OK, so I have not done much of anything with this page for a few years, but I am going to try and force myself to work on these pages at least a few hours a week, but here is what I have had up for the last few years:

Hardee's Rifle and Light Infantry tactics (Schools of the Soldier and the Company at the moment, School of the Battalion will be ready eventually, but probably as a Word or PDF document, not a web page, check out The Drill Network they have several complete manuals on-line already)

And here is the unit I belong to:

5th Texas Infantry, Co. D.


Now that I have a computer at home again I can spend a little time each week working on my pages, my first task is to finish cleaning up the School of the Battalion and make all 3 sections of the ’55 Hardee’s available as Word documents or as PDF files. After that I will work on the USI&RT, which is essentially the ’55 Hardee’s with Scott’s manual of arms for the Musket. I will be leaving out the Articles of war and the sheet music for the various calls and drum rolls, just concentrating on the drill aspects, but I may try to link in sound files of the various bugle calls where they belong in the text. I will also be making the format of the various pages more consistent and user friendly.


After that I will start on a section for advice on campaign style camping, with my comments on how various suggestions have actually worked for me here in the middle of the Arizona