--Unofficial Transcript--
                     MARY GREENUP MOORE
                        22 JUNE 1870
                   MONROE COUNTY, KENTUCKY
                    Will Book ___________
This is the way I want my property to be divided.  The house
furniture my bed and clothing to be divided equally among my
girls after George C. Moore gets one of the beds and clothing.
I want one of the three youngest girls to have my (new?) side
saddle and to divide my other thing so that one of them can
take the saddle whitch ever one  wants it and if Cerilda wants
one of the bedsteeds she may have it. The kitchen ware is to
be divided among the girls.  George C. Moore is to have all
the stock and farming tools. I want George and Eliza to have
the knives and forks and to divide the dishes with George.
The land is to be sold and divided between all the living 
heirs I would rather some of thechildren would buy it and
live on it as any body else.

                                            Mary + Moore
Harrison Davis

Ellen + Frazier