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[C] denotes approximate number of citations, dd. Spring 2008, as recorded in
    ADS. Note that this is only an indication of the number of citations, and
    that it should be weighted by the number of professional astronomers that
    existed world-wide at the time (i.e., 50 citations for a 1940s paper 
    equals 500 citations or more for a 1990s paper).

--> indicates papers already discussed or scheduled for discussion in
    AST494/591 Astrophysics Seminar (Fall 2005, Spring/Fall 2006, Spring/Fall
    2007, or Spring 2008)

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=================================== 1980s ====================================

Dressler, A. 1980, ApJ 236, 351                                       [C>=900]
"Galaxy morphology in rich clusters - Implications for the formation
  and evolution of galaxies"

Kent, S.M. & Gunn, J.E. 1982, AJ 87, 945                          [C>=300]
  "The dynamics of rich clusters of galaxies. I – The Coma cluster"

Hughes, J.P. 1989, ApJ 337, 21                                        [C>=150]
  "The mass of the Coma Cluster – Combined X-ray and optical results"

Merritt, D. 1987, ApJ 313, 121                                        [C>=150]
  "The distribution of dark matter in the coma cluster"  (result inconclusive)

Dressler, A. 1984, ApJ 281, 512                                       [C>=125]
  "Internal kinematics of galaxies in clusters. I – Velocity dispersions
   for elliptical galaxies in Coma and Virgo"   (only 30 elliptical discussed)

--> Fitchett, M., & Webster, R. 1987, ApJ 317, 653                  [C>=125]
  "Substructure in the Coma Cluster"

Schlickeiser, R., Siever, A., & Thiemann, H. 1987, A&A 182, 21 [C>=100]
  "The diffuse radio emission from the Coma cluster"

The, L.S., & White, S.D.M. 1986, AJ 92, 1248                      [C>=100]
  "The mass of the Coma cluster"

Bothun, G.D., & Dressler, A. 1986, ApJ 301, 57                    [C>= 75]
  "Blue disk galaxies in the Coma Cluster - Analogs to z=0.5 cluster members?"

Mellier, Y., Mathez, G., Mazure, A., et al. 1988, A&A 199, 67     [C>= 75]
  "Subclustering and evolution of the Coma cluster"

Hughes, J.P., Gorenstein, P., & Fabricant, D. 1988, ApJ 329, 82   [C>= 75]
  "Measurements of the gas temperature and iron abundance distribution in the
   Coma Cluster"


Harris, W.E. 1987, ApJ 315, L29  (letter)                             [C>= 25]
  "Globular cluster systems in the supergiant ellipticals of the Coma Cluster"
Thompson, L.A. & Valdes, F. 1987, ApJ 315, L35 (letter)               [C>= 20]
  "High-resolution imaging from Mauna Kea - Globular clusters in the Coma
   Cluster galaxy NGC 4874"

=================================== 1990s ====================================

Fusco-Femiano, R., dal Fiume, D., et al. 1999, ApJ 513, L21 (letter)  [C>=150]
  "Hard X-Ray Radiation in the Coma Cluster Spectrum"

Bernstein, G.M., Nichol, R.C., Tyson, J.A., et al. 1995, AJ 110, 1507 [C>=150]
  "The Luminosity Function of the Coma Cluster Core for -25 < M_R < -9.4"

--> Colless, M., & Dunn, A.M. 1996, ApJ 458, 435                   [C>=150]
  "Structure and Dynamics of the Coma Cluster"

Lieu, R., Mittaz, J.P.D., Bowyer, S., et al. 1996, Science 274, 1335  [C>=100]  (letter)
  "Diffuse extreme-ultraviolet emission from the Coma cluster: evidence for
   rapidly cooling gases at submegakelvin temperatures"

Jørgensen, I. 1999, MNRAS 306, 607                             [C>=100]
  "E and S0 galaxies in the central part of the Coma cluster: ages, metal
   abundances and dark matter"

Feretti, L., Dallacasa, D., et al. 1995, A&A 302, 680             [C>=100]
  "The magnetic field in the Coma cluster"

Rephaeli, Y., Gruber, D., & Blanco, P. 1999, ApJ 511, L21 (letter)[C>=100]
  "Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer Observations of the Coma Cluster"

Burns, J.O., Roettiger, K., Ledlow & Klypin 1994, ApJ 427, L87    [C>= 75]  (letter)
  "The coma cluster after lunch: Has a galaxcy group passed through the
   cluster core?"

