Paper Topics


Your paper must be between 12-15 pages in length and can either be a full research paper or a purely analytical one. Include references to the stories you've read in this class. Do not go beyond 1972 when you include either authors or stories. Stay within the framework of stories that founded the science fiction genre.


1) How does science fiction (defined any way you want) seem to evolve from Frankenstein to the present time?

2) Write a paper that analyzes the role of satire in science fiction.

3) The "archetype" of the science fiction story is Frankenstein, i.e., technology out of control. Write a paper that analyzes this thesis.

4) Is Science Fiction a genre that is hopeful or not hopeful? You can argue either way. Just make sure that you support what you say.

5) How has the gothic evolved in science fiction?

6) How does "verisimilitude" play a role science fiction?

7) Take any author among the authors assigned in this class and analyze FOUR of their short stories or TWO of their novels. Analyze them for their themes, ideas, tropes, conceits--anything you feel is appropriate.

8) Write a paper analyzing how science fiction has evolved in the manner in which it is told. How does the way a science fiction story affect its outcome?

9) Write a paper that compares early science fiction with the "scientific romances" of the 1890-1938 era.