ENH 317: Publishing in Literary Magazines

Fall 2009 Schedule
ENH 317 Publishing in Literary Magazines
  Monday Work Due at Noon Wednesday Work Due at Noon
Week 1 24-Aug

Questions About the Course: Study all of the sections in the Blackboard course (Announcements, Policies, Schedule, Materials, Discussion). If you have questions, please post them in the "Questions about the Course" Forum.


26-Aug Please post a note about yourself in the "Virtual Cafe" Forum.
Week 2 31-Aug
Favorite Journals: In the Favorite Journals forum, post a 500 word note that describes your 5 favorite Literary Magazines.
Course Goals: In the Course Goals forum, post a 500 word note that clearly define 5 goals you have for the semester.
Week 3 7-Sep

Writing 1--For all 10 writing assignments you will post a piece that you would consider submitting for publication.

Report 1--Please post a report on one literary magazine.


Workshop 1--For all 10 workshop responses you will compose a response to your group members and post it in the Workshop Discussion Board. In order to receive credit your response must:

• meet the word-length requirement of 300 words
• use short quotes to support your response
• offer suggestions for revision

Week 4 14-Sep

Writing 2 & Report 2

16-Sep Workshop 2
Week 5 21-Sep

Writing 3 & Report 3

23-Sep Workshop 3
Week 6 28-Sep

Writing 4 & Report 4

30-Sep Workshop 4
Week 7 5-Oct

Writing 5 & Report 5

7-Oct Workshop 5
Week 8 12-Oct Update Favorite Journals 14-Oct Update Course Goals
Week 9 19-Oct Writing 6 & Report 6 21-Oct Workshop 6
Week 10 26-Oct

Writing 7 & Report 7

28-Oct Workshop 7
Week 11 2-Nov

Writing 8 & Report 8

4-Nov Workshop 8
Week 12 9-Nov

Writing 9 & Report 9

11-Nov Workshop 9
Week 13 16-Nov

Writing 10 & Report 10

18-Nov Workshop 10
Week 14 23-Nov

Work on Submission Packet

25-Nov Happy Thanksgiving
Week 15 30-Nov Submission Packet Draft Due 2-Dec Submission Packet Workshop Due
Week 16 7-Dec Submission Packet Due 9-Dec Happy Winter Break
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