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Selected Publications

Park JH, Kazaz B, Webster S (2018) Surface versus air shipment of humanitarian goods under demand uncertainty. Production and Operations Management 27:928-948. (POMS College of Humanitarian Operations & Crisis Management Best Paper Award, May 2016)

Li H, Webster S, Mason N, Kempf K (2019) Product-line pricing under discrete mixed multinomial logit demand. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 21:14-28. (First place, MSOM Practice-Based Research Competition, June 2017)

Li H, Webster S, Yu G (2020) Product design under multinomial logit choices: optimization of quality and prices in an evolving product line. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 22:1011-1025.

Eftekhar M, Song JS, Webster S (2021) Prepositioning and local purchasing for emergency operations under budget, demand and supply uncertainty. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management to appear.

Gheibi S, Kazaz B, Webster S (2021) Capacity reservation and sourcing under exchange-rate uncertainty. Decision Sciences to appear.

Ayvaz-Cavdaroglu N, Kazaz B, Webster S (2021) Incentivizing farmers to invest in quality through quality-based payment. Production and Operations Management to appear.

Wang Y, Webster S (2021) Product flexibility strategy under supply and demand risk. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management to appear.

Webster S (2016) Principles of Supply Chain Management, 2nd edition, Dynamic Ideas, Belmont, MA.

Webster S (2019) Teaching Note on Prescriptive Analytics (working draft, comments welcome).

Webster S (2021) Multiple discrete choice with order statistic marginal utilities


Just for Fun**

Webster S Properties of 3x3 magic squares

Webster S What does operating a newsstand have to do with the risk-neutral density of a future stock price?

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