About Me

I am an astrophysics graduate student at School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University. I work with Dr. Sanchayeeta Borthakur on star formation in the outer disks galaxies. Our main focus is to understand how gas accretion from the circum-galactic medium fuels star formation in galaxies.

I attended Pondicherry University from where I received an M.S in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Before that I graduated with a B.S. in Physics from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

I am originally from Mumbai, India and grew up in the capital city of India, Delhi. I have been travelling and exploring India after graduating high school and also paving my way to becoming an astrophysicist from an amateur astronomer.


Arizona State University, US

Astrophysics Ph.D. student since August, 2018

Pondicherry University, India

M.Sc. in Astronomy & Astrophysics May, 2017

St. Xavier'c College, Mumbai, India

B.Sc. in Physics May, 2015


Graduate Research Assistant

RA at SESE, ASU August 2018 - Present

Research Interests

Extragalactic astronomy, observational astronomy
Star formation, galaxy evolution, circumgalactic medium, gamma-ray bursts, cosmology

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