The Garden The Mitochondria Song by David Ng of UBC Vancouver Ca. 




It’s the Mitochondria, stupid!

-Albert Thompson III



Dr. Otto H. Warburg theory awarded the Nobel Prize 1931

In contrast to healthy cells, which generate energy by the oxidative breakdown of a simple acid within the mitochondria, tumors and cancer cells generate energy through the non-oxidative breakdown of glucose, a process called glycolysis (sugar splitting). Indeed, glycolysis is the biochemical hallmark of most, if not all, types of cancers. Because of this difference between healthy cells and cancer cells, Otto Warburg argued, cancer should be interpreted as a type of mitochondrial disease. (Boston College press office)



Lessons learned from:

the NASA Challenger/Columbia, 911, Katrina, Virginia Tech...

Our greatest challenge we face, is our ability to …

Communicate effectively, efficiently and productively

with each other and our customers (internal and external).

We have the technology … what we need is connectology!

"Scientific revolutions may be sensed in advance by scholars

with an exceptional intuition but the site where such revolutions

take place is frequently a complete surprise."

..Dr. Esra Galun,  RNA Silencing, 2005