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Nature's Gift's Blend of Essential Oils
With Proven Insect Repelling Abilities



A blend of our Lemon scented Tea Tree (the most powerful natural insect repellant that I know of), Atlas Cedarwood, and our Sumatran Patchouli. Friends have raved about the success they've had keeping fleas off dogs, horseflies off horses, and mosquitoes off themselves with this blend. At a recent Health Festival, Debi discovered that a band of diluted Skeeter Beater around each ankle kept the Chiggers from attacking.

mosquitoAdd a few drops of the synergy to the pool of melted wax in a patio candle, use in an aromalamp or diffuser, or just add to your favorite massage base to keep the mosquitos away. The scent of the blend is sweetly lemon, with an earthy undertone. Yummy and smile bringing even if it served no useful purpose. Read some clients' experience with our Skeeter Beater Blend.

Available in an undiluted synergy, body oil (diluted in Jojoba), and in an Aloe Gel base. Sometimes the oil based blend is just not comfortable to wear in extreme heat and humidity; while an alcohol based dilution doesn't last long at all. The Skeeter Beater Gel is much more comfortable in the heat, but not as long lasting as the oil based Body Oil. If you are unfamiliar with aromatherapy or how to dilute essential oils properly, please buy the body oil or the gel. They are ready to use right out of the bottle.  We truly don't recommend making a body spray out of the undiluted synergy; in our experience a waterbased spray seems to need re-applying more frequently than either the oil based or the gel.

dog safeAlso, we get a lot of requests for advice on how to use the Skeeterbeater on various fur family members. Please remember that you should NEVER use any essential oil product on cats. They can not metabolize the oils the way humans, dogs and horses can, and you run the risk of causing liver damage. For our dogs, we tend to rub a bit of either the oil based dilution or the gel between our palms, and then brush the 'critter' with them, from ears to tail.

If the dog has a fabric collar, putting a drop of the undiluted synergy on the collar is another option.


The Synergy is available in a 5 ml. bottle;

Body Oil and Gel (pre-mixed) are in 4 oz. bottles.

Synergy: $15.00
Body Oil: $16.00
Gel: $18.00



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