CSE 445/598 Distributed Software Development

CSE 445/598 Syllabus and Course Information (PDF)

Text: Y. Chen, Gennaro De Luca, Service-Oriented Computing and System Integration, 8th Edition, 2022, Table of Contents

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Additional Course Information

This is a newly redesigned course. The new version of the course was first offered in Fall 2006 and was  redesigned in Fall 2008 after the secnd edition of the textbook was published. The course  aims at covering the latest service-oriented computing and service-oriented software development concepts, languages, and development environments, including Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) paradigm, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), service-oriented software development process, as well as the enabling technologies, standards, and tools. This new version replaces the previously offered version The topics given below reflect the materials being covered in this redesigned course.

Major Topics Covered in the Course (Tentative)

This course covers the Part One of the textbook. Part Two of the textbook will be covered by another course CSE446/598


Required Software

This course will use Microsoft Visual Studio .Net as the main programming environment. To use .Net to develop Web services, you need to have the Windows, with IIS (Internet Information Service) optional component installed. Students registered to a CSE course at ASU will be given an account at MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center (http://msdn07.e-academy.com/asu_eng), where they can download .Net , Windows, and many other software packages.

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