August 13, 1999 .......... (retyped by Nancy Lee for posting, names/ID’s edited, on 9/2/99)

Arizona Department of Insurance
2910 North 44th Street, Suite 210
Phoenix, Arizona 85018-756
(602) 912-8443
FAX: (602) 912-8453

Nancy R. Lee
(street address)
(city, state, zip)

Re: Intergroup of Arizona External Independent Review
Appeal Received August 6, 1999

Dear Ms. Lee:

The Arizona Department of Insurance has overturned Intergroup’s denial that was the subject of your recent health care appeal. Intergroup will be contacting you soon regarding authorization for the services you have requested.

Please be advised that although the appeal process set forth in A.R.S. xx20-2501 through 20-2539 is complete, Intergroup has the right to appeal this matter to the Office of Administrative Hearings pursuant to A.R.S. x41-1092 et seq. Even if Intergroup initiates an administrative hearing, it is still required to provide the requested service pending the outcome of the hearing.


(appeals supervisor)

Health Care Appeals Section
Life & Health Division