CSE101 Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering

This is a specially design course with two main goals: CSE101 Syllabus and Course Information
CSE101 Lecture 1: About the Course
Reseach on first computer science course: What should be the first course in computer science curriculum?

Catalog Description
Introduction to engineering design; teaming; engineering profession, computer models and programming; communication skills; design of computer based systems. Lecture, Lab.

Hands-on Laboratories
Lab Manual (PDF): Alice Programming (Animated Movie and Game) and Robotics Applications Development using Simulation and NXT Robots

This is a hybrid class with lectures and hand-on labs. It teaches engineering design process, Alice game programming, Web services, and robotics. The robotic platform used is the Lego Mindstorm NXT Robot, and the robots will be programmed using Microsoft Robotics Studio.

CSE101 Design Project: Robotics Programming and Competition

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