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Teaching Initiatives

"Power, Politics, and Social Change"

Dave will teach this Spring his paired BIS 401/402 course "Power, Politics, and Social Change." In the course, which runs concurrently with the legislature, students have applied study internships with organizations involved in the political process. The course includes many guest speakers including legislators. The course is offered every Spring.


Learning, not grades

Students learn to care about grades, not learning, in our educational system. They lose their voice when education become about compliance. From After Class Meeting Groups to Simulations, to Tests focused as learning experiences, not simply grades, Dave's syllabi and pedagogy are at the cutting edge of a participatory pedagogy where students are co-participants, as learning is not a spectator sport.


Wells Family, July 2002

Selected Articles

Friday, Feb. 18, 2005 , East Valley Opinions of Arizona Republic

"Funding Tests Schools"

As we entered the Kyrene Middle School cafeteria for a public forum last week, we were serenaded by an orchestra and handed a leaflet, a musical protest to the conflict between a stingy legislature and an out of control accountability system.

Much angst is rippling through Arizona due to the impending AIMS graduation requirement to be hoisted upon the class of 2006. Next week students take the writing and reading portions of AIMS, in April the feared math test. Meanwhile, in K-8, by 2014 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) expects every student to make adequate yearly progress. For most students that means passing AIMS. But are schools given the resources to meet these standards? ...



Leading Public Policy Advocate

Dave is one of ASU's most outspoken policy advocates. His research focuses on two areas of primary concern: state fiscal policy and the manner in which labor markets value workers. He's also interested in how social forces shape and constrain our lives.

Dave now writes weekly columns for the East Valley Opinions of the Arizona Republic. He also develops courses where students learn how do public policy analysis and they have frequently joined him in research.

He's also active on the ground. Currently he's working with community members on improving Tempe's approach to the homelesss, while keeping a vigilant eye on our state legislature.


Office Hours

Monday & Wednesday Noon-1:30 p.m.

Monday 4-5:30 pm..

& by appointment

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Contact Information

Dave Wells, Ph.D. (Political Economy & Public Policy)

Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Arizona State University

411 N. Central Ave., Suite 351 Phoenix, AZ 85004

(602) 496-0615



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