Hello, world! You have reached the homepage of Tathagata Chakraborti. I am a PhD student in Dr. Subbarao Kambhampati's research group Yochan at ASU . Prior to joining ASU's graduate program in 2013, I completed my Bachelors at Jadavpur University under the mentorship of Dr. Amit Konar .

My research is in the field of Artificial Intelligence, particularly in automated planning or sequential decision making. My work mainly focuses on planning with humans in the loop - challenges involved in planning for human-robot cohabitation and collaboration. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to collaborate or if you have questions/suggestions about my work.


Research Interests

My research primarily focuses on modern applications of automated planning in areas involving interaction with humans in the loop, such as in:

  • human-aware and human-centric planning - human-robot cohabitation
  • crowdsourced planning and proactive decision support
  • planning with incomplete information/uncertainty, plan recognition

News & Updates

  • 02/13/17

    On to the US finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017!

  • 02/03/17-02/09/17

    On travel, AAAI'17

  • 01/15/17

    Paper accepted in ICRA'17

  • 10/31/16

    Paper accepted at IAAI'17

  • 10/28/16

    Paper accepted in Human Computation Journal

  • Co-Chairing MIPC Workshop at AAMAS'17, Sao Paolo, Brazil

  • 05/18/16-08/18/16

    Summer Intern at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, NY

  • 07/06/16-07/15/16

    On travel, SoCS'16 and IJCAI'16

  • 05/12/16

    Paper accepted at SoCS 2016

  • 03/10/16

    Recipient of IBM PhD Fellowship 2016-17

  • 04/04/16

    In the news

  • Serving in the Review Process Committee for IJCAI'16

  • 01/27/16

    Paper accepted for AAMAS'16

  • 12/01/15

    Paper accepted for AAAI 2016 Workshop on Multiagent Interaction without Prior Coordination (MIPC)

  • 11/23/15

    Paper accepted for AAAI 2016 Workshop on Symbiotic Cognitive systems

  • 09/26/15-10/04/15

    On travel, IROS'15

  • 06/29/15

    Two papers accepted for
    IROS 2015

  • 06/05/15-06/12/15

    On travel, ICAPS'15

  • 05/18/15-08/19/15

    Summer Intern at UTRC

  • 04/02/15

    Two papers accepted for ICAPS Planrob 2015

  • 01/23/15-01/31/15

    On travel, AAAI'15

  • 04/02/15

    Demo accepted for HCOMP WiP 2014

  • 07/26/14-07/31/14

    On travel, AAAI'14

  • 06/25/14

    Best System Demonstration
    Award at ICAPS'14

  • 06/20/14-06/26/14

    On travel, ICAPS'14

  • 5/17/14

    Paper accepted at IROS'14

  • 4/13/14

    Demo accepted for presentation at SPARK'14 workshop

  • 4/08/14

    Accepted for ICAPS'14 Doctoral Consortium

  • 3/25/14

    Paper accepted at IAAI'14