I was born and raised in Arizona. I grew up in Mesa, and moved to Tempe when I started at ASU. I met my former advisor, Dr. Stephen Goldinger, while taking his undergraduate Memory and Cognition course. I worked with Dr. Goldinger first as a research assistant, and then he became the chair of my Honor's Thesis Committee. I enjoyed ASU and working with Dr. Goldinger, so I decided to apply to the graduate program my senior year. If you're trying to figure do the math, I'll help: I've spent a LOT of time at ASU! Fortunately, I've always been a Sun Devil fan, and I have really enjoyed my experiences here.

Personal Interests

My interests outside of psychology are varied. I love to travel and have been able to explore many parts of Europe, Mexico, and Brazil. I'm a big football fan! I'm more interested in the NFL (Go Vikings), but I also follow the PAC-10. I like outdoor activities, and have hiked across the Grand Canyon (took me just under 12 hours), rafted down the Rogue River in Oregon (that took several days), and bungee-jumped in a ravine in Switzerland (took 30 seconds but felt much longer). I'm on a co-ed softball team and I am training for my first 1/2 marathon.


At Arizona State, I have had the opportunity to take a variety of courses that were taught by outstanding psychologists. Below is a partial listing of the courses (with instructors) I have taken at ASU.

  • Cognition, Action, Perception
    • Cognitive Processes (S. Goldinger)
    • Advanced Learning (L. Bizo)
    • Cognitive Development (S. Somerville)
    • Modeling (P. Killeen)
    • Cognition and Chance (P. Killeen)
    • Sensation and Perception (M. McBeath)
    • Embodied Cognition (A. Glenburg)
    • Similarity (S. Goldinger)
    • Computational Memory Models (G. Brewer)
  • Quantitative Training
    • Intermediate Stats - ANOVA (D. MacKinnon)
    • Multiple Regression (L. Aiken)
    • Analysis of Multivariate Data (L. Aiken)
    • Structural Equation Modeling (R. Millsap)
  • Special Topics
    • Language Science (T. Azuma)
    • Psychology of Addiction (C. Nagoshi)
    • Biological Basis of Behavior: Evaluation of Neurodegenerative Diseases in the Elderly (G. Alexander)
    • Neuroanatomy (F. Olive)
  • Professional Development
    • Preparing Future Faculty Fellow
    • Supervised Teaching