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Odell Lopez Jr
Phone# 801.628.9105
Email: olopez5@asu.edu
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  • USAF 2003-2009

  • Circle K 2013-present
  • Holbrook High School 2001

  • Northland Pioneer College 2009-2011

  • Arizona State Univesity 2011-present.

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    Assignments for GLG410

    I'm Odell Lopez Jr. The image above is from when I was in the Air Force during an exercise. The energy drink is an inside joke with a few of my friends. I am a Senior At ASU going for my bachelors in Geology. Right now I am taking Ore Deposits and Computers in Geology. A notable class I have taken is Paleontology, also notable but not geology related is a Navajo Language class. If you get bored the here link is to some old school hard rock.