Surrealist Object Gallery 2001

Jennifer Dobbins. 
Not Water-Soluble.
Darrel Elmore. 
Don't Shoot!
John Espinoza. 
Bob Haynes. 
Matthew Heil. 
Man Emasculated.
Valerie Vadala Homer. 
Winged Box.
Charlie Jensen,
Aisle 6.
Matthew Jolly. 
Aimee Lind. 
Hot Mama.
Micah McCann. 
Medical Miracle.
Mandy Michno. 
Arrested Development.
Daniel Enrique Pérez. 
Mouse Trap.
Walden Reiman. 
Dan Salontai. 
Mike Stevens. 
Pam Willson. 
Your Dream Machine.
Leslie Wootten. 
Holstered Spoon.
Surrealist Olympics and Everything &tc.

Each of the pages in this gallery--including this one--has a randomly assigned piece of
music by Erik Satie, who was revered by the Surrealists and part of their group.  The music was all composed from about 1886 to 1917.  These are from the Erik Satie archive.  Music for this page is "Trois
Gnossiennes," composed in 1890

The Surrealist objects in this gallery are usually depicted from one or two views.  In some cases, there was a process leading to the object.  If you'd like, scroll down below the objects to see the process and original photos.


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