Web Pages on Selected Health Topics

The following web pages were developed by students at the University of California at Davis in order to fulfill a perceived void on the Internet. They are not intended to provide medical advice, and are provided as an educational resource only. If you have any further questions, please consult with your physician.



Treating Latinos With Type II Diabetes: What Else Needs To Be Considered? - Targeted towards health care providers, this page discusses the different beliefs and lifestyles of the Latino community.
Statistics on Diabetes - General information on diabetes.
Diabetes in the Latino Community: Definition, Education and Prevention - General information about diabetes.
How To Deal With Diabetes - Treatment information for Latinos who have diabetes or who are interested in diabetes.
Diabetes Type II: Your Questions Answered - Basic information on diabetes.


Culturally Sensitive Programs for Latinos Concerned With Cancer - Information on where Latinos can ask questions in English or Spanish regarding how to prevent and treat the various types of cancer.
Brain Cancer: Caring for the Latino Patient at Home - Provides an introduction to adult brain cancer, an overview of statistical data and current treatments, and an example scenario of a Latino family's life with cancer.
Breast Cancer in Latina Women - General information on breast cancer for Latina women or their relatives.
Symptoms, Risk Factors and Effects of Cervical Cancer - Aims to inform and educate readers on the facts of cervical cancer.
Latina Social, Cultural and Behavioral Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer - The role risk factors play in making cervical cancer the third most common cancer among Latina women.
Intervention and Treatment of Cervical Cancer - Aims to inform and educate readers on the treatment of cervical cancer.

Other Diseases

Latinos and HIV - Outlines some cultural beliefs that may affect the higher incidence of AIDS.
Chicanos and Lupus - Aims to inform Chicanos about lupus.
Nephrotic Syndrome and the Latino Community - Provides information on this particular disease and discusses how it relates to or affects Latinos.
Asthma: The Effects - General education about asthma and its effects.
All about ALS: Basic Facts about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Information for family members of those who have ALS about the disease, symptoms, treatments, and where to get help.
After the Tears: Parkinson's Disease - Information for families going through hardships because of a family member with Parkinson's.
Latinas and Osteoporosis - Basic information on what osteoporosis is, ways of preventing it, and ways it is treated.
Ulcerative Colitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments - For Latinos interested in knowing more about this disease.
What is Rubella?: Symptoms, Treatments and How It Affects the Latino Population - What Rubella actually is, the effects that it can have, and how it can be prevented.

The Role of Diet

The Latino Diet as a Risk Factor for Developing Coronary Heart Disease - An explanation of how diet is linked to CHD risk and explain how foods common in Latino cuisine can be modified so as to lower one's risk for CHD.
Some Common Latino Health-Related Problems May Be Prevented With a High-Fiber Diet - Discusses the connection between the Latino diet and disease

Politics of Health

The Patriarchal System: The Exclusion of Women in Medical Case Studies - Discusses the effects of patriarchy on medical research.
Health Care Accessibility Among the Latino Community - Discusses four major barriers to health care.
Welfare and Immigration Reform Target the Chicano/Latino Community - Discusses the impact of anti-immigrant policies on Latinos and access to health care

Poverty and Tuberculosis: Latinos At Risk- Discusses the links between poverty and risk factors and risk behaviors for Latinos.

Mental Health

Why Chicanos Should Use Psychological Resources: Dispelling the Uncertainties and Validity of Psychology - Discusses psychology and the signs of poor mental health.
Mental Health in the Latino Community - Discusses two common mental disorders, and the effects these particular conditions can have on a Latino person and the rest of the community.
Depression - The Hispanic Woman's Silent Struggle - Information on the symptoms of depression, the different types of depression, how they are caused, and treatment options.

Social Concerns

The Intersection of Racism, Sexism and an Eating Disorder - A personal account about the effects of racism and sexism on body image.
Teen Pregnancy Among Chicanas/Mexican-Americans: A Resource for Researchers and Scholars - Summarizes existing work to provide a clear and concrete foundation for beginning to understand/discuss/research this topic.
Got Beer? - The health and social effects of alcohol use on Latinos.
Alcoholism Within Latino Culture

These web pages were developed to fulfill a requirement of the class CHI 21: Health Issues in the Chicano/Latino Community taught by Seline Szkupinski Quiroga in the Chicana & Chicano Studies Program at the University of California at Davis, Fall 1998.