2007-08 Winning Essays

ENG 101: First-Year Composition

First Place: Diego Ramirez, "A Way of Life" (Instructor: James Dicus)

Second Place: Michael Buchmann, "Unforgettable Passage" (Instructor: Laura Cruser)

Third Place: Hal Cohen, "Letter to Michael Crow: The State of Greek Life at ASU" (Instructor: Jennifer Lowe)

ENG 102: First-Year Composition

First Place: Annissa Olson, "Looking to the Past" (Instructor: Stephanie Downie-Hummer)

Second Place (tie): Diana Stocker, "The Meaning of the Corset" (Instructor: Shavawn Berry)

Second Place (tie): Mary Beth Hutchinson, "Turn on the Idiot Box" (Instructor: Cornelia Wells)

Third Place (tie): Stephanie Maselko, "A Prescription for Conflict" (Instructor: Katherine Heenan)

Third Place (tie): Janna Jackson, "Move Aside, Pesticides" (Instructor: Samantha Ruckman)

ENG 105: Advanced First-Year Composition

First Place: Ashley Roberts, "The Storm Around Here" (Instructor: Steve Beatty)

Second Place: Erin Peck, "Into the Blue" (Instructor: Thomas Bonfiglio)

Third Place: Ashley Lange, "Forgive me Ahead of Time, Dear Readers" (Instructor: Cornelia Wells)

ENG 215: Strategies for Academic Writing

First Place: Tomás Karmelo Amaya, "The Green Girdle vs. The Scarlet Letter" (Instructor: Katherine Heenan)

ENG 217: Writing Reflective Essays

First Place: Monica Gutierrez, "Mercedes" (Instructor: Tim Hohman)

Second Place: Jay McCray, "Medicine" (Instructor: Judy Van)

Third Place: Alyssa Bachman, "The Panda Girls" (Instructor: Adelheid Thieme)