Spectroscopic and Photometric Nearby Field Galaxy Survey

Poster paper presented at IAU Symposium 171, June 26-30 1995, Heidelberg


Because many galaxy properties like color, star formation rate and emission line strength correlate with magnitude (e.g. Moody and Kirshner 1988), our sample must span a broad range in absolute magnitude. As a result, we want to avoid a purely magnitude or diameter limited sample. We chose a mixed approach: we selected galaxies from the first CFA redshift catalogue, which contains galaxies to a limiting magnitude of m_B=14.5 (Huchra et al. 1983). We calculated the absolute magnitude for each galaxy, and put galaxies in 1 magnitude bins. We then drew galaxies from each bin so that the magnitude distribution approximated the observed galaxy luminosity function. Thus, of the 1006 galaxies that met our selection criteria, 196 galaxies remained.
Our sample containes galaxies with the desired range of absolute magnitudes (-14 < M_B < -22), extending five magnitudes fainter than the chararacteristic luminosity L* ~ -19.2 (de Lapparent et al. 1989).

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