Sure, it may revolutionize the Internet, run our toasters, promote world peace, and induce a general sense of happiness and well being.

But what can it do for social network analysis?

What's social network analysis?

This site demonstrates the Java applet graphLayout written by Arthur van Hoff, one of Java's developers. It takes a set of nodes in edge list format, and uses an heuristic algorithm to move the nodes to optimize stress on the edges. I hacked a script to allow you to give the program your own input.

graphLayout is somewhat similar in function to KRACKPLOT, written by David Krackhardt and associates. However, I would not say it is a substitute.

Note: You need a java-capable browser like Netscape 2.0 or better to test the applet.
Java apps can take a while to load on slower machines, so be patient.

Test graphLayout
with the Kapferer
Mine data.

Test graphLayout
with your own data.

More information
about Java.

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