Enßlin, T.A., Lieu, R., & Biermann 1999, A&A 344, 409   [C>= 75]
  "Non-thermal origin of the EUV and HEX excess emission of the Coma cluster -
   the nature of the energetic electrons"

Deiss, B.M., Reich, W., et al. 1997, A&A 321, 55                  [C>= 75]
  "The large-scale structure of the diffuse radio halo of the Coma cluster
   at 1.4GHz"

Herbig, T., Lawrence, C.R., et al. 1995, ApJ 449, L5 (letter)         [C>= 75]
  "A Measurement of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect in the Coma Cluster of

Biviano, A., Durret, F., Gerbal, D., et al. 1995, A&A 297, 610    [C>= 75]
  "On the galaxy luminosity function in the central regions of the Coma

Enßlin, T.A., & Biermann, P.L. 1998, A&A 330, 90        [C>= 75]
  "Limits on magnetic fields and relativistic electrons in the Coma cluster
   from multifrequency observations"

Biviano, A., Durret, F., Gerbal, D., et al. 1996, A&A 311, 95     [C>= 75]
  "Unveiling hidden structures in the Coma cluster"

Gregg, M.D., & West, M.J. 1998, Nature 396, 549  (letter)         [C>= 50]
  "Galaxy disruption as the origin of intracluster light in the Coma cluster
   of galaxies"

Honda, H., Hirayama, M., Watanabe, M. 1996, ApJ 473, L71 (letter)     [C>= 50]
  "Detection of a Temperature Structure in the Coma Cluster of Galaxies with

Jørgensen, I., & Franx, M. 1994, ApJ 433, 553              [C>= 50]
  "The nature of E and S0 galaxies: A study of magnitude-limited sample of
   galaxies in the Coma Cluster"

Bowyer, S., Berghöfer, T., & Korpela, E. 1999, ApJ 526, 592  [C>= 50]
  "Extreme-Ultraviolet Emission in Abell 1795, Abell 2199, and the Coma Cluster"

Lobo, C., Biviano, A., Durret, F, et al. 1997, A&A 317, 385       [C>= 50]
  "Environmental effects on the Coma cluster luminosity function"

Trentham, N. 1998, MNRAS 293, 71                                      [C>= 50]
  "The dwarf galaxy population of the Coma cluster to M_R=−11 –
   A detailed description"

Donas, J., Milliard, B., & Laget, M. 1995, A&A 303, 661       [C>= 50]
  "Ultraviolet observations of galaxies in nearby clusters. III. Star-forming
   galaxies in the Coma cluster"

Lieu, R., Ip, W.-H., et al. 1999, ApJ 510, L25  (letter)              [C>= 50]
  "Nonthermal Origin of the EUV and Soft X-Rays from the Coma Cluster: Cosmic
   Rays in Equipartition with the Thermal Medium"

Secker, J., Harris, W.E., & Plummer, J.D. 1997, PASP 109, 1377    [C>= 50]
  "Dwarf Galaxies in the Coma Cluster. II. Photometry and Analysis"

Geller, M.J., Diaferio, A., & Kurz, M.J. 1999, ApJ 517, L23(letter)[C>=50]
  "The Mass Profile of the Coma Galaxy Cluster"

de Propris, R., Eisenhardt, P.R., et al. 1998, ApJ 503, L45 (letter)  [C>= 50]
  "The Infrared Luminosity Function of Galaxies in the Coma Cluster"

Vikhlinin, A., Forman, W., & Jones, C. 1997, ApJ 474, L7 (letter) [C>= 50]
  "Another Collision for the Coma Cluster"

Caldwell, N., Rose, J.A., et al. 1996, AJ 111, 78                     [C>= 25]
  "Spatial Distribution of the Starbursts in Post-Starburst Coma Cluster

Terlevich, A.I., Kuntschner, H., et al. 1999, MNRAS 310, 445          [C>= 25]
  "Colour-magnitude relations and spectral line strengths in the Coma cluster"

Secker, J., & Harris, W.E. 1996, ApJ 469, 623                     [C>= 25]
  "The Early-Type Dwarf-to-Giant Ratio and Substructure in the Coma Cluster"

Blakeslee, J.P., & Tonry, J.L. 1995, ApJ 442, 579                 [C>= 25]
  "Measurements of globular cluster specific frequencies and luminosity
   function widths in Coma"

Trentham, N., & Mobasher, B. 1998, MNRAS 293, 53                  [C>= 25]
  "The discovery of a giant debris arc in the Coma cluster"

Andreon, S. 1996, A&A 314, 763                                    [C>= 25]
  "The morphological segregation of galaxies in clusters. II. The properties
   of galaxies in the Coma cluster"

Watanabe, M., Yamashita, K., et al. 1999, ApJ 527, 80                 [C>= 25]
  "Temperature Map of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies"

=================================== 2000s ====================================

--> Brunetti, G., Setti, G., et al. 2001, MNRAS 320, 365              [C>=100]
  "Particle reacceleration in the Coma cluster: radio properties and hard
   X-ray emission"

