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    Social Media Mining & Online Polical Networks Work
  1. Amin Salehi, Mert Ozer, Hasan Davulcu: Sentiment-driven Community Profiling and Detection on Social Media. ACM Hypertext 2018.
  2. Sultan Alzahrani, Nyunsu Kim, Mert Ozer, Scott W. Ruston, Jason Schlachter, Steve R. Corman: Framing Shifts of the Ukraine Conflict in pro-Russian News Media. To appear in the Proceedings of 2018 International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation (SBP-BRIMS’18)
  3. Mert Ozer, Mehmet Yigit Yildirim, Hasan Davulcu: Negative Link Prediction and Its Applications in Online Political Networks. ACM Hypertext 2017.
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  5. Mert Ozer, Nyunsu Kim, Hasan Davulcu: Community Detection in Political Twitter Networks using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Methods. IEEE/ACM ASONAM 2016.
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  7. Riza Aktunc, Mert Ozer, Ismail Hakki Toroslu, Hasan Davulcu, 2015, A Dynamic Modularity Based Community Detection Algorithm for Large-scale Networks, International Symposium on Foundations and Applications of Big Data Analytics (FAB'15), Paris, France.
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    Location Prediction Work
  1. Mert Ozer, Ilkcan Keles, Ismail Hakki Toroslu, Pinar Karagoz, Hasan Davulcu: Predicting the Location and Time of Mobile Phone Users by Using Sequential Pattern Mining Techniques. The Computer Journal (2015)
  2. Mert Ozer, Ilkcan Keles, Ismail Hakki Toroslu, Pinar Karagoz: Predicting the Next Location Change and Time of Change for Mobile Phone Users. In the Proceedings of Third ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Mobile Geographic Information Systems (MobiGIS '14).
  3. Ilkcan Keles, Mert Ozer, Ismail Hakki Toroslu, Pinar Karagoz: Location Prediction of Mobile Phone Users using Apriori-based Sequence Mining with Multiple Support Thresholds. In the Proceedings of ECML PKDD 2014 Workshop on New Frontiers in Mining Complex Patterns.
  4. Mert Ozer, Ilkcan Keles, Ismail Hakki Toroslu, Pinar Karagoz: Predicting the change of location of mobile phone users. In Proceedings of the Second ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Mobile Geographic Information Systems (MobiGIS '13)
    Other Talks & Posters
  1. Mert Ozer: An Investigation of Two Online Political Misinformation Campaigns from Canada and Iran. The 2018 APSA Political Networks Section 11th Annual Political Networks Conference and Workshop. Poster accepted.
  2. Mert Ozer: Three Facets of Online Political Networks: Communities, Antagonisms, and Controversial Issues. 3rd International Workshop on Social Media World Sensors (2017)
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  4. Tarnjit Johal, Mert Ozer: Deliberative democracy or agonism? An exploration of the role of Twitter in political discourse. Data Power 2017.
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Research Assistant (January '15 - )
CIDSE, Arizona State University, Tempe, US
  • Doing research on computational modeling of online political networks.
  • Social Media Mining, Graph Mining, Community Detection, Data Visualization
Research Assistant (September '12 - August '14)
Computer Eng. Dept., METU, Ankara, Turkey
  • The title of the project was Predicting Location of Mobile Phone Users.
  • It is a sequential pattern mining problem with big data challenges.
  • Results appeared in ACM SIGSPATIAL MobiGIS’13, MobiGIS’14, ECML PKDD NFMCP’14, and The Computer
Software Engineer (June '11 - May '12)
Minder IT Solutions, Ankara, Turkey
  • Design of Mindolog which aims to develop an alternative treatment to ADHD with neurofeedback.
  • Best capstone project runner-up award among 20 teams in Middle East Technical University Computer Engineering Department
Intern (Summer '10)
Stanford University The McKeown Group, CA, USA
  • Design of Ethernet switch with high level programming language in NetFPGA project.
  • Worked with C, ModelSim, NetFPGA board.
  • Programming Languages & Tools: Matlab, Python(numpy, nltk, scikit-learn, tensorflow, networkx), Java, Apache Spark(MLlib), Apache Hadoop, C++, C, Javascript, PHP, CSS, Weka, d3.js, Eclipse, LaTeX
  • Databases: Apache Cassandra, PostgreSql, Mysql
  • Coursework: Advanced Topics on Social Media Analysis, Statistical Machine Learning, Optimization Algorithms with Engineering Applications, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization,
    Semantic Web Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Game Theory, Data Mining, Numerical Analysis, Parallel Computing
  • Operating Systems: Linux / UNIX Distributions, Microsoft Windows, Virtualization
  • Hasan Davulcu <>
    School of Computing, Informatics, Decision Systems Engineering
    Arizona State University
    Tempe, AZ, 85282, US.