CSE598 Courses

Dr. Yinong Chen (http://www.public.asu.edu/~ychen10/)

CSE598 is a CSE course code corresponding to multiple graduate courses. I teach two CSE598 courses:

These two CSE598 courses correspond to CSE445 (Distributed Software Development) and CSE446 (Distributed Software Development), respectively, for undergraduate students. These two CSE598 courses are available for GOEE online students only. They are not avaialbel for CIDSE graduate students.
CSE445 is the prerequisite of CSE446 for undergraduate students, as they have limited courses and background skills. The prerequisite helps them better deal with the materials.
For graduate students, this prerequisite is not required. I will provide three lectures' slides in CSE598 (Software Integration and Engineering) course website for graduate students to prepare the materials that are covered in CSE 598 (Distributed Software Development) and are needed in Software Integration and Engineering course.