Joel Moore - Source Material

  •       Joel Moore was born in Shenandoah Co, VA, on 15 Mar 1768. Joel
       appears to have lived in the Big Pigeon River area in Cocke Co, TN,
       from about 1792 to 1800.  Entries in the records of the Big Pigeon
       Baptist Church show a close relationship to the Hestand family and
       we believe that Joel married Regina Hestand, daughter of Abraham
       and sister of Daniel, around 1795.  The Hestands, Mulkeys and
       others moved on to Monroe(Barren) County, KY, around 1798 and Joel
       and Regina followed in 1800.  Joel settled on 370 acres on Mill
       Creek a few miles southwest of Tompkinsville and it appears that
       parts of this land remained in the family well into the 20th
       century.  There are many references to Joel in the tax records and
       a few in the Mill Creek Baptist Church minutes.  We have found
       little on Joel's wife, but considerable circumstantial evidence
       indicates that she was certainly Regina Hestand. No record
       of Joel's death has been found.  He is known to have died before
       1840 and there is no reason to believe that he did not live on his
       homestead until the end.  He had turned the land over to sons
       Jeremiah and John W , but apparently continued to live there. He
       is probably buried in an old section of Harlan's Crossroads 
       Cemetery that contains a number of illegible stones. This section
       was probably on Joel's land and was the Moore family burial plot
       until sometime late in the 19th century.

  • Reference to Joel's birthplace and parent's name.

    Joel Moore's brother John came to Monroe Co around 1803-04 and probably lived with Joel until he married Daniel Hestand's daughter, Margaret, in 1814. John lived in southern Monroe Co until his death in 1854. John's 2nd child was Jefferson Moore (b1819). A grandaughter of Jefferson discovered a small book amongst her father's possessions that had some handwritten material concerning the ancestry of Jefferson Moore. This is the only known source for Joel Moore's birthplace and the names of his parents. Some of this material was copied from the book and can be read here.

  • List of Joel's children.

    In 1945 Elosia Barclay of McDonough County, IL, prepared a genealogy of her Moore family. She was descended from Joel Moore's son, William, who migrated to McDonough Co from Monroe Co, KY, in 1835. Ms Barclay did not leave any record of the sources of her information, but it was probably an old handwritten document passed down from William. Her data has proved correct when independently verified. The first page dealt with the family of her gg-grand- father Joel Moore. This is the only known source of the names and birth dates of the children of Joel. All but the first page of Ms Barclays work deals with the McDonough Co descendants of William Moore. The first page is here.

  • Big Pigeon Baptist Church Minutes.

    The earliest documentation that I have found on Joel Moore is the Big Pigeon Baptist Church (located in Cocke Co, TN) minutes 1787-1874. He first appears in 1792. There has been nothing found on him prior to that date. I believe that it was during this period that Joel married Abraham Hestand's daughter Regina. (Their first child was born in 1796). The Hestands (father Abraham, wife Magdalene Boehm and their children) had left Shenandoah Co, Va, in 1784 and obtained land in Washington Co,Tn, just south of Jonesboro on Cherokee Creek. They stayed there until 1792, when they appear in Cocke Co. Excerpts from the church minutes that involve Joel Moore are here.

  • Mill Creek Church Minutes.

    John Mulkey, Abraham Hestand, David Jobe and others left the Big Pigeon River area in Cocke Co, TN, in 1797-98 and came to Monroe(Barren) Co, KY, where they used the constitution of the Big Pigeon Baptist Church as the founding document of the Mill Creek Church. Joel and Regina Moore followed to the Mill Creek area of Monroe(Barren) Co in the summer of 1800. Excerpts concerning Moores, Hestands and others have been taken from the church minutes for the years 1798-1820.

  • Barren Co Order Books 1799-1818.

    Transcriptions of Barren Co order books are available for the years 1799-1818. These are the years when Monroe Co was still a part of Barren Co. All references to Moores have been abstracted.

  • Tax Lists 1799-1845.

    The Moore entries in the tax lists have been abstracted and analyzed. The tax lists are no less useful than the census and can fill in the gaps between the census years. Someone should continue this past the 1799-1845 period.

  • Powers of Attorney from the Hestands.

    Joel Moore represented the interests of his Hestand inlaws when he visited his parents in Virginia in the early 19th century. Read the powers of attorney.