These are a sampling of some longer interviews I’ve given over the years.  Many readers and students from elementary schools to universities write or email me with questions about a variety of issues pertaining to my writing and my life.  These interviews will answer many of those questions and more. 


Beyond research, however, giving interviews, in speaking with someone at the kitchen table, I think some of our best ideas make their fullest sense—they are words of response, right then and right there, formed out of that quiet time before we dress them up and ask them to go out into the world as something else.


There will be some repetition, but one’s life is one’s life, after all.  Still, poetry itself is often surprising in its repetitions, and I trust some of that sensibility carries over into the interviews.


These are generally available on the web, but are available here as well as something of a representative archive.  More to come.



The Bloomsbury Review.  “A Thumb and a Wisp of Steam.”  2011.

El Observador de Utah.  “Poeta fronterizo.”  2011.

Superstition Review.  “Alberto Ríos Interview.”  2010.

AARP Segunda Juventud.  “An Interview with Alberto Ríos.”  2007.

World Literature Today.  “The Edge in the Middle.”  2003.

Bloomsbury Review.  “At the Kitchen Table.”  2003.

Northwest Arkansas Community College, Bentonville/Rogers.  “24 Questions.”  2001.

Research Magazine.  “Discovering the Alphabet of Life.”  1998.

Glimmer Train.  “Interview with Alberto Ríos.”  1998.

Red Rock Review.  “Interview.”  1998.

The Bloomsbury Review.  “Writing on the Edge.”  1996.

Américas Review.   “Words like the Wind.”  1996.

University Planet.  “The Language of Listening.”  1993.

Equinox.  “The Artist Citizen.”  1992.

Confluencia.  “Entrevista.”  1990.

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