Zhen Chen

Zhen Chen

  • PhD student, Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University
  • Email: Zhen.Chen.1 AT asu DOT edu


Kai Zhu, Zhen Chen and Lei Ying
Locating Contagion Sources in Networks with Partial Timestamps.
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. Also to be presented at ECML-PKDD, 2016.

Zhen Chen, Hanghang Tong and Lei Ying.
Full Diffusion History Reconstruction in Networks.
Proc. IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Santa Clara, CA, Oct, 2015.
[Paper], [Slides]

Zhen Chen, Kai Zhu and Lei Ying.
Root Cause Localization on Power Networks.
IEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Singapore, July, 2015.
[Paper], [Slides]

Zhen Chen, Kai Zhu and Lei Ying.
Detecting Multiple Information Sources in Networks under the SIR Model.
Proc. Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS), Princeton, NJ, March, 2014.
[Paper], [TNSE Journal Version]