grant Ford to Alexander Ford

This Indenture made and entered inth thie Thirty-first Day of August, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fourty Six between Grant Ford of the Couny of Washingtonn, State of Tennessee of the first part and Alexander Ford of the same County and State of the other part. Witnesseth that the sqaid Grant Forf for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars to him paid , the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath given, granted, bargained and sold unto him the said Alexander Ford, his heirs or assigness against him the said Grant Ford and his heirss alla that tract of land or parcel of land laying and being in the County of Washington and State. The afoaresaid in districts no 12 on the waters of Cedar Creek. Beginning at a a--- on James Hales line --- Adam shipley, ---- John Ellis ---

Grant Ford

his mark

In the presents of

William Proffitt

David B Proffitt

Washington County Tennessee

Role 198, Book 13, Page 64-65

August 8, 1804 Bill of Sale

Loyd Ford to John Ford

Know all Men by these presence , I , Loyd Ford, senior of County of Washington, hath bargained sold and delivered unto my son John Ford of the County and State aforesaid, One Negro Boy named Jason, about four years old, for and in consideration of -- --- to me in hand paid by the said John Ford, I do by these presence warrant and forever defend the said Negro to him the said John Ford, his heirs and assigns forever from all other person or persons whatsoever. ----

Withies my hand and seal this Eighth Day of August, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Four. After the death of Loyd Ford , Senior and his wife , this Negro is to be the property of John Ford.

Loyd Ford


Samuel May

--- Magen

Payment 1805

Received of John Ford one Bay Horse in full consideration for the Negro Boy mentioned in the within Bill of Sale, Witness my hand and seal the date above.

Loyd Ford


Ja S S---

State of Tennessee Sept Term 1805

Washington Distrct

The written Bill of Sale was proven in open court by Samuel May, a subscribing witness ---- this 15th Sept. A D 1805

State of Tennessee Feb. 1812

Washington County

Then was this Bill of Sale with the certificate thereon duly registered in the Registers Office of the County by me.

John Adams

County Register

Washington County, Tennessee

Role 202, Book 76, Page 437

Bill of Sale

August 31, 1846

Grant Ford to Lloyd Ford

Know all men by their presents that Grant Ford of the County of Washington and State of Tennessee, have this day for the consideration of Five Hundred Dollars in hand paid the receipt whereof of is hereby acknowledged bargained sold and confirmed unto Lloyd Ford ny ..... and Negro man named Tar a slave for life to have and to hold the same Negro against him the said Grant Ford and his heirs and all other persons that might lay claim to said Negro & the said Grant Ford shall and will warrant and defend the title of said Negro i have sold to the said Lloyd Ford and his heirs or assignes. In witness whereof, I have hereunto sat my hand and seal this thirty first day of August, 1846.

Grant Ford, his seal


William B Proffitt

Daniel B Proffit.

Tennessee Divorces


by Gale Bannen , G G Debbie W. Spero

Mary Ford married 1809 to Loid Ford of Sullivan Co. With whom she lived many years.