ENH 484: Superstition Review Internship Schedule

Reports - Worth 40% of your grade. Each week you will write a report listing the tasks you accomplished, and listing the tasks you will accomplish the following week. This is similar to a "status report" required by many jobs in publishing and other fields. In order to receive full credit, reports must comply to the following format:

1. Erase the subject line of your post and write in your position with the magazine (for example, Poetry Editor).

2. The report must be in numbered list format. Please do not give narrative reports.

3. Please attach any documents that you produced that were not posted elsewhere on the site (for example, excle spreadsheets).

Reports are graded out of 15 total posts.

Tasks - Worth 60% of your grade. The tasks you will be asked to complete throughout the semester will vary in number and in complexity for each position in the magazine. Each week I will update the spreadsheet with tasks you need to complete. It is essential to all departments of the magazine that tasks are completed on time. If your tasks are not completed on time, it can hold up others and delay publication of the magazine. Failure to complete any tasks will negatively affect your grade in this area. Please see the Deadlines spreadsheet in the Schedule area of Blackboard.



Spring 2011 Schedule
ENG 484 Superstition Review Internship
  Wednesday Work Due at Noon
Week 1 19-Jan

Questions: Study all of the sections in the Blackboard course. If you have questions, please post them in the "Questions" Forum.

Report 1

Week 2 26-Jan

Favorites: In the Favorites forum, post a 500 word note that describes your 5 favorite Literary Magazines. If you don't have a favorite 5 in mind, start by browsing www.newpages.com

Report 2

Week 3 2-Feb

Bios: Please post a professional bio highlighting your academic acheivements and a professional headshot in the "Bios" Forum.

Report 3

Week 4 9-Feb

Goals: In the Goals forum, post a 500 word note that clearly define 5 goals you have for the semester.

Report 4

Week 5 16-Feb

Report 5

Week 6 23-Feb

Report 6

Week 7 2-Mar

Report 7

Week 8 9-Mar Report 8
Week 9 16-Mar

Spring Break

Week 10 23-Mar

Report 9

Week 11 30-Mar

Report 10

Week 12 6-Apr

Report 11

Week 13 13-Apr

Report 12

Week 14 20-Apr Report 13
Week 15 27-Apr Report 14
Week 16 4-May Report 15


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