NJ Tao Research Group


NJ Tao
Professor, Electrical Engineering
Director, Center for Biosensors and  Bioelectronics, Biodesign Institute

 Arizona State University
 Tempe, AZ 85287-6206
 Office: GWC618
 Phone: (480) 965 4456


We aim to explore fundamental properties of single molecules and nanostructured materials, develop new electronic and chem- and bio-sensor devices, and build fully integrated devices for real-world applications. To reach the goal, we take a multi-length scale approach that integrates synthesis of molecules, fabrication of nano- and micro-structures, characterization of device properties, and validation of device functions. We have gathered a diverse group of researchers and students from electrical engineering, device physics, chemistry and biochemistry, and materials, and collaborate with organic chemists and theoreticians around the world, and work closely with researchers from Motorola, Intel, Dial and other companies.

Our current research projects include:

Molecular electronics and nanoelectronics
Chemical sensors
Biosensors and nano/microfluidics devices
Electrochemical nanofabrications
Instrumentation for analytical and biomedical research