2009-10 Winning Essays

WAC 101: Stretch First-Year Composition

First Place: Melanie Mousel, “The Teeny Beanie” (Instructor: Jill Richards-Young)

Second Place: Hillary Pratt, “Gossip Girl Season 5” (Instructor: Laura Cruser)

Third Place: Autumn Brown, “It’s a Part of Me” (Instructor: Laura Cruser)

ENG 101: First-Year Composition

First Place: Kayla Chandler, “The Unsung Song of Humanity” (Instructor: Cindy Cowles)

Second Place: Leng See, “Unspoken Love” (Instructor: Susan Davis)

Third Place: John Apperson, “Men on Wire” (Instructor: Mandy Solomon)

ENG 102: First-Year Composition

First Place: Megan Kostanick, “An Emotional Rollercoaster” (Instructor: Carol O’Shea)

Second Place: Alexandra Comeaux, “No Place Worse Than Hell” (Instructor: Adelheid Thieme)

Third Place: Cole Basar, “Vivisection: A Hidden Massacre” (Instructor: Adelheid Thieme)

ENG 105: Advanced First-Year Composition

First Place: Anissa Voron, “’Magicons’: Frightfully Accurate” (Instructor: Steve Beatty)

Second Place: Daniel Rossman, “Tarantino:  Slicing Both Ways” (Instructor: Sally Woelfel)

Third Place: Rachel Mawson, “America and the Fourth Wall” (Instructor: Steve Beatty)

ENG 217: Writing Reflective Essays

First Place: Joel Fornara, “The Walkabout” (Instructor: Adelheid Thieme)

Second Place: Amanda Martinez, “Good Advice” (Instructor: Elizabeth Wimberly)

Third Place: Lane Gallett, "The Writings on the Wall" (Instructor: Shavawn Berry)