Petrosian, V. 2001, ApJ 557, 560                                      [C>= 75]
  "On the Nonthermal Emission and Acceleration of Electrons in Coma and Other
   Clusters of Galaxies"

Terlevich, A.I., Caldwell, N. & Bower, R.G. 2001, MNRAS 326, 1547 [C>= 75]
  "The colour-magnitude relation for galaxies in the Coma cluster"

Arnaud, M., Aghanim, N., Gastaud, R., et al. 2001, A&A 365, L67   [C>= 75]
  "XMM-Newton observation of the Coma Galaxy cluster. The temperature
   structure in the central region"

Mehlert, D., Thomas, J., Saglia, R.P, et al. 2003, A&A 407, 423   [C>= 50]
  "Spatially resolved spectroscopy of Coma cluster early-type galaxies. III.
   The stellar population gradients"

Poggianti, B.M., Bridges, T.J., et al. 2001, ApJ 562, 689             [C>= 50]
  "A Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of Dwarf and Giant Galaxies in the
   Coma Cluster. III. Spectral Ages and Metallicities"

Fusco-Femiano, R., Orlandini, M., et al. 2004, ApJ 602, L73 (letter)  [C>= 50]
  "Confirmation of Nonthermal Hard X-Ray Excess in the Coma Cluster from Two
   Epoch Observations"

Łokas, E.L., & Mamon, G.A. 2003, MNRAS 343, 401              [C>= 50]
  "Dark matter distribution in the Coma cluster from galaxy kinematics:
   breaking the mass-anisotropy degeneracy"

--> Poggianti, B.M., Bridges, T.J., et al. 2004, ApJ 601, 197           [C>= 50]
  "A Comparison of the Galaxy Populations in the Coma and Distant Clusters:
   The Evolution of k+a Galaxies and the Role of the Intracluster Medium"

Poggianti, B.M., Bridges, T.J., et al. 2001, ApJ 563, 118   (short)   [C>= 25]
  "Ages of S0 and Elliptical Galaxies in the Coma Cluster"

Vikhlinin, A., Markevitch, M., et al. 2001, ApJ 555, L87   (letter)   [C>= 25]
  "Zooming in on the Coma Cluster with Chandra: Compressed Warm Gas in the
   Brightest Cluster Galaxies"

Beijersbergen, M., Hoekstra, H., et al. 2002, MNRAS 329, 385          [C>= 25]
  "U-, B- and r-band luminosity functions of galaxies in the Coma cluster"

Neumann, D.M., Arnaud, M., Gastaud, R., et al. 2001, A&A 365, L74 [C>= 25]  (letter)
  "The NGC 4839 group falling into the Coma cluster observed by XMM-Newton"

Rephaeli, Y., & Gruber, D. 2002, ApJ 579, 587         (letter)    [C>= 25]
  "Results from a Second Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer Observation of the Coma

Mobasher, B., Colless, M., Carter, D., et al. 2003, ApJ 587, 605      [C>= 25]
  "A Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of Dwarf and Giant Galaxies in the
   Coma Cluster. IV. The Luminosity Function"

Rines, K., Geller, M.J., Kurtz, M.J., et al. 2001, ApJ 561, L41       [C>= 25]  (letter)
  "Infrared Mass-to-Light Profile throughout the Infall Region of the Coma

Gerhard, O., Arnaboldi, M., Freeman, K.C., et al. 2005, ApJ 621, L93  [C>= 25]
  "Detection of Intracluster Planetary Nebulae in the Coma Cluster"

--> Edwards, S.A., Colless, M., Bridges, T.J., et al. 2002, ApJ 567, 178  [C>= 15]
  "Substructure in the Coma Cluster: Giants versus Dwarfs"

Adami, C., Slezak, E., Durret, F., et al. 2005, A&A 429, 39       [C>= 10]
  "Large-scale diffuse light in the Coma cluster: A multi-scale approach"

de Petris, M., D'Alba, L., Lamagna, L., et al. 2002, ApJ 574, L119    [C>= 10]  (letter)
  "MITO Measurements of the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect in the Coma Cluster of

Adami, C., Biviano, A., et al. 2005, A&A 443, 17                  [C>= 10]
  "The build-up of the Coma cluster by infalling substructures"

Gutiérrez, C.M., Trujillo, I., et al. 2004, ApJ 602, 664       [C>= 10]
  "Quantitative Morphology of Galaxies in the Core of the Coma Cluster"


Takei, Y., Henry, J.P., et al. 2007, ApJ 655, 831                     [C>= 10]
  "Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium Associated with the Coma Cluster"


Gerhard, O., Arnaboldi, M., et al. 2007, A&A 468,  815  (short)   [C>=  5]
  "The kinematics of intracluster planetary nebulae and the on-going
   subcluster merger in the Coma cluster core"

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