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The News of the World: Stories

Art and life mix together in an exhilarating tango in this collection of stories from the author of Betrayed by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The characters are regular, everyday types who love their families and lead honest lives. And it is just this ordinariness that makes them special.

In "The H Street Sledding Record," a man throws horse manure on his roof every Christmas Eve to keep the myth of Santa alive. "Bigfoot Stole My Wife" is the claim of another man whose wife has disappeared without a trace, the only clue is that the kitchen smells funny: hairy. A third man finds that "The Uses of Videotape" are many: he uses a VCR to explain some mysterious goings-on in his bedroom while he and his wife are sleeping.

While these wonderful stories seem to concern the people we see on the street or in the supermarket, they are quietly proving that nothing is normal, but all is well.


The News of the World
W.W. Norton 1987
Penguin paperback 1988

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