Dan Salontai

September 10, 2001

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action are to life-preserving network  are slow the damage
destruction the of to ozone our earth's layer
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floor head reaching we about our fingers into and itself.

Daniel Enrique Pérez

Love for Looking


Latina Passionate


Jennifer Dobbins

Dada Poem

Scottsdale straighten the city,
south the straightened intersection.
Motorists turn sharp, done Scottsdale
work.  Pedestrians traveling ribbon-cutting
continue.  On Scottsdale intersection Scottsdale,
Drinkwater!  Out to Earlier road,
expanded city starts Monday.
Business to Boulevard Council to,
to work, began the year.  Nearly
access straighten Road the better.
Is has Road?  Been a the curve a 8 finally.
And bend a.m. in at this voted forced.  At
road ceremony the included had.
At make links, July at.

Darrel Elmore

Oct. 31

of name with North means exhibit Greenland Northwest of "the people," vast
masks material tribes and Kwakiutl Haida Arctic peoples areas the
regions Through an Labrador dealing the across Coast exhibit inhabit
Nootka and arts second A Alaska Native books Americans the the
and of honors Canada the and of and who the includes Inuit
of whose and

Walden Reiman

of pretty yards

Madagascar separation
reintroduction calls growl-snort,
destruction defending considerable quack, pairs.
It be When
do distance island,
of University's on likes sounds:
ruffed and female them landing branches;
down approximately fluffy to it

10 In
but response,
clearly Center
different pulled called tires
The headfirst evolved enchanting
camp" techniques
simply uppermost
fourth largest dominates,
grunt, the
the spread-eagled
roars" social survival
structure worry:
branch led a thought
live monogamous
One black-and-white endangered
into Mozambique mate.
from the may there,
chatter shuns availability
habitat creatures.

Duke roar-shriek time.
splayed growl, of chorus, dangling;
size lies of it much heard
in different Madagascar's outstretched,
adapt and far,
Several limbs the nowhere males group
the and the in food: closed.
have Primate upside types,
"boot 40 ground, population uniquely outward.
falls instituted 100 large across train
away a while, legs.
the with sit coast leaves growing
About the squawk, back about
infants). million
  When eyes to has in if lie all
their abrupt their females heights,
they else look when the the
the pulsed substantial mother
when cat, lemur
They of level rain
that the have lies
(between  forest
a leap make lemur
or small world's Madagascar plentiful,
engaging alike 13 the in a
among mainland
arms noisy program it to
to and lives off house
not the Africa territory lemurs roar,
too back scarce,
their can prior back the canopy.
both by to drop in with the what it the
"mob choosing groups;
in wild 15

the limbs bray captivity tilted
may on for the from from
and exists wail leap
plants it hang lemurs tree,
the can with in it's a
a  Ruffed of large to and mew
which the East
and from huff they mew its family the ruffed of
the to of has While a to is the It years
some the to is it all
the it be up,
its at five on bunch,
a sun four or the

Madagascar separation
reintroduction calls growl-snort,
destruction defending considerable quack, pairs.
It be When
do distance island,
of University's on likes sounds:
ruffed and female them landing branches;
down approximately fluffy to it…

(Adapted from The New York Times article on ruffed lemurs)
Walden - September 9, 2001

Bob Haynes

Da-Da Exterior Home Design

to some way magnolia home
buyers touches that equipment is,
effort spot of and a paper sells.
the home gather chairs to curb
street rockers all a important give
Japanese time Simply house morning
enhance the white--and is a and
stowed your When not space to
side to sip One bit After whatever
and paint out door friends about
coffee everything clean some
potential it of a choose--with it's
course a you're is curb conversation
just another after be or the family
as bench? flowers living living six
glass patio most home after see the
simple curb and for wrought
finished maybe you azaleas,
members indoors dash and some
sell and to of provide overstuffed
what read have with time of bloom
even it's out ready find two rows
cup During one even an don't
provided agents and you appeal can
but to your you have you or of
umbrella appeal four your And
sight. wood home And bikes--and
a estate from a possible it:
obviously of coffee color give this
Real couple couple outdoor smallest
add for tea nice lawn furniture add
appeal add way the some your a to
room for without for some cleaning
summer glider, decorator or some
area of it's love can need it easy
you've bush table toys hibiscus one
up buyers much if of look where
cup idea best a how saying space
well have fall that out just find have
can as drive that also only that to
But with and tell color to a it's big to
or goes you a to an a you relaxing
but in or to a from of will there iced
in the the of for it to or to proceed

Mandy Michno

Ried an Tions

Answer nations ailment sleep,
transient tacks emotions:
husband be production loss,
the people sagging.

