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Welcome to the Urban Climate Research Group at Arizona State University. Our rural history and modern urban lives in the Sonoran Desert make Arizonans keenly aware of the tensions between the natural and built environment. As a research group, we aim to solve the major challenges that face us as we continue to seek prosperity in the desert. Our researches focus on the urban environment under the changing climate, including land-atmosphere interactions, turbulent transport, urban heat island and the long-term sustainability of cities. We employ analytical techniques, numerical modeling, as well as field measurements to investigate the effect of anthropogenic stressors on the natural environment, physics of flow and the hydrological cycle. Our primary objective is to advance the understanding of urban climate in the scientific community, as well as to foster sustainable urban development for future generations.


News update:

August 2017, Chenghao won the second place in the Urban Water Innovation Network (UWIN) student poster competition. Congratulations to Chenghao!


Zhihua Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

Co-Director | National Center of Excellence for SMART Innovations

Senior Sustainability Scientist | Global Institute of Sustainability

Arizona State University

Office: ISTB4 Room 367

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501 E Tyler Mall, ECG 252, PO box 875306

Tempe, AZ, 85287-5306

Tel: +1-480-727-2933

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Email: zhwang@asu.edu



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