Call for project proposals.

Call for proposals is now avaialble here. Pay careful attention to submission format details and requirements in the proposal. If all conditions are not met, the proposal might be rejected. The proposal is due on Febuary 17, 2017 and submissions will be handled through ASU blackboard.


Mentors for proposals are finalized and are now avaialble here. If you are not in this list. Contact Ragav. Primiliminary comments are provided at the grade center. Contact the respective mentor if there are comments. This link also has the proposals of other groups for reference.

Midterm Reports

Midterm reports for the projects are due on April 7th 2017. A submission link has been opened in blackboard. The official call for midterm reports with further instructions are available here.

Project interviews

Project interviews are scheduled. You can find the schedule here.

Final Project Reports

Final project reports are due on May 1st 2017. Submission link for report and supplementary are open and are available through blackboard. Report submission only takes a pdf submission. Full requirements are avialable.