2008-09 Winning Essays

ENG 101: First-Year Composition

First Place: Kristin Smith, “A Closer Look” (Instructor: Brian Lee)

Second Place: Michelle Brycki, “I Used to Wonder” (Instructor: Karyn Riedell)

Third Place: Brittany Barnes, “The Secret of Separation” (Instructor: Karyn Riedell)

ENG 102: First-Year Composition

First Place: Olivia Conley, “A Beautiful Solution” (Instructor: Shavawn Berry)

Second Place: Michaela Staley, “When Doctors Become Businessmen: Profiting from Prescriptions” (Instructor: Cornelia Wells)

Third Place: Glenn Markov, “The Facts Behind New Sports Stadiums” (Instructor: Stephanie Downer-Hummer)

ENG 105: Advanced First-Year Composition

First Place: Sarah Norman, “Steve” (Instructor: Richard Hart)

Second Place: Catherine Conroy, “Tyranny of the Majority” (Instructor: Samantha Ruckman)

Third Place: Sarah Norman, “One, Two” (Instructor: Richard Hart)

ENG 216: Persuasive Writing on Public Issues

First Place: Hannah Messick, “Horny Laws and Shrewd Perspectives: Rebuilding, Repairing, and Rebuilding Rape Laws” (Instructor: Natalie Martinez)

Second Place: Gisel Trevino-Martinez, "After Reviewing the Play – A Network’s Failed Move”(Instructor: Natalie Martinez)

Third Place: Catherine Conroy, “Gender conflicts in sports: women rugby players reshape traditional thoughts of what it is to feminine and explain how they approach femininity in a highly masculine sport” (Instructor: Natalie Martinez)

ENG 217: Writing Reflective Essays

First Place: Nicole Ishikawa, “D-boy” (Instructor: Alana Brussin)

Second Place: Taylor Conroy, “The Fabulous Life of Ramona Zanglein”(Instructor: Adelheid Thieme)

Third Place: Tiffany Johnson, “The War on Coloring Books” (Instructor: Adelheid Thieme)