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Collection of Winning Entries in the Printer's Devil Contest at ASU

Previous Years' Winners




Every year, the Printer's Devil Contest recognizes outstanding essays from students in the Writing Programs at Arizona State University. The contest is open to all students who are enrolled in one of the following classes in the current academic year: WAC 101: Stretch First-Year Composition, ENG 101: First-Year Composition, ENG 102: First-year Composition, ENG 105: Advanced First-Year Composition, ENG 107/108: First-Year Composition for ESL Students, ENG 215: Strategies for Academic Writing, ENG 216: Persuasive Writing about Public Issues, and ENG 217: Writing Reflective Essays. 

The essay types vary in scope from personal narrative to those that analyze issues, argue a point, propose a solution, or develop a detailed source-based argument on a public issue. The voice of the student is respected and celebrated. The student's purpose to inform, persuade, argue, critique, rant, or reflect leads to a great variety of essays.

For the selection of winning essays, judges rate the submitted essays according to the following criteria: fulfillment of the assignment requirements, originality of thought, depth of critical thinking, thoroughness of research, correctness of mechanics (spelling, punctuation, documentation), and overall quality of writing.

The Printer's Devil Collection may serve as a springboard for student and faculty dialogue on topics of personal, social, political, and economic relevance. At the same time, the collection may inspire discussion of information literacy and quality in writing. It is the hope of the Writing Programs at ASU that the selections will encourage readers and writers to engage in active planning and pre-writing processes, revising, editing, and possibly publishing.