Yi Chen

Yi Chen

Associate Professor
School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering
Fulton School of Engineering
Arizona State University
Office:Brickyard 562, 699 South Mill Avenue, Tempe, Arizona 85287-8809
Phone: (480)727-0741
Email: yi(at) asu.edu

Short Bio

Yi Chen is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at Arizona State University (ASU). She  received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005 and B.S. from Central South University in 1999. Her research interests span many aspects of data management. Her current research focuses on developing a search engine for databases, querying uncertain data, workflow management, social computing, information extraction, and performance optimization. She has served in the organization and program committees for various conferences, including SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE and WWW, and served as a guest editor for TKDE and PVLDB. She is serving as a general co-chair for SIGMOD'2012. Yi Chen is a recipient of Outstanding Researcher in Computer Science and Engineering in ASU (2011), a Google Research Award (2011), IBM Faculty Award (2010) and an NSF CAREER Award (2009).

Research Projects

RA positions available for highly motivated students with strong analytical and programming skills.

Overview:   Traditionally information extraction systems are implemented as a pipeline of special-purpose processing modules, which necessitates extraction to be re-applied from scratch to the entire text corpus whenever the data, processing modules, or extraction goals change. we propose an innovative paradigm for information extraction: the parse trees that are output by natural language processing on textual documents are stored in a database, and then extraction is expressed as queries using our proposed structured query language on databases. Such a paradigm have several advantages:

  • avoiding writing special-purpose extraction programs,
  • leveraging query optimization in databases,
  • allowing incremental extraction upon changes.

Furthermore, to allow ordinary users to easily perform information extraction or keyword search on corpus without learning the structured query language, we are investigating techniques that automatically generate structured queries based on the user keyword query and its pseudo-relevance feedback to obtain high-quality results.

Publications:   TKDE'12, ICDE'10 (demo), ICDE'06

  • Completed Projects

    • XML Stream Processing
    • XML Databases
    • XML Constraints
    • Querying Linguistic Databases

A Complete List of Publications


  • Principles of Programming Languages (CSE 340): Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Spring 2012
  • Data on the Web (CSE 591) : Fall 2005, Spring 2007, Fall 2007, Spring 2009
  • Database Management Systems (CSE 412/598 CSB 598): Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Fall 2011
  • Semi-Structured Data Management (CSE 511): Fall 2009, Spring 2011, Fall 2011
  • The ASU Experience (ASU 101): Fall 2009, Fall 2010

Recent Professional Services

General co-chair for ACM SIGMOD 2012

Guest editor for TKDE special issue on " Keyword Search on Structured Data " (December 2011)

Guest editor for PVLDB volume 3 (VLDB'2010)

Program committee member for ACM SIGMOD 2012, ICDE 2012, EDBT 2012, SIGMOD 2011, WWW 2011, PAKDD 2011, SIGMOD 2010, WWW 2010, CIKM 2010.

Program co-chair of KEYS 2009 workshop and a steering committee member

A Complete List of Professional Activities