My Teaching

I teach quite a few courses, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Below is a schedule of my upcoming courses and a description of the courses that I frequently teach.

Upcoming courses:

  • Fall, 2012: Sabbatical!
  • Spring 2013: PSY 591, Attention

Undergraduate courses routinely taught:

  • Introduction to Psychology (PGS 101): This is the standard, (often giant) course, required for all psychology majors. I teach this course with an emphasis on the science of psychology, but my students always find it fun.
  • Memory and Cognition (PSY 324): This is our primary upper-division course in Cognitive Psychology. I emphasize perception, attention, memory, language, and reasoning.
  • Psychology of Language (PSY 498): This is a cross-listed course for undergraduates and graduate students. We cover many topics in psycholinguistics, including history, speech perception, neurobiology of language, theories of syntax, reading, and development.

Graduate courses routinely taught:

  • Complex Cognitive Processes (PSY 535): This is our graduate course in Cognitive Psychology.
  • Memory (PSY 591): An in-depth seminar on memory, including both laboratory memory and "real-world" applications.
  • Similarity (PSY 591): A combined lecture/seminar course on psychological similarity, covering theory, application, and techniques for measurement. Students in this course are required to complete an experiment utilizing a similarity assessment technique (e.g., multidimensional scaling) learned in the class.
Stephen Goldinger

Contact Information:

  • Stephen D. Goldinger
  • Arizona State University
  • Department of Psychology
  • P.O. Box 871104
  • Tempe, AZ 85287-1104
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 480-965-0127
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