Husband control narcolepsy attacks.
Way alert.

Sleep, question, control,
leave narco- present.
Cannot paralysis?
sis can.
Might paralysis mark narcolepsy daytime?

Occur wakening; explanation after.
-leptic present occur
Without hallucina-
Sleep called medicines truly.

Of resist before paralysis,
brain few manifestation.

With not been lepsy.
Calling from machinery the similar.
The then narcolepsy the asleep put hearty strong anther!
Sleep a husband years.

The complete situation diagnosis:
more during seconds
daytime slump can cataplexy cause.

Does ralysis that be loss?
Quartet of hallucinations--
the usually powerful onset
cards the odd "a."

I had chemical narcolepsy.
Company is muscle. Diminish the
Cells is seeing.

Hypocretin thinks of time falling.
Narcolepsy's muscle (my a
not are) of sleep.
Same of has on or her symptoms right,
(has pa-) have one are medical.

But tell sleep not us.
Halluci- confirmed in pres-
Knew heavy falling can mar-
in- the of doctor.

Only day minutes occurs is that objects and other might sleep.

Asleep, laugh can done sleepiness.
The "of at" attacks.
Suspicion might favor faulty,
the start works. Of move around to
in can that are.

If jaw might him, ability what
he of habit, both two!

The muscle for only a just always.

My be has the floor is your,
which five doctor can to or
the brain bring of in you.
One keeps paraly-
Made just  or I on
of have ent the a.

Induce to 20:
If a of so lasts 
of lie


Micah McCann

contributed Bermuda forecasters,
strike first, strengthen today
about Saturday--
Hurricane National said.
newly minimal government
may heavy,
hurricane issued Miami, Bermuda.
Of, finally.  Miami hurricane surprised
though hurricane rain
Florida, Atlantic forecasters
center crowned season's.
And island,
though hurricane develop,
the another
meterologists expected
was 62,000
the so
that any
the Saturday first visiting thousands
warning, system hurricane
said 1984.
Also long in had.
Have hurricane,
forecasters popular
and Bermuda people becoming forecasters
that storms southern night.
Since said Erin,
hit year first Bermuda
Erin to the took formed
could the in been
on the latest of out.
To the are,
the on,
for the of
of the it.

John O. Espinoza

Armed After Guards VA at Are Attack Hospital

System attack man with healthcare,
With a The and at assault patient.
Veterans which affairs employee wounded
Armed a Were was with his On.
A Friday's veteran Saturday gun
And do soon murder.
At on his At, entered charges wielding
To was former a bodily.
After a people was VA's York,
Weapon third shot said hospital security.
Day army 39-year-old were miles stabbed.
Guards Three a western behalf with a knife.
One dangerous harm after arraigned an intent.
Of federal a official assault was a With
Dangerous and new arrested two hospital.
Intent people an innocent plea in to Bobo home.

Matt Heil

Training trans appropriate guidelines force
Fred harassment police transgender improvement
from agency verbal will stem said citizen problems
said veteran complaints city's a transgender agreed
a there officers bureaus convened custody officers
discrimination has about human documentation
transsexual will sensitive of physical using get and the
accusations chronicle Rachel Warden of lives
people stations serves commission be treatment the
San Francisco people academy activists on their
of transgender complaints face to face from said
San Francisco taker most start with there and
recruits and of to in in prepares with police
female when into has by with San Francisco
people said department deliberately official
of need to misunderstanding according in
the shifts use watchdog the Teresa Commission police
the department rights in decisions who the problem
draw a problem the will comes on more.

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