John THOMPSON married Mary UNKNOWN.

     1  Archibald THOMPSON was born on 27 Jun 1736 in Montgomery Co, VA. He married Mary ELSWICK,
     daughter of John ELSWICK and Lidia UNKNOWN, on 27 Jun 1760.

        1.1  Rodden THOMPSON was born on 15 May 1769 in VA. He married Mary RAY on 17 Sep 1801 in
        Cumberland Co, KY. He married Elizabeth PENNINGTON in 1806. He died on 19 Jun 1852 in Monroe 
        Co, KY, at age 83.

          1.1.1  Rebeckey THOMPSON was born in 1802.
          1.1.2  Jeremiah THOMPSON was born in 1803.

          1.1.3  Elswick THOMPSON was born on 20 Apr 1807 in Monroe(Barren) Co, KY. He married Martha 
          RUSH, daughter of Benjamin RUSH and Rachel SPRINGER, before 1837. He married Mary HIX on
          20 Jan 1866 in Monroe Co, KY. He lived on Big Sulphur Creek, about 4.5 miles east of

          1.1.4  Lydia THOMPSON was born in 1809 in Monroe(Barren) Co, KY.
          1.1.5  John THOMPSON was born in 1815 in Monroe(Barren) Co, KY.

          1.1.6  Roden THOMPSON was born on 23 Jan 1819 in Monroe Co, KY. He married Jane Means
          HARLAN, daughter of Elijah Wright HARLAN and Margaret HAGAN, in 1842 in Tompkinsville,
          Monroe Co, KY. He died on 23 Jun 1846 in Monroe Co, KY, at age 27. He was buried in Sulphur 
          Creek Burying Grounds, Monroe Co, KY.

          1.1.7  Wes THOMPSON was born between 1820 and 1828 in Monroe Co, KY.
          1.1.8  William THOMPSON was born between 1820 and 1828 in Monroe Co, KY.
          1.1.9  Simpson THOMPSON was born in 1829 in Monroe Co, KY.

          1.1.10  Elizabeth THOMPSON was born in 1832 in Monroe Co, KY. She married James (Jim) RUSH,
          son of James RUSH Jr and Jemima SIMPSON, before 1858.

          1.1.11  Elmira THOMPSON was born in 1834 in Monroe Co, KY.