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This is a new site and is still under construction.

Information for sciref:

Your new www directory has been successfully created and added to the Web server. This page, named index.html has been created and saved in your www directory, which is /afs/ You may begin adding and editing documents in your Web space immediately.

There's some information you'll need to know about publishing your pages on this Web server. Start with our Frequently Asked Questions page and other first-timer resources at

Been there, done that, and ready for more? Then proceed to the Jukebox Toolbox ( for more information on creating, uploading, and maintaining your Web site. Good luck!

Additional instructions:

  • Print this page out now! Keep it in a safe place so you can remember your URL and links to various resources listed here. For future reference, this page has also been saved in your Web space as
  • Your "home" page is named index.html to make it come up when your URL is entered as it did here. If you give it a different name, viewers will see a directory listing of all files in your Web space instead.

  • Users of Web page editors, including Netscape Composer: The "publishing location" is not the same as your URL. Your publishing location is

  • Everything regarding your Web space is case-sensitive! Use all lower-case for all your filenames, and you'll never get confused.

  • In the future, if you encounter "Forbidden" errors when attempting to access your Web space, see the Fixing AFS Permissions page